(100 products) Speciality cleaning products

Take a look at the natural speciality cleaning products for glass and window cleaning, wood, stainless steel, granite & marble and specialist furniture cleaners.  We even have natural products to help you tackle nasty cleaning jobs in drains and plug holes and help you to take on the job of cleaning hobs and ovens without all the nasty chemicals of mainstream product on the market.

All natural cleaning products, using plant based ingredients and manufactured to cause minimal environmental impact. Our range of natural polishes, granite & marble, leather, glass and wood cleaners help you clean your home, naturally.

Natural speciality cleaning products

Glass & Window Cleaners Wood & Furniture Polish Leather Care
Granite & Marble Stain & Odour Removers Stainless Steel
Drains & Plug Holes Limescale Removers Natural Oven & Hob Cleaners
Natural Fly, Insect & Pest Control
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