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A bit more about Organic Surge products

  • How natural and organic are your products?

Organic Surge products are a happy blend of naturally-derived ingredients and certified organic extracts. Individual products vary between 86% and 99% natural; most are over 95% natural. 

Organic Surge use only essential oils which are certified 100% organic by the Soil Association.

  • Why don't Organic Surge products have organic certification?

Organic certification is a very complex issue with varying rules and standards from one certifying body to another. 

Whilst Organic Surge use only essential oils that are certified organic by the UK Soil Association they felt that they'd have to compromise on performance and affordability to make the products comply with certification requirements, where an important ingredient, while natural, may not be on their list of permitted ingredients. They are very proud of their products and the ingredients they contain and they constantly monitor the situation on European organic standards and review certification options.

  • Are Organic Surge products suitable for sensitive skins?

It is not possible to guarantee that a product will never cause a skin reaction but most reactions are caused by synthetic ingredients. Organic Surge products are formulated with an exceptionally high proportion of natural and organic ingredients, chosen to care for the skin. Organic Surge products are free from parabens, sodium lauryl/laureth sulphate, chemical irritants, artificial fragrances, synthetic colourants and chemical alcohol. 

However, if your skin is very sensitive, we would advise caution when using Organic Surge or any other products. As a common sense precaution, we recommend a patch test is carried out prior to first application.

  • Do Organic Surge test on animals?

Organic Surge is against animal testing. Their products are not tested on animals and no animal derived ingredients are used in any stage of their manufacture.

  • Can you use Organic Surge products on babies or children?

Organic Surge products can be used on children over two years old. Infant’s skin is 5 times thinner than adult skin so we recommend using only products specifically formulated for babies on children under two.

  • Are they suitable for use during pregnancy?

Organic Surge products are very mild and are designed for everyday use, but we would advise against use during pregnancy due to the high levels of essential oils that Organic Surge use.

  • Are Organic Surge packs biodegradable or recyclable?

The pumps they use cannot be recycled as they are made from a mixture of plastics and contain metal parts. 

All other Organic Surge packaging is recyclable where facilities exist. Bottles are made of HDPE (high density polyethylene) caps are made of PP (polypropylene) 150ml jar and cap are both made of PP 50ml glass jar and lid are both made of PPtubes are made from LLDPE (linear low density polyethylene)

  • How does Organic Surge support charities?

Their ethical ambitions are of primary importance to the Organic Surge brand. Their ultimate aim is to develop a highly successful brand which will help them in their efforts to release children from poverty and enable them to live enriched, meaningful lives.

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