Ecover's policy on energy consumption

Ecover operates entirely on green electricity. They define green electricity as that produced by tidal generators, wind generators and other types of natural sources. Of course that means a small part of the electricity you use at home is also green. However Ecover pays a bit more and receives confirmation that it uses green electricity. That enables the electricity supplier to purchase ‘green electricity’ certificates, which are used to make investments in the green sector. It's a happy cycle.

Ecover tries to keep its energy consumption as low as it can possibly do. It is replacing all its old, broken computer monitors with new and much more energy efficient flat-screen monitors.  In the factory, Ecover uses lamps that emit a lot of light for a low energy consumption, andd in their administration building they use energy-efficient, high-frequency fluorescent lamps. In their production sections, they have special motors on their mixing kettles that can mix 25 tonnes of liquid but still consume no more power than a few clothes-irons. Impressive!