Ecozone Forever Flush Toilet Block 2000 - Blue Twin Pack

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The Ecozone Forever Flush Toilet Block in Blue is so easy to use, simply pop it into your toilet cistern and this eco-friendly alternative to traditional toilet rim hangers will continue to work effectively for up to 2000 flushes per jar, helping to prevent toilet bowl stains and limescale with every flush. The blue coloured water that’s gradually released indicates the toilet bowl is sanitary, stain free and deodorised.

  • Natural toilet cleaner
  • Toilet block twin pack provides up to 4000 flushes
  • Non-toxic, biodegradable and bleach-free formula
  • Septic tank friendly cleaning product
  • Prevents toilet bowl stains and limescale build-up
  • Fully recyclable packaging
  • Also available in an indigo twin pack option

How to use

1.     Clean toilet bowl with a toilet brush

2.     Flush the toilet to lower the cistern water level

3.     Place Ecozone Forever Flush inside the cistern

Note: Please allow up to 7 days for the product to be fully activated. DO NOT remove the blue lid, remove the seal or open the product.

Ecozone Forever Flush Toilet Block 2000 - Blue Twin Pack is part of the range of Ecozone natural household cleaning products. Keep every room in your home germ-free and looking its best the naturally with Ecover antibacterial cleaning products and kitchen cleaning solutions in spray, tablet or stick form! Shop the full range of popular Ecozone products, including Ecozone microfibre cleaning cloths and Ecozone speciality products, available from Big Green Smile.

Ingredients Sodium laureth sulfate, Carboxymethyl Cellulose, Sodium Alky-benzene Sulphonate, Sodium sulphate, Blue
Contents: 2

Reviews of Ecozone Forever Flush Toilet Block 2000 - Blue Twin Pack 4.3 out of 5 (41 reviews)

Unimpressed. Scent does not last long and the colour fades quickly. Does not lend any help to keeping the toilet clean.
I was surprised there was no fresh scent. The blue doesn't seem to keep the toilet that much cleaner. Not sure blue water is actually Amy nicer to look at that than clear now. It's OK but not worth the money or use of resources and disposal.
Good for detering limescale.
Love how long lasting it is
It has done "What it states on the pack information". Looks really clean too.
Good eco friendly product
Keeps loo fresh and clean
Smells great lasts for ages! Kind to the environment. Pop it in the cistern. Great quality.
Works as intended, definitely helps to keep the ** smelling fresher. Still on the first block, and it’s still blue.
Less strong then the purple one but the bowl seems more clean and shiny. It last forever...
This product is fine but not a lot of fragrance.
Effective and good value as a twin pack
We like these flush blocks a lot, they help control limescale which is an issue for us. They last quite a long time too.
Inconsistent - in top-flush *** seems to last well but in handle flush *** it dumps all the blue out in a week and then has no colour. Does not seem to last the number of flushes claimed. But I’m still buying it!?
These are easy to use and give a nice strong blue colour at first when you flush the ***. They do seem to reduce limescale. But I find that after a week or so the intensity of the colour reduces a lot so as to be barely there, unless the toilet hasn't been flushed in several hours/overnight.
Best product of this sort I've ever had
First time using this product, seems to be doing a good job & it’s in a glass container rather than plastic. Lost a star for the twin pack packaging being plastic though 🙁
Good product keeps the *** clean and fresh ideal for septic tanks, we absolutely want to be green so we do no harm and this fits in with that!
Use in the loo for a cleaner look
Very pleased so far. Started working quickly, pales in colour a little bit after a few days but expected that from reading the product description and other reviews. Good to have a decent loo freshener that’s more eco friendly and can recycle the glass container when it’s done.
Has not shown me the full Forever as it said, and I bought a two pack, it was very strong burst of blue in the pan like it all came out at once then got less to none at all within a week so I won't buy any more
If I could give this product no stars I would. After the first flush which was a very deep blue the colour just vanished along with the smell. I will have no idea when to change it as it looks like there is nothing in the cistern. Do not waste your money on this product.
Good value for money as they last for ages. Would like a stronger smell though
I continually have this product working in the loos in the house
So good to use a product that cleans and is good for the environment.
These are great, last for ages and are so much better for the environment than the regular stuff available in supermarkets.
Needs a little time to get going. Works well but a lemon or pine fragrance might have been nice.
Very impressed with these, keeping the toilets sparkling clean and fresh!
Very blue, freshens without overpowering.
Goo dry good product . I would reccommend this product as it is a quality product
Used the product as directed and bit disappointed with how pale the blue colour is to be honest.
Works well
These are so much better than the 'chemical ones' you can buy, that do not last and a great splurge of concentrated blue comes into the toilet bowl.!. The Ecozone flush is brilliant just sufficient colour and it lasts such a long time. Highly recommended.
Buy regularly, keeps the loo looking clean and smelling fresher
Working well, though have to wait for the next couple of months to see how they last.......
very good and lasts a long time
Really impressed with this product. It is outstanding, it works great from the first moment we put it and it keeps your WC very clean. We will buy it again, no doubts.
Lasts well, seems to help keep limescale at bay.
Love the blue until it's finished and keeping toilet clean.
Pop it in and forget about it
So impressed with this products -
Secure in knowledge that toilet is fresh & germfree wit thou the use of harsh chemicals polluting our oceans -
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