Faith In Nature Pump Dispenser for 5L Containers

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A convenient 30 ml pump dispenser to attach to Faith in Nature 5 litre containers.

This makes it easier to transfer the products into more conveniently sized reusable bottles or use them directly.

Product code:  FINPUMP

Reviews of Faith In Nature Pump Dispenser for 5L... 4.3 out of 5 (45 reviews)

It fits well into the 5L container, works well. In my opinion, is a bit overpriced.
Works well. I've only used it for Faith in Nature's hand and body lotion, which is of a thicker consistency compared to shampoo or body wash. I found that the shampoo and body wash 5 liter containers can be easily decanted into smaller bottles without a pump. I've read other reviews where people say the pump leaks/drips after use - this isn't the case with the body lotion. I haven't come to the bottom of the 5 litre container yet and still has to see how effectively it works to get the last bit out. It is quite expensive, but should last very long.
The pump leaks after use
Excellent pump
I obviously picked the wrong one. I thought it was universal and fitted all the 5 l containers but it doesn't fit the 5l Ecover Washing up Liquid refill. So for me it was mistake ....bother! I guess I'll have to return it unless I buy something it fits.
Invaluable for decanting the 5L bottles.
Works very well - no drip and good price.
Works great. The only downside is it drips. Hence, placing a container under the tap helps.
Finally bought this as fed up spilling liquid when filling my washing machine dispenser.
Great but a bit expensive
Lasts for ages
Does the job 💚
I use the pump For the laundry liquid, unfortunately I find it drips and I have to release the pressure, if I forget it dribbles wasting the soap.
needed it for the bottle really easy to use and like that you can lock it
Have used before and want to avoid small single use plastic. I intend to top up locally. I would recommend
Its nor fitting my 5l washer liquit bottle what i ordered
I had a little bit of trouble getting my pumps to work but my husband managed to sort that and I am happy that I am only using what is pumped out, so I am not wasting anything.
Easy to use but could do with having a cap to put on the end to stop it dripping after use.
This is the only part of the order that is a little disappointing. Pump action is great for refilling my foam-action soap dispensers at home BUT closing the nozzle is too tricky, messy and wasteful of soap. Have decided to leave nozzle in open position. Is it faulty or do I need to practise more.
Works well with the shower gel but drips a bit after pump.
I am so pleased I bought pumps for the 5l containers. They dispense just the right amount so there’s no waste.
Works well and saves picking up the heavy containers.
A must for the large containers as I would never able to lift it to pour! So simple and convenient.
Great pump! Means I can use the shampoo and conditioner without refilling old bottles.
Fantastic device enables the liquid to be dispensed accurately and with minimal effort, avoiding spilages or having to struggle lifting heavy containers.
Great for when I buy the large containers as I am not good at pouring
Lovely, fresh scent, I use this on all the family. .my daughter has a very sensitive scalp and sls shampoos dry out her skin. But this leaves her hair and scalp clean, fresh smelling without stripping all the natural oils.also good at deterring headlice!
This works exactly as it is supposed to.
It works well.
Apparently, it doesnt fit to all of the products on the website, I have used it, had no complaints.
We use the 5 lite ones at home so hoping this lasts well!
Great way to save money
5l container pump
Thought this would save decanting laundry liquid from the 5L container into smaller ones - it's a good pump dispenser but it takes a while to stop dripping which is a bit irritating.
Dispenses the perfect amount but drippy :(
Probably not necessary if you have a steady hand. Also tends to dribble after you've stopped pumping...thereby making it just as messy as pouring by hand...
This pump fits both 5L containers as well as the gallon container of Dr. Bronner's liquid castile soap. It seems to be durable and functional, my only issue with it is that the end is completely open and so can drip quite a bit after use with liquids. It would probably be more suited to use with more viscous or gel-like products. Makes the use of bulk products much more convenient, though.
Not the best pump dispenser. Quite messy to use. It is easier to pour freehand from the container.
Makes using the 5 litre packs really easy- I normally just use funnels and decant into smaller bottles but this way I can just use it straight from the big bottle.
product good
See star rating
Works well and is much easier than pouring from the 5L container.
Very handy, would recommend to everybody!
Perfect, bought it for a bio-d 5l container and I may have to extend the feed pipe but the thread fits, yey! Good quality solid item. Still a bit expensive for what it is but it was the best price I could find without getting it from a medical/industrial supply place who have minimum order values and huge minimum delivery costs
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