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Ecozone Citrus Enzymatic Drain Cleaning Sticks

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Ecozone Drain Sticks are a new innovation in effective drain maintenance. The sticks use powerful natural bacteria and enzymes to break down almost anything (such as soap scum and other organic matter) that gets stuck in the plughole and pipes which cause blockages and bad smells. Actively working to prevent obstructions from occurring, these clever enzymatic drain cleaner sticks can help to protect your drains all year round with a subtle zesty citrus smell. Each packet of Ecozone drain sticks contains 12 sticks, enough to help prevent blockages and bad smells for 1 year.

  • Citrus scented drain sticks
  • Powerful natural drain treatment
  • Easy to use, no fuss system for continuous drain maintenance
  • Contains 12 sticks for year-round protection
  • Prevents drain blockages and bad odours
  • Septic tank friendly cleaning

Please note: It is advised you wear gloves when handling this product if you have sensitivities.

Ecozone Citrus Enzymatic Drain Cleaning Sticks is part of the range of Ecozone natural household cleaning products. Keep every room in your home germ-free and looking its best the naturally with Ecover antibacterial cleaning products and kitchen cleaning solutions in spray, tablet or stick form! Shop the full range of popular Ecozone products, including Ecozone microfibre cleaning cloths and Ecozone speciality products, available from Big Green Smile.

Ingredients 2-Oxapanone, homopolymer, oxydi-2, 1-ethanediyl ester, Sodium Sulfate, Calcium carbonate, Wheat Flower, Carboxymethylcellulose, Sodium Chloride, Bis (2-(2-butoxyethoxy)ethyl)adipate, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, Dye, Amylase, Subtilisin, Lipase, Bacterial culture, non-patogenic, Perfume
Contents: 12

Reviews of Ecozone Citrus Enzymatic Drain Cleani... 4.4 out of 5 (20 reviews)

Really helps get rid of any smell lingering in pipes. Will use again.
I am reserving my opinion on these. I usually clean the kitchen drains weekly with washing soda and hot water and I don't usually have any trouble.
Putting the first stick into action appeared to cause a blockage.
But once that was cleared, there has been no trouble since. The sticks are quite fragile and end up in pieces before I an get them out of the packaging.
I will try to update this review after a few more months.
easy to use and really seem to help.
Useful and environmentally friendly
The idea is good and they seem to work!
Well my sink doesn't seem to be blocked. I use the sticks monthly but it's very difficult to know if they really work!
Unfortunately these didn't work for me. I put in my kitchen sink plughole and noticed it in the outside drain three days later. The same thing happened with my kitchen sink.
Tend to clog some drains. Watch out.
Even though I can’t inspect the drains, I’ve noticed that my sink has stopped blocking and there are no funny smells either. Very happy to have found this product
A vey easy way to keep your drains clear and smelling fresh. A yearly supply in one pack.
Have used these sticks before and they do work, if used regularly. I tend to use mine every six weeks, rather than every month, but this seems to work fine.
Smells nice but used and so far hasn't made a difference to the smell in the bathroom sink
I was a bit sceptical about how they would work. But they’re really effective. Will definitely be buying these again, and would recommend them
Only just started using these, so I cant really comment
I bought these just to try them and I was pleasantly surprised at how effective they are. Our dishwasher broke recently, so we are washing dishes than before so our kitchen sink does her a bit blocked but since placing one of these sticks on the plug ** the water definitely drains much faster.
Good product!
Not so sure about these. Could only use them in the kitchen sink as all the other drains were too short. I presume they work!
Have only just started using so not sure of the effect yet.
Just tried these to see what they are like, within a day our smelly kitchen sink stopped smelling and still doesn't
Love these sticks, they actually work!
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