Bio-D Concentrated Fragrance Free Laundry Liquid 5L

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(£5.59 per litre)

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Bio D Concentrated Fragrance Free Laundry Liquid 5L is a natural laundry detergent that is super gentle yet super effective. This versatile non-biological laundry liquid can be used in both automatic and twin tub washing machines or for washing delicate fabrics by hand. Bio-D’s concentrated formula in a 5 litre bottle means a little a goes a long way so you can save money and reduce plastic waste with this bulk buy laundry liquid refill.

  • Bulk buy laundry liquid refill
  • Enough for up to 125 washes
  • Ideal for delicates and fine fabrics such as silk, cashmere and wool
  • Works at low temperatures
  • Non-biological laundry liquid
  • No optical brighteners
  • Septic tank friendly cleaning products
  • Bottle is HDPE 100% Recyclable and cap is PP 100% recyclable
  • Made in the UK from sustainable, naturally derived raw materials
  • No petrochemicals, phosphates, preservatives, enzymes or synthetic perfumes
  • Hypoallergenic, suitable for sensitive skin and Allergy UK endorsed
  • Cruelty Free Society (BUAV) and Vegan Society Approved
  • Readily biodegradable laundry liquid
  • Supplied in 5 litre bottles

Directions for use: Always follow the instructions on the garment label. Pour liquid into machine dispenser or wash ball.

Try mixing with warm water to clean up any mishaps on carpets. Can also be used to pre-soak stubborn stains before washing.

Bio-D Concentrated Fragrance Free Laundry Liquid 5L is part of the range of Bio-D 5L products. Bulk buy your favourite Bio-D products and reduce plastic waste with the Bio-D 5L refills range, or explore the full range of popular Bio-D products, including natural household cleaning productseco laundry productsBio-D hand wash and more, available from Big Green Smile.

Bio-D believe in effective, natural and safe cleaning products that don’t cost the earth. As with all Bio-D products - an ethically motivated company that produces wonderful natural cleaning products here in the UK - the raw materials used are never tested on animals and they are all GM free.

Ingredients 5-15%: Potassium Cocoate, Ethanol, Nonionic Surfactant. Below 5%: Anionic Surfactant, Sodium Citrate, Amphoteric Surfactant, Citric Acid.
Contents: 5L
Product code:  BDLAUN5

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Reviews of Bio-D Concentrated Fragrance Free Laundry Liquid 5L 4.7 out of 5 (142 reviews)

