More on Weleda Products

Weleda have very clear standards for their products

  • No synthetic preservatives
  • No synthetic fragrances
  • No synthetic chemicals
  • No synthetic anything
When Weleda say “all natural,” they mean “all natural.”
Weleda aim to use only the purest wild-crafted, organically and Biodynamically cultivated ingredients for their products. Toxins, additives and raw materials from mineral oils simply won’t do.
But natural isn’t enough, Weleda ingredients have to be effective too. They have to work with your body’s own ability to heal, restore well-being and impart radiance. So to ensure their ingredients maintain their innate potency, Weleda harvest them quickly, then process them as little as possible, taking excellent care of them along the way.
Weleda feel a certain level of responsibility to their crops
And because Weleda believe unwaveringly in cultivating beauty for all creatures, they don’t test their skin care products or their ingredients on animals and neither do any of their suppliers. Period. No asterisk, no small print.
Weleda Awards and Certification 
The BDIH ‘Certified Natural Cosmetics’ kitemark is part of a scheme started in Germany, to denote 100% natural products that conform to extremely high standards equal to or even higher than those set by similar schemes in the UK. Weleda is proud to be a founding member of the European initiative.
You will see a number of Weleda bodycare products carrying this kitemark. This system was the first stage of a process to find the most appropriate endorsement to prove how ‘natural’ Weleda products really are. The next stage is happening now with the introduction of Natrue.
Natural and organic products you can trust. Natrue is a not-for-profit organisation, which recognises the authenticity of natural and organic products by awarding 3 star ratings of natural, natural & organic and organic. 
Demeter Certification 
The power of a Weleda product comes from the life force in their natural ingredients. To enhance this life force, Weleda use biodynamic methods in their gardens, rejecting chemical pesticides, fertilizers and GM ingredients, while embracing everything that influences healthy growth. So, Weleda plant, nurture and harvest every seed with love in harmony with the seasons, surrounding plants, insects, birds and even planets. The unique quality of these methods allows all to thrive within the natural rhythms of their home; the earth. This ecological system does not merely belong to Weleda but is recognised worldwide and for adhering to its strict guidelines endorsed by Demeter Certification.
This international accreditation is awarded where produce has been grown to the highest organic and environmental standards using biodynamic methods, which were developed from Rudolf Steiner’s pioneering lectures in 1924 through which the whole organic movement began.
The Biodynamic Agricultural Association is responsible for the Demeter Certified Trademark in the UK and is part of a worldwide group under the title of Demeter International. The Demeter Certification is fully recognised by DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) as an organic certification. 
Fair Trade
Beautiful relationships yield beautiful ingredients
Weleda grow dozens of acres of herbs, flowers and fruits, but it’s not everything they need to cultivate beauty in the world. So they’ve developed partnerships that allow them to source ingredients from both small and large farms, cooperatives and cultivation projects, all while committing to sustainable, fair trade practices.

What is fair trade?
Fair trade is something Weleda have been passionately committed to even before there was a popular buzzword for it.
Essentially, fair trade is an organized social movement by which companies empower small producers and promote sustainability. All of which is just fancy talk for good business. With fair trade practices, Weleda pay a fair price for the crops they need, then guarantee quantities from year to year to help farmers—and the communities around them—thrive. Weleda also help train and educate small farmers, assisting them in converting more farms into Biodynamic or organic ones. The farmers get a living wage, Weleda get better crops, the world gets more sustainable harvesting practices and you get the most effective natural ingredients to help keep you healthy and beautiful. Creating a sustainable planet and beauty for all—makes you feel all good inside, doesn’t it?