Ecozone Descale - Washing Machine and Dishwasher Cleaner Tablets

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Normally £4.99
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Normally £4.99
Now only £3.34
(£0.56 each)

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Protect your kitchen appliances with Ecozone's eco-friendly Washing Machine & Dishwasher Cleaner. It’s specially formulated to clean and freshen by getting rid of stubborn limescale and detergent that have built up over time. That way, your machine can keep performing at its best and you can avoid expensive call out charges and repair bills.

With a fresh lemon scent, and an easy, water-soluble wrapping our eco-friendly formula will leave your appliance free of any nasty odours and clean as a whistle.

  • 6 tablets for cleaning washing machine or dishwasher.
  • Plastic free

Ecozone Descale - Washing Machine and Dishwasher Cleaner Tablets is part of the range of ­­Ecozone household speciality cleaning products. Find affordable, eco-friendly cleaning products to tackle every part of your home, from descale & limescale removers to drain cleaners. Rid your home of dirt and bacteria and make it an Eco-zone. Shop the full range of popular Ecozone products, including Ecozone dishwashing products and Ecozone microfibre cleaning cloths, available from Big Green Smile.

Ingredients Citric Acid, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Sulfate, Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Carbonate Peroxide, Sodium Citrate, Adipic Acid, Sodium Chloride, Cellulose, Polyethilenglicol, C8-C14 Alcohol Alkoxilated, Polysiloxane, Hydrated Silica, Talc
Contents: 6
Product code:  ZONEMACHCLN

Reviews of Ecozone Descale - Washing Machine and... 4.7 out of 5 (55 reviews)

Happy with this product
I have used on both dishwasher and washing machine. It seems to work well and leaves the appliances fresh. I like the fact that the wrapper is water soluble.
I have used this product before and had not problems.
We have ecoegg for our washing machine and struggled to find anything for a dishwasher. This does the trick and leaves the dishwasher looking so clean in the main part, it must be doing great things for the pipe works too, especially as we live in a hard water area. The glasses are coming out much cleaner after using this.
First time I've used this, and on a relatively new machine. No strong smell, which I like, and appears to work well.
Seems to work well in the dishwasher. Pity you have to do it with an empty dishwasher. The Finish new one, you do it the same time as you do a load. Saving electricity and water!!!
Sparkling clean finish
I use this product, once a month, to descale my washing machine. It seems to help, but it's difficult to know how much. Probably better than not using it at all! Leaping Bunny approved so gets my vote!
Used in washing machine so far, seems fresher
Great, washing machine sparkles and smells super fresh
*** a good job
Works well
Seems to clean it really well smells nice leaves dishwasher sparkly
Great product works well
Works well, saves money, minimum environmental impact.
Used these several times - definitely won’t be going back to my previous cleaner
No difference in dishwasher and don’t like eco issue of running an empty machine for nothing!
Use this for both the dishwasher and washing machine. Does improve their cleanliness and keeps them from smelling.
Love these. Once a month in the dishwasher and washing machine to keep everything clean and fresh! Think everyone needs to use these.
My washing mashine doesn't smell bad anymore.
easy to use and easy to store in the small box
Best Wasing descaler I have ever used
A versatile and economical product for both dishwashers and washing machines. Better priced than some own brand supermarket products.
Have always liked these and good price on this website. Wonder if they could be more efficient?
Left dishwasher looking and smelling fresh, but without the potent smell chemical options leave. Definitely worth using.
Used in both appliances and they work great.
Easy to use and quicker than other products to see the results.
Good product, so easy to use that you can just throw the whole pouch in the machine.
This is the first time I've used this product and the drum of the washing machine and the inside of the dishwasher really sparkled after use. I wash my dog's bedding and towels in the washing machine and I hope this will keep the pipes clear. So far so good!
So far so good - got rid of odors and simple to use
have used before work well
Probably dont use as often or as regularly as I should. Cant see inside but machine seems fresher and cleaner after use.
Safe to use with septic tanks.
Use them on a regular basis in washing machine. Keeps fresher than it used too!
left machines looking & smelling fine.
Seemed to clean out the washing machine bit left a bit of a funny smell in there for a bit. Didn't seem to affect the washing though,just the drum.
I have used both and I cant really say whether good or not, but the machines smelled nice!

Cleaned the washing machine nicely, slight fragrance afterwards, doesn't have that overpowering smell, will be buying again.
These definitely help keep my busy dishwasher and washing machine in good working order
Used this to 'cleanse' my washing machine when starting to use the EcoEgg. Did an excellent job.
Used once so far. Difficult to judge at present but will continue to use regularly.
was fed up paying out for calgon which doesnt do everything it supposed to do. a friend used this product but it was hard to find it at such a good price. will be getting it from here all the time now. will be letting family and friends were they can get it too
What a difference this made to my washing machine that had begun to smell stale and affect any washing that was left in it for any length of time.
Cleans machine without dangerous chemicals.
very good I will buy again.
I believe it has cleared the gunk out me machine and descaled it.
used in dishwasher and washer, smells nice and both are clean inside and both dishes and clothes seem fresher.
love the jumbo roll so much better than individual rolls
I live in a hard water area and this product makes light work of lime scale
How just tied it in my washing machine appears clean
This product is an excellent price for 12 months supply. Leaves my machine smelling lovely and fresh too.
Seems to do the job. After use my washing machine do smell fresher and cleaner.
Good product for washing machine.
Does what it says very well
nice to find a natural washing machine descaler that works well and safe for use with a septic tank
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