E-Cloth Glass & Polishing Cloth

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Ideal for polishing glass, chrome and shiny surfaces, such as mirrors. This cloth easily removes finger marks and greasy streaks which often mar such surfaces. For best results, spray water onto the surface and then wipe.

The cloths should be washed regularly and may be washed at least 300 times.

  • Faster and easier than cleaning with chemicals. The E-cloth is made of millions of tiny clever fibres. By using just water, the E-cloth will clean all grease and dirt WITHOUT smearing - with just a wipe.
  • Cost effective - E-Cloth products will last two to three years. The use of chemical and other products is reduced by 80/90%. The cloths may be washed at least 300 times.
  • Provides a better clean - by removing the surface layer of dirt, bacteria have nowhere to grow. Cleaning is reduced as dust and dirt have nothing to stick to.
  • Environmentally friendly - a new product to replace chemical cleaning products.
  • Hygienic – E-cloths may be hot or boil washed thus ensuring a really 'clean' clean every time, something similar products do not allow.
  • It's a great duster! - the natural positive charge effect when the general purpose cloth is dragged across any surface ensures that all the dust is removed with a wipe.

How do E-cloths work?

The cloths are made of millions of tiny clever fibres which traps and absorbs minute particles of dust and dirt. When water is introduced to the cloths, they will clean grease from a surface without smearing.

How do I use them?
The general purpose cloth may be used dry for dusting, damp with water for all other cleaning. Use the cloth folded so that as much surface area as possible comes into contact with the surface to be cleaned.

Where can I use the E-cloths?
The cloths may be used for all general cleaning on all surfaces. They are exceptionally good on stainless steel, glass, chrome and plastics eg. appliances, car, TV etc.

How long will E-cloths last?
As long as the maintenance instructions are followed, there is no reason why the products shouldn't last for years, with normal use.

The E-cloth - The solution for people with allergies, asthma, and multiple chemical sensitivity.

40% of the UK population suffer from an allergy such as asthma and chemical sensitivity. Chemicals in everyday cleaning, cosmetic and household products increase the likelihood of an allergy.

E-cloths are safe for everyone, especially allergy sufferers. They are neither impregnated nor require chemicals to clean.

E-cloths have also been awarded a Consumer Award by Allergy UK, the national charity which raises awareness of allergy sufferers.

E-cloths are ideal for allergy sufferers as they use just water, enabling allergy sufferers to reduce household chemical usage by up to 80-90%.

Product code:  EGLASSCLOTH

Reviews of E-Cloth Glass & Polishing Cloth 4.8 out of 5 (20 reviews)

I'm very impressed in the cleaning capacity of these cloths
Not convinced this is any better than any other cloth to be honest.
We've been using this on our LED TV, slightly dampening it and running it over the screen. Within one swipe it worked wonders and has left out TV looking cleaner than ever. It has kept it dust and grime free.
Works well
Perfect for mirrors and windows,
Love it
Several products chosen because they're cruelty-free.
Cleaning the Bathroom screen and mirrors.
Leaves a Streak-free shine.
Great quality. Eco Friendly, Machine washable.
Love all the E cloth products, they do exactly what they say they will!
I have a cleaning company, we use the e-cloth for the mirrors and polishing shower screens. Brilliant product, excellent quality, would recommend to everyone, cleaners too.
those clothes are the best - I use them for all cleaning purposes - not just glass
Brilliant! I think of all the glass cleaning products, kitchen rolls & time I have wasted trying to get smears & dust off my glass dining table. It's now sparkling after a wipe with a damp cloth & a quick dry with this e cloth.
does a good job
I had gotten fed up with using sheet after sheet of kitchen roll in attempts to clean mirrors and glass. This is much better, and the fact I can wash it and then use it again means it is much better for the environment too.
I use the cloth on my windows and shower doors.
I would reccomed them to everybody.
Amazing quality.
Very good quality
Only cleaned two windows with this so far but it works very well - used it with Method Glass Cleaner.
Excellant- sparkly windows
I have used e-cloths for years and find them excellent.
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