Alll good.
Love that the washing doesn’t smell of washing agent 😃 need extra treatment for certain stains, eg fat, sauces in 40C cycles
But won’t be without it
It is straightforward and works well
This is my second lot, love this product. Works well and doesn't cost the earth. Doesn't upset my daughter's skin either.
I have used this for years and am very happy with the washing quality
Love it. couldn't recommend it more!
find this quite good.. It is UK based, vegan etc.. have momentarily switched to a rather expensive local natural one, but may well go back to this.. as more economical..
Great product for people sensitive to fragrance,
The concentrated detergent is the best so far.
Excellent stuff this is my third or 4th bottle. Started buying it when Ecover was bought by Johnson and Johnson.
Great value and very effective at range of laundry stains.
Would love a none plastic container BUT it is recyclable and recycled and the contents do a great job without being too pricey and without costing the planet.
I do like Bio D laundry liquid but it is quite watery. I didn't realise the difference until I bought a different brand which was on offer. However, it does wash well in the machine and will still buy it other brand is not on special offer.
I like the fact that I am not using lots of smaller plastic waste bottles
Superb quality
Been using it over 8 years no complaints.
An excellent laundry liquid.
great product, will buy again
Doesn't work on tough stains, but great for daily loundry.
Just started to use this and will order again. Use for hand washing and in machine. Close come up clean and soft
As I have a skin problem I have to use products that have no perfume. I need a product that will get my clothes clean and this definitely does
Goes a long way
Excellent , cleans well, laundry feels fab and no allergic reactions
Love this laundry liquid
Excellent does the job & kinder to the environment
I use this to wash pet bedding which doesn’t require fragrance which animals can find distracting.. cleans well.
Free from allergy good
It works so good
Good and concentrated
Does the job,no artificial strong smells
Cleans well and much cheaper than competitors. Great.
Been using this for about 6 months and love the fact clothes come out clean bit without any scent. Good for cloth nappies too.
I have used this for years and am still happy with its eco credentials and quality of results
have used for a long time. Like that it does not leave a scent on clothes
Used in normal household wash,
Good, fresh, clean wash.
This is a great product for sensitive skin sufferers! it is expensive but it goes a long way!
I use this for everyday washes at 30° and find it works fine. I haven't tried it yet on any difficult stains so can't really comment. I'm pleased that I can now do my washing without harming the environment.
Washes well.
Very good product and very concentrated washes well I dont like fragrance for my clothes and bed linens do I use the fragrance free liquid soap.idcreccomend the product and have.
Washing machine.
My friends.
Does a great job-removes stains at low temperature.
Efficient at any temperature
All I use for my family with an eczema prone child. The best at removing food and grass/mud stains from the kids clothes.
Good for people who are very sensitive to products, really good for delicate clothes too.
Very helpful in dealing with a wrongly ordered item which was my fault. I would recommend for that reason alone but the items purchased I am also very happy with..
In my mind one of the best "Eco" companies. Just use with water softener and stain booster if needed
Great product this is my 3rd order for it, bought some for my daughter as well, good cleaning and stain removal, lasts for ages, will continue to purchase this product
Excellent product, good results, doesn't cause problems with sensitive skin, eco friendly and made in UK. Perfect, what more could you want!
Great product.
Good quality fragrance free laundry liquid
Lovely and soft and no horrid chemical smells
I use it to clean the linens in a therapy centre and it is excellent: unscented and cleans even oily items very thoroughly.
Quality is good, washes well.
Have been using this laundry detergent for a while now and prefer it to the powder because it washes well and doesn't leave a residue on your clothes like powder can sometimes do.
Excellent product, great cleaning even at low temperatures, no irritation to hair or skin, great for delicate skin, clothes smell fresh and feel soft and very clean. Love the size... A little goes a very long way.
Washes well, even overalls
Good product
Have already recommend it.
Would definitely recommend
Excellent product, satisfactory results at all temperatures.
Really great value for money, highly recommend this product.
best clothes washing product I have ever used. clothes are so soft you don't need conditioner. good for skin problems as there are no nasties
I use this product and others by same brand due to confirmed allergies. If I had known about it prior to my diagnosis I would have used
as it is excellent and good value for money
What do you think........?
I use the liquid every time I need to do any laundry. I would recommend it for anyone who has allergies. I was sceptical in the beginning as to it's effectiveness but have been very pleased.
Good cleaning power, no smell.
Economical and efficient!
Works fine, but seems very thin when compared to other concentrated laundry products.
We use it in all our laundry washes. I would recommend it to everybody. It is a good quality product.
I hav a septic tank so it's perfect. Very good if you have skin allergies.
Great value product!
It is important to trust that I have a product which doesnt contain perfume as I have quite strong allergic reactions to perfume. So far this product is one that I can trust
Whole family use, excellent product.
I use this product all the time it is excellent for my child's eczema, and it is good to know that it is made in Britain keeping he carbon footprint. I've been using it for years, and I've impressed by its cleaning ability.
A little goes a long way
Bought a small container first but so pleased with results have gone for bulk buy now. Totally comparable to leading mainstream brands in my experience.
Value for money and does excellent job. And made in UK, will buy again and again
Catering for my partner, myself and post-guest visits, I have been using 2 Ecozone Eco balls (lasted nearly a year before topping up needed) which worked very well but my partner wanted a 'fresh' smell on his tops, which external ozone didn't provide and we can't rely on much sun. So for this reason with his washing (and to give our general washing an occasional treat), I've just started putting about a dessert spoon in with the balls, resulting in a very subtly fragranced wash. Ticks our boxes.
seems to work well, neutral smell
The only laundry liquid I ever use.
Good price and does the job well. Doesn't take out tough stains and sometimes I get a white kind of marking on dark clothes and they have to be rinsed again. However for the price and the eco-friendly nature I still use it.
I cannot use the supermarket brands as allergic to some of additives . So far this is fine and I am surprised. It's great to have soft towels too.
I really like this and have used it for a long time.
I use this product to wash my clothes and cloth nappies... It is fantastic to remove stains (very good for poo stains!!!!)
You can use half dose for washing and it works very good as well!!!! My laundry is clean and without problem for my baby's sensitive skin!!!
Love it!!!
Best value Eco laundry liquid. Very pleased with results.
This is an excellent laundry liquid. Lovely subtle smell.
Good value for money.
Our top washing up liquid- cleans really well, cost effective and does not irritate my allergies at all, plus kind to the environment. Brilliant stuff!
Works brilliantly at 20 degrees, even for stinky sports gear.
Great to use love it
A good quality, good value for money product that is all the better for not being heavily perfumed.
smells good, bit thin, but does the job I need it for whilst being kinder to environment than traditional detergents.
The product was delivered within the specified time frame which was extremely efficient. I use the product because my son is intolerant of chemicals and I am happy with the wash results. I do feel however that the product has a rather unpleasant smell!
Good product and kind to nature and skin
use the product for washing clothes and reusable nappies since them are safe on them and no bad chemicals
would recommend to all.
Cleans as good as any other brands and I even use less that the recommended dose. Very happy with the results.
Great value for money, and being scentless gives you the option to add your own (essential oils, etc.) to taste.
I use the laundry liquid for the bulk of my washing. I add oxygenating bleach into a whites wash, and occasionally for stains, but nothing else until the last rinse when the inevitable fabric softer goes in.
Excellent for all washes.
I've have been using this product and find it much better than ***. Good to have one made in UK to reduce carbon footprint. It also seems to have cleared up my daughter's eczema.
Good value, and does a good job without needing much, however think has more unnecessary ingredients in say compared to Faith in Nature
Great cleaning power, great value for money & suitable for very sensitive skin.
does the job
Excellent product, I have multiple allergies, can't use anything else.Would recommend to other sufferers.
Have been using for a number of years because it is the only laundry liquid that is fragrance free.
Was a strange colour, different to before but seems to do the same job.
Have used this product for years. Excellent for anyone who can't use perfumed products.
It works very well with any kind of fabric. Pleasant smell.
Great product for people with fragrance allergy like myself and for those people who cannot tolerate scent due to their asthma.

