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What the experts are saying about YesYesYes!

Here's what the experts have to say about Yes Organic Lubricants:

Dr David Nunns MD MRCOG – Consultant Gynaecological Oncologist at Nottingham City Hospital, Chairman of the Vulval Pain Society and council member of the British Society for the Study of Vulval Disease. (BSSVD)
“I frequently tell my patients to use lubrication during intercourse, and it is important to be wary of over the counter lubricants which can contain synthetic chemicals, capable of causing irritation and inflammation. I recommend YES certified organic dual purpose moisturiser and lubricant as it is guaranteed free from all synthetic chemicals and all known skin irritants. I find it helps most women either post –surgery or those with a painful sex condition such as vulvodynia. YES can provide a pure and simple solution to symptoms, and is often as effective as the medical interventions”.
Emma Azeem - Gynaecology Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist
“In my role as a Gynaecology Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist working with women who are recovering from gynaecological cancers, I am glad to be able to recommend Yes intimate moisturisers and lubricants, confident that they offer my patients a safe and guaranteed pure solution to vaginal and vulval dryness and soreness. It is nice to be able to offer a lubricant that is reassuringly free of all skin irritants and hormone disruptors”. 
Ruth Hallam-Jones – Sex and relationship therapist
“Yes lubricants are a real asset and resource for all women, those with dryness issues will find it may solve problems and other women will have less chance of developing problems. 
It is of use with women with vaginisimus, women who experience pain during penetrative sex and women who find it difficult to be orgasmic. This is all thanks to what I call Yes’s ‘maximum glideability.”
Rachel Foux - Women’s health and holistic healing, qualified maternity and fertility therapist, psychosexual therapist 
“Yes, is an invaluable resource for all pregnant and postnatal couples as it brings natural relief from vaginal dryness brought on by hormonal fluctuations and increases the potential for sexual arousal during this time of transition. Being completely natural Yes is a perfect addition to a healthy pregnancy.  I recommend it to all mums and mums as their choice lubricant for genital massage.  Not only does it feel good, it also brings guilt free pleasure as there are no extra chemicals going into your baby.”
Fabia Brackenbury - Founder of the Vulval Health Awareness Campaign and of the National Lichen Sclerosis Support Group 
“I am often asked which lubricant I like to use.  In my work for VHAC and in my private life, I have tried the full range of lubricants available today and I find my favourite is YES.  YES oil based is excellent for daily use to prevent dryness, even if intercourse is not taking place and YES water based is best used with condoms and before and during intercourse.  Having a vulval skin condition often means seeking out a gentle product without harmful additives that may irritate. I find the gentle organic formula of YES is ideal for my vulval skin.”
Carol Daniels - Sex and relationship therapist
“Lubrication is a very important part of the physical arousal process and often women will need additional lubrication to help them enjoy stimulation of the vulval area, including the clitoris and vagina. Having tested all the lubrication available on the market YES has, in my opinion, proved to be the best in terms of viscosity and maintaining moistness whilst not causing any irritation whatsoever.  I recommend it to all my clients and also to the medical students I teach so that they in turn can recommend it to their future patients.”
Janey Lee Grace – Broadcaster, ethical guru and author of Imperfectly Natural Woman 
“At last!  A natural alternative to petro-chemicals which we definitely don't need in that very sensitive spot!”
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