If You Care 100% Biomass BBQ Firelighters - 28

(£0.14 each)

If You Care 100% Biomass BBQ Firelighters - 28

(£0.14 each)
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If You Care 100% Biomass BBQ Firelighters.

  • 28 Firelighters in each box
  • Wood from FSC-certified forests
  • 100% non-GMO vegetable oil
  • 100% renewable resources
  • 100% Carbon Neutral emissions
  • No petroleum products – no kerosene; no paraffin wax
  • Less soot than firelighters made with paraffin wax
  • Non-toxic – no formaldehyde, no added chemicals
  • Non-explosive
  • Minimum waste
  • Vegetable-based inks for printing
  • Non-toxic glues
  • Unbleached cardboard packaging
  • Paper bag biodegradable but should be recycled
  • For use with grills, stoves, fireplaces and campfires
  • Not harmful if in contact with vegetation, plants or aquatic organisms
  • Not harmful if stored near food

If You Care 100% Biomass BBQ Firelighters are made using only wood from FSC-certified forests and 100% non-GMO vegetable oil. If You Care Firelighters are made from 100% renewable resources. Most other firelighters contain kerosene and/or paraffin or paraffin wax, derived from petroleum, the combustion of which can release carcinogenic formaldehyde.

If You Care 100% Biomass Firelighters are considered carbon neutral, are non-toxic and harmless when in contact with plants, vegetation or aquatic organisms, and can be safely stored near or with food. They are ideal for use in wood burning fireplaces, charcoal grills, wood burning stoves and ovens, as well as outdoor campfires and fire pits.

If You Care 100% Biomass Firelighters

  • Burn for 8-10 minutes each, with the first 5 minutes producing the strongest flame
  • Are extremely stable with very long shelf life
  • Do not dry out or lose their firepower even after opening
  • Have no unpleasant smells
  • Are not oily or greasy
  • Are non-toxic



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Customer reviews 4.6 out of 5 (6 reviews)

Great, no chemicals and do the job brilliantly.
, Halstead
No petrol, love them.
Mrs P. J. G., Worcs
Brilliant - burn well and don't smell like normal fire lighters
Mrs S. W., Aberdeen
I've you've never tried these, do - they work a lot better than standard fire lighters, as they burn for quite a long time (and are easy to set alight). Incredibly good product.
T. F., Oxford
I haven't used these yet but am preparing hopefully for summer.
N. F., Street
I think they would be very good on a BBQ. Tried on wood burner and seem ok so far.
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