Cleans well too.
Good product
Been using this for years. A trusted eco-friendly product which has never been tested on animals at any stage of the process.
product has been reformulated; it is far from good, infact the added ingredient means that i am no longer able to use this product.
this is the responsibility of the manufacturer, not the retailer.
I use this in all my washes, including husband's running gear, delicates and towels etc. I am extremely pleased with the results and have recommended Bio-D to others. I have sensitive skin and cannot use some liquids and powders but there are no problems with this.
Great product much better than similar eco products, and made in the uk to bring down carbon miles.
Very good
like to refill my smaller bottles from a large size - this is a trial of a different eco friendly clothes wash than my current one so haven't tried it yet - like other bio d stuff so bought this on a cheapest cost basis
I have used this product for several years and would not change it. My husband has eczema and the improvement in his skin and made life so much better for him.
you only have to smell my neighbours washing to know what appalling chemicals are in many laundry products!
The best laundry liquid on the market and I don't work for Bio D! It doesn't leave any trances after the wash and all the clothes come out clean. I recommend this to all my friends and clients
This is the first time I have used Bio-D, normally use another make of 'green' washing liquid. Results of first two or three washes have been very positive.
I was impressed with this when I tried it in 1L so now I buy it in bulk. Effective for whites and colours, no heavy scenting, concentrated and eco-friendly.
Good value as concentrated. Does the job!
Ideal for anyone with a fragrance allergy, like me!
This is very good for people with sensitive skin like mine who cannot use many of the big name brands of laundry liquid. This is made with natural products and no irritants or harsh chemicals
Not really that strong
Economical, unscented and works well.
V good
The product is used in conjunction with the Bio-D Fabric Softer. Used due to skin sensitivity to majority of laundry products. No issues reaction wise and clothes generally well cleaned.
Have used it for pretty much all our washing for 2 years now. Does a fine job.
Once decanted into a smaller bottle it is easy to use, used for a while now, this is my default choice of laundry liquid, would recommend. Clothes are clean, soft, and odour free.
We used to use Clearspring, but their prices are much higher and the economic downturn has really affected us, so BioD is a good, basic laundry liquid and it will do us just great.
Good quality product with no harmful chemicals which cleans clothes well. If there are any really soiled clothes, I just add a bit more liquid.
I find all Bio-D products very effective
Washes well, leaving a soft finish
been using it for ages. 5l economical way to buy
I sterted using it for washing baby clothes and nappies but I now use it on everything. It is not as tough on stains as store brands but it does a good job and it does not smell or contain any optical brighteners, bleach, perfume etc. so it is good to the environment as well as skin.
Does a really good job. We use it all the time.
Only just started using
cleans brillantly, without parfum smell.
Does teh job
This laundry liquid gives good results and very importantly for me, causes no allergic reactions. Most laundry products aggravate my asthma symptoms but this one is perfect.
Great for people with alergies. I can't use highly perfumed products as sets off my asthma. Also for hubby who suffers from skin problems.
Sometimes needs a 2nd wash if there is a stain or need to use a stain remover.
Have been using this for a year or more now, no complaints.
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