Ecover's choice of raw materials

Ecover bathroom cleanerEcover products are developed using raw materials from vegetable and mineral sources that are carefully selected and guarantee maximum biodegradability. 

 Ecover products' raw materials are based on plant and mineral resources, which have two great benefits:

  1. They are renewable., so they can be grown again or replenished and thus cannot be exhausted.
  2. They can be used in a huge range of ways. For example, even the plastic used to make their compost bags is made from vegetable materials.

Ecover compost bagsBy using renewable sources of materials, Ecover avoids creating environmental burdens and health issues.

You may like to note that most detergents and cleaners use raw materials derived from oil. The problem with oil is it's mostly used up and can't be replaced because the process that creates takes millions of years. And of course the process of drilling and extracting oil isn't particularly eco-friendly.