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Natracare traditional style regular absorbancy maxi pads without wings, are suitable for a lighter menstrual flow or towards the end of your period.  Made from natural materials, help you feel comfortably protected. Regular maxi pads come individually wrapped so they’re easy to carry around when you’re out and about.

All Natracare pads are commercially compostable to EN 13432. This means they break down into organic matter and return to soil when composted. It is also possible to compost pads at home.

Gynaecologist recommended and suitable for sensitive skin or those with allergies. Natracare helps reduce your exposure to synthetic materials and ingredients, including plastic, perfume and dyes often found in conventional period products.

  • Certified organic cotton cover
  • Made for sensitive skin
  • Plastic free
  • GMO free ingredients
  • No perfumes or dyes
  • Totally Chlorine Free
  • Biodegradable & compostable

Part of Natracare’s period products range.  Make a more ethical choice in your menstrual care.

Contents: 14
Product code:  NATPAD

Reviews of Natracare Maxi Pads - Regular 4.7 out of 5 (19 reviews)

Will probably buy again because of the natural structure, but found that they can start to disintegrate. I suppose the answer would be to change more often.
Useful for nighttime wear
These are great and very comfortable
Well packaged (no excess as with most well-known brands). Very soft and effective.
good item have recommended to my friends
Work very well on heavy days with no leakage, but some may not like them as they are quite thick.
I haven't used these yet, but I opened them to check them out. They are quite big, almost like maternity pads. I like this tho as it's like having and extra cushion to sit on lol especially at that time of the month! Probably not good for skimpy underwear or tight fitting clothes
I recommend any of the Natracare pads for women prone to itching "down there" and to yeast infections. Natural things are now the only things I use to try to keep it at bay. And it works big time!!
No more Always pads or whatever pads full of chemicals !!
Great product containing no bleach, etc
I love these pads comfortable and absorbent!
Good quality
good clean and natural
I mostly use washable cotton pads but these are great for situations where I can't. I love Natracare's ethos.
chemical free
These pads are always comfortable, non irritating, very absorbent and I feel glad they do not add to the pollution of the environment.
Good product.
Always comfortable to use.
Ordered in error.
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