Salt of the Earth Plastic Free Crystal Stick Deodorant

Normally £5.19
Now only £3.89
(£5.19 per 100ml)

Salt of the Earth Plastic Free Crystal Stick Deodorant

Normally £5.19
Now only £3.89
(£5.19 per 100ml)
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Ideal for people looking to avoid plastic packaging, this crystaldeodorant is completley plastic free. The natural crystal comes in an easy to handle shape, just take it out of its box to use. Just remember to dry the crystal thoroughly, before you put it back in the box.

Crystal deodorants work by leaving an invisible layer of mineral salt on the skin which work to inhibit the growth of odour causing bacteria.

  • Plastic Free
  • Long Lasting Protection
  • No White Marks
  • 100% Natural Ingredients
  • Suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans
  • Not Tested on Animals


Potassium Alum



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Customer reviews 4.5 out of 5 (9 reviews)

Had this two years and it's about half way through... IF you avoid dropping it on a tile floor and smashing it to bits...
M. C., Chalfont St Giles
Good eco product for someone with allergies.
R. S., Shetland
I have been using Crystal Deodorant for years, so I bought this plastic free one. It works just as well, but it's not as convenient or easy to use. There's always the danger of it slipping through one's fingers and dropping to the floor and shattering, which makes it unusable. It also seems to 'melt' more quickly than the one in the plastic holder.
Mrs R. H., London
I really like this Crystal Spring deodorant and have been using it for many years and find it very effective even when I’m very active (I’m a fitness instructor)
I was delighted that they are now selling it plastic free But! Sadly the shape and longevity of it is not as good😢
I’d be delighted if they sold the old shape plastic free🤞 Thank you
S. F., Port Talbot
I've used this deodorant for years and find it to be very effective and pleasant to use. This is the first time I've bought it as the 'plastic free' version. Not used it yet but am expecting it to be fine.
E. S., Portree
For my husband who never uses anything else.
S. T., Skegness
Pretty good deoderant. Love that it is plastic free.
A. D., Exeter
Have bought to replace the normal crystal deodorant that I have used for years as that came in a plastic container. Still allows you to sweat so I’m trying solid options in non- plastic containers for workouts. Otherwise I find the crystal deodorants work really well, although they do seem to take a little while to get used to so it’s helpful to have a back up in hand if you feel a bit smelly. That said, I’ve been using for 6+ years and have not been tempted to go back to the dark side of commercial deodorants. There’s nothing to block the pores, so much better for you and better for the environment.
T. O., Oswestry
I have not used the plastic free version yet, but already use the original and it's great! So amazed how I no longer have any *** *** as all!
E. F., Bedworth
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