Salt of the Earth Classic Crystal Deodorant

(£7.21 per 100g)

Salt of the Earth Classic Crystal Deodorant

(£7.21 per 100g)
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This classic crystal deodorant has been keeping people dry and odour-free for over 20 years. Hard-working, and made up of nothing but pure mineral salt, it remains a modern skincare classic.

Perfect for both men and women, this unscented deodorant won't suffocate your skin, but instead sits on the surface of your skin, inhibiting the growth of odour-causing bacteria.

  • Long Lasting Protection
  • 100% Natural
  • No White Marks
  • Unisex
  • Vegetarian and Vegan Society Approved
  • Not Tested on Animals


Potassium Alum.



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Customer reviews 4.7 out of 5 (41 reviews)

Great product. Easy to use and efficient. Completely perfume free.
H., Herne Bay
Great. Strong bags. been using them for years.Recommend
I have used this for years. I think it's effective as a deodorant. There is another plus to this rock: I no longer have to throw tee-shirts away because the commercial deodorants have destroyed the armpits. It lasts for ages. So, it is a money saver too.
G. G., Launceston
Brilliant product, would definitely order it again
C. W., Ormskirk
looked to buy these products for fertility reasons-have researched a lot about phthalates & parabens being in products.i would recommend marketing Your products in this way.i was so happy to find them
L. L., Edinburgh
This is eco friendly and it is my preferred product
D. K., Watford
Clearly a pleasant surprise for me. I was looking for natural unscented deodorant and this one is just the miracle one. i would highly recommend it to anyone like me who has been looking for ages for something suitable and natural .
I have used this product for years, it takes a few weeks to get your body adjusted but in the end it saves you money, and very effective and keeping me smelling fresh.
D. B., London
Works very well keeping odour away. But I note it's an aluminium salt even it doesn't work like mass market anti-perspirants.
E. H., Buckingham
Very effective. The natural deodorants I have used haven't stopped me getting smelly but this one does!
J. W., Thirsk
the quality of this product is excellent - i cannot find another natural deodorant to beat it - great value as it lasts so long too
P. C., Chippenham
Its working very well and last for ages.
M. N., Brighton
Really does work. Awesome alternative. I work as a roofer so very active. Very effective
D. C., Doncaster
Hard to use even after following instructions
Didn't work like it should as a deodorant
G. M., New Inn
Love this. I used it everyday and I don't smell at all! Would buy again!
Miss A. N., Sheffield
P. E. M. L., Norwich
Bought this for my daughter, she seems happy with it so far
S., Northallerton
Wet it under tap, apply and let it dry. Does what it is supposed to. Doesn't stop you sweating does stop any smells.
N. G., Walsall
Great product, lasts for months, ideal for children. Really works! Although there's no fragrance and a slight one would be nice.
S., boston
A really good product, it works! I love that it is unscented so doesn't clash with perfume / body butter.
K. H., Bradford
a effective deodorant which has no nasty chemicals in it.
N. S., Reading
Easy to put on when I have just finished my shower, it's dry then by the time I get dressed. I like the fact that it doesn't have a scent, that means that people can't tell when I'm sweating.
M. B. C., Exeter
Good stuff
F. A., Hastings
A really good natural deodorant, does not irritate sensitive skin and definitely keeps me from getting smelly in all but the most extreme situations!
P. W., Bradford-on-Avon
Lasts ages
S. M., Buckley
actually works! and no white marks, at all
L. O., Edinburgh
This deodorant is my fresh-out-the-shower deodorant, and I love it! Makes me wonder why I ever used anything else. No marks, no irritation and only one ingredient makes it super duper! Highly recommended!
B. B., Newquay
I am very impressed with this! Last all day and well into the night before bed. Cant believe how good it is.
C. M., Bournemouth
Absolutely no smell - keeps me dry - no marks... really is a good product! the fact it has nothing harmful in it is amazing. i would recommend it. in fact i already have!
M. P., Sutton
This works!
A. M., Walsall
I wish it didn't have the unnecessary plastic container that is not possible to recycle other wise a good product
L. S., hailsham
Brilliant, doesn't irritate my skin, can be used after shaving. I keep forgetting to apply while still wet!
Seems to be effective
M. M., Calne
Great, natural and excellent item.
K. A., Wolverhampton
This product is for everyone, and safe! The biggest issue that people forget is always makes sure you apply to wet skin to activate
E. W., Melksham
A deodorant that just deodorises. It lasts, doesn't 'cost the earth'; just right for people with smelly armpits.
P. R., Barnt Green
This is amazing It really works and lasts for ever. The only reason I am ordering another now is because I dropped it and sadly smashed the crystal salt block.
E. M., Salisbury
Really works, easy to use and no strong scent. Very unisex. This will last for ages so excellent value for money.
C. G., Maidstone
found it to be a very good product
P. B., harrow
No odor, easy to use, perfect for those with allergies
V. V., London
Very effective
J. F., Armagh
chose because only really truly chemical free used before works satisfactorily
L. B., Sittingbourne
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