Incognito - Less Mosquito 100% natural insect spray protection

(£10.99 per 100ml)

Incognito - Less Mosquito 100% natural insect spray protection

(£10.99 per 100ml)
Deet-free, child-friendly, clinically-proven, natural insect repellent.
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Incognito Anti-Mosquito Insect Repellent is a revolutionary natural insect repellent spray that protects from all biting and stinging insects, including all 3000 species of mosquito - 33 of which live in the UK! 100% natural and clinically proven to protect against malaria, this powerful mosquito protection spray is made from a non-greasy formula that smells surprisingly fresh, too. Most of the natural ingredients have been used for centuries by indigenous peoples of Asia to protect themselves from insects and the diseases they carry.

Incognito Less Mosquito 100% natural insect spray works by camouflaging the wearer rather than repelling insects to cloak and protect – think of it like an invisibility cloak! The ingredient PMD, a botanical alternative to deet in insect repellents, is NHS, WHO and Public Health England approved, and recommended for high-risk areas to protect against mosquito-borne diseases.

  • Deet-free insect repellent spray protection
  • Clinically tested to last for up to 7 hours
  • Picardin-free formula
  • GMO & detergent free
  • Contains Citrepel 75 PMD, a more concentrated version of PMD than Citriodiol
  • Not tested on animals and Vegan Society registered

10% of Incognito's profit is ploughed back into local communities who they encourage to live in harmony with the planet. Incognito products are part of the range of natural insect repellents available online at Big Green Smile.


Alcohol, Aqua, PMD rich botanic oil (menthanediol), cinnamomum camphora (camphor) bark oil*, citrus bergamia (bergamot) oil*, linalool*, limonene*, citral*. All blended together in a unique secret process. (*Natural components of the essential oils).



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Customer reviews 4.7 out of 5 (32 reviews)

Didn’t try yet
K. L., London
Used for many years across the world. Always effective.
B. R., Lewisham
Can't be without it in the summer!
, Gosforth
Does the job
I. L., Motherwell
After being bitten by ticks on a couple of recent occasions we opted to try the incognito. One successful visit to the forest later and no ticks. I love that this product is natural and sustainable, a very important quality to me. I used it on the whole family and loved the earthy, lemony scent.
R., Bristol
The only deet free insect repellant that I have found to work - even on the tiger mosquitos in India!
L. B., Eccleshall
Will test against other mosquito repellents on holiday...
D. M., Woodbridge
Does the job provided you cover all areas!
C. R., Kingsbridge
Quite a potent smell, but did the trick - I'm normally bitten alive, and wasn't so fantastic!
Mrs K. B., bishopsteignton
This stuff rocks! Better than DEET and other toxic goop, and doesn't rot your headphones either, this is my go-to-goo for insect repelling from now on.
P. M., London
It claimed to repel all insects - a bold claim. It didn't work for about half the insects I encountered. It claimed to work for 4 hours - it only lasted about an hour in the tropical climate. I got bit less than others on the trip, but I don't get bit often anyway.
Better scent and is not ecologically damaging like DEET products are. Had a wonderful cooling effect for 20 mins after application - which was wonderful in the 35C+ heat. Will buy again, just to see if it does better in drier heat.
Miss B. B., Newquay
Did not like the smell very much - a bit earthy - was expecting a more "herby" fragrance.
Mrs A. K., Aberystwyth
Will need time to try it and see if it works!
M. P., Harrow
Works really well
A. H., Reading
again just for holidays
J. M., York
It always works very well and chemcal free!
M. M., Surrey
Did not used the product yet, as it is still winter
V. B., Pallanne
Sensitive skin so found this excellent and smelled nice too.
P. C., Clifton upon Teme
Smells gorgeous. Very light.
S. N., Peterborough
Didn't get bitten in Malaga and smell is ok. Just sprayed ankles and feet, used after sun on rest of body. Used Deet product in Turkey last year and hated every moment, thinking of the poison being absorbed into my skin. Glad I've come across this spray.
I ordered 4 x bottles to use in Egypt recently and for use this summer. The one time I missed putting any on, in Egypt, was on my feet one night and I got three mozzi bites. which shows that there were mozzi's around and they did not attack the protected areas of my body. I love this stuff
D. S., Gillingham
We are working in Barbados and were worried about the amount of nasties in the insect repellent that you really cant be without here, gave this a try and it really has worked and no offensive chemicals or smell - I even keep a bottle in my bag and spray when we are out in resturant you couldn't do tat with any of the others on the market !
D. V., Hemel Henpstead
This product is brilliant!!!
Use every morning and every evening.
Product does have a very unpleasant smell so only use on lower legs. Smell wears off after a few minutes.
Recommend for people travelling to mosquito areas
P. S., Stanley
Used after bodywash and the results are extremely promising smells nice and doesnt smart if I accidentally get it on my lips. No nasties either.
Mrs E. B., Sheffield
Only had a chance to use it once, didn't have a nasty smell like some other insect repellents and didn't get bitten.
Mrs C. S., Milton Keynes
The whole family has once again been bite free in Turkey using the spray after showering with the bodywash and applying the Aftersun.
Other tourists in the area obviously didn't use this product as they were covered in large bites!I have purchased these products for my family who own the apartment in Turkey where we stayed for their up coming holiday there.
C. W., Bradford
I used this product along with the loofah, shower gel and after sun moisturiser in Spain during the summer when the mosquitoes are out in force. It worked very well. It was more pleasant to use than the regular brands of insect repellent and smelled better. What I particularly liked was that, unlike the DEET brands, it didn't dissolve the nail polish on my toes!!!
E. B., Falkirk
Worked so much better than Deet based products bought previously and did not make me choke when applied!
Mrs B. W., Wigan
Love this product. lovely smelling natural product that WORKS! Highly recommend
F. E., competa
I am prone to being badly bitten by everything. This is the best insect repellent I have tried because it actually works.
Mrs S. T., Southamptom
After reading your review I bought it for my wife who found out several years ago that mosquitos like her when we go to Turkey. So now when we go in 1 week she will be free from attack
G. C., Bradford
We have used this product before & found it to be very effective.
D. S., Horsham
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