Ecover Toilet Cleaner Power

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This powerful Ecover Toilet Cleaner is an environmentally friendly toilet cleaner that’s specially formulated with plant-based ingredients to tackle tough limescale and calcium deposits, leaving your loo sparkling clean. This super-efficient toilet gel works 10x faster than Ecover’s standard formula for a deep clean with no bleach.

  • Powerful eco toilet cleaner without bleach
  • Removes limescale 10x faster than standard toilet cleaner
  • Lemon and orange fragrance
  • Plant based and mineral ingredients
  • Vegan and cruelty-free cleaning
  • Bottle made from recycled & plant plastic

Directions for use: Directing the nozzle under the toilet rim, squeeze enough liquid to cover the bowl completely. Leave for 10 minutes for normal soiling or leave for up to 60 minutes for more stubborn soils. In case of very tough limescale, re-apply and leave overnight. Brush above and below the waterline and flush. Only use in the toilet bowl. Wearing gloves is recommended.

Ecover is a Belgian company founded in 1980 and has been a trend setter for environmentally friendly ecological detergents ever since. Their products are made to be effective and to have absolute minimal environmental impact, based on sustainable plant and mineral ingredients that work well and limit the chemicals in your home and the environment. All Ecover products originate from the world's first ecological factory, which has a 6,000m2 green roof.

The Ecover Toilet Cleaner Power is a part of the Ecover household and cleaning products range that uses powerful plant powered ingredients instead of petroleum-based ingredients for a more environmentally friendly choice in your laundry products.

As with all Ecover products this dishwasher detergent comes from Ecover’s plant-roofed ecological factory where they use plant and mineral ingredients to help you limit the use of chemicals in your home and keep the effect on the environment to an absolute minimum. Worrying about the impact you are having on polluting the environment is one thing less on your plate.

Ingredients <5%:  Non-ionic surfactants, Perfume, Other:  Water, Lactic acid, Formic acid, Xanthan gum
Contents: 750ml
Product code:  ETOILETPOWER

Reviews of Ecover Toilet Cleaner Power 4.8 out of 5 (39 reviews)

Does exactly what's meant to do and smells AMAZING and its all natural!!!
Quality product, good value.
Does a good job and leaves a lovely smell in the bathroom (which can be handy!). Good for septic tank if you live in the wild like us😁
Wow, a great product. Smells nice and clean and does a good job.
Effective, gentle and smells great
A powerful cleaner, even on lime-scale that has built up over time! I'm so impressed with this toilet cleaner - only 1 treatment (left on for a few hours & then scrubbed with a toilet brush) and most of the hard-to-remove lime-scale was gone. Wish it was available as a 5L refill too!
Lovely fragrance, excellent cleaning
The only eco toilet cleaner I've come across that REALLY WORKS! Wish there was a refill option but will keep using as it's the best.
Smell is too strong and acrid. Won't buy again
Better than the usual Ecover loo cleaner at getting under the waterline administration addressing stains. We water conserve so this was a consideration in the upstairs loo as it doesn’t get flushed much.
Good cleaner and does not pollute the waterways.
Works as well as non eco friendly products
Really cleans the toilet and good to know its not harmful to environment
Smells really nice good price
Works well. Squirt round bowl, line bowl with toilet paper, concentrating on calcium deposits, leave overnight, then scrub with a hard bristle brush before flushing.
This is much Much better than the other version. You won’t need to use bleach in the toilet again!:)
works well and lasts a long time.
Efficient cleaning, pleasant smell.
Very effective and smells wonderful.
I love the fresh smell.
I'm pleased with these products.
This is the best loo cleaner. Good for septic tanks.
This is the best toilet cleaner we have ever found this is a must in our cleaning cupboard.
Not used this before but have used Ecover for years - can't recommend highly enough!
Pleased with the product
good and works on limescale with good brush
Good to find a tougher eco-friendly cleaner which helps to tackle stains and limescale build up.
Effective cleaning with no nasty chemicals
Gives the toilet a nice shine
very powerful gets rid of limescale easily and good for the environment too
Good does the job and is environmentally friendly.
Great when you need a stronger toilet cleaner but still want to be as environmentally aware as possible. I found it removed stubborn limescale very effectively.
As the label says,care needs to be taken when using it.
The best of all Ecover's loo cleaners
Excellent product
This toilet cleaner does an excellent job in cleaning toilet bowl, the smell of it is pleasant also:)
This power cleaner is much more effective than the pine Ecover toilet cleaner
This is the first time I've used this product. It got rid of a lot of brown marks that had refused to budge.
Great cleaner. Better than the standard cleaner.
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