Sweating – Why you should choose a natural deodorant

Sweating is something we all do. But is it a sign of poor personal hygiene? No! Attitude is challenging everyone to look at sweat in a new way because for too long sweat has been labelled as embarrassing. That’s why Attitude wants to remove this stigma by educating people correctly about the many benefits of sweating and dismiss unfounded rumours about perspiration.

Attitude believes they can inspire you to ditch that traditional deodorant and choose a natural deodorant instead.

Why does sweat smell unpleasant?

Sweat is mainly composed of water, but it also contains urea, minerals and lactic acid - all odourless elements. But why does it sometimes create an unpleasant smell? This is where the microorganisms on your skin come into play. They "feed" on our sweat and the more these bacteria have to "eat", the stronger the smell becomes. That’s why it’s important to wash quickly after sweating heavily.

Why do we sweat?

The human body sweats to regulate body temperature. The warmer the weather is or the more intense our physical activity, the more we sweat. In extreme situations, the lack of sweat could even expose us to thermal shock. Think of it as natural built-in air conditioning!

In other words, sweating is a healthy, natural way for our bodies to regulate temperature when it rises significantly.

Despite the fact that sweating has been around since the dawn of mankind, amazingly, people only started to become aware of their sweat about a hundred years ago. This is nothing on the time scale of human history, when you consider that Homo sapiens have been roaming this planet for hundreds of thousands of years!

How did the shame of sweat arise?

The shame around sweat came about because of a clever marketing stunt by an anti-perspirant company. Their editor came up with an advertising campaign in which women were told they couldn't get married if they sweated.

And not long after, this shame was projected onto men too. And how did they do it? By scaring men into believing that perspiration was "unprofessional" and that they would loose their jobs because of it.

By playing on deep-seated fears in these campaigns,  a negative emotional relationship with sweating began to develop. The campaigns were extremely successful, several companies adopted the concept and applied it in all sorts of ways - to shocking effect. The popularity of the odour-blocking sticks grew rapidly and the product soon became as commonplace as soap.

Natural Deodorants vs. Traditional Deodorants

Today, deodorants have become part and parcel of our society. And Attitude has developed a healthy solution for this: natural deodorants. So, what exactly is the difference?

A traditional deodorant blocks the sweat glands, thereby preventing and disrupting the natural process of sweating. A natural deodorant, on the other hand, neutralises unwanted body odours and while also helping to reduce moisture, but it does not block the sweat glands. In other words, the body maintains its natural temperature regulation, without nasty odours!

If you switch from a traditional antiperspirant to a natural deodorant, you may have to get used to the difference.  This is perfectly normal, as your body needs to readjust to sweating.

Attitude's Innovative Deodorants 

Attitude's natural deodorants are formulated with natural plant and mineral ingredients, such as maranthus (Maranta arundinacea) and corn starch, to absorb moisture and odours. Suitable for both men and women, these unisex deodorants contain no aluminium and do not block the natural sweating processes. Instead, they create a protective barrier that prevents unpleasant odours by preventing the growth of odour-causing bacteria.

With their silky-smooth texture, thanks to vegetable wax, shea butter and coconut oil, they are easy to apply and feel comfortable all day, no matter what your activities.

Natural, healthy and ecological

These deodorants are not only natural, but also healthy and ecological. They are free from aluminium, parabens, triclosan, stearates, phthalates and artificial colours - ingredients often found in regular deodorants and antiperspirants.

Attitude's deodorants are EWG VERIFIED, meaning they are free of ingredients of concern according to the Environmental Working Group, an independent non-profit organisation that collects and shares public information to protect human health and the environment. Like all Attitude products they are also proudly vegan and not tested on animals. AND, a tree is planted for every Attitude deodorant sold.

Zero-plastic packaging

Attitude products are plastic-free and are fully compostable or recyclable.  To compost, just break the tube into pieces before throwing it in the compost bin. Easy, efficient... and revolutionary!

Attitude's vision

Attitude is determined to show the world that sweating is something natural and beautiful. They want you to feel comfortable in your own skin and proud of your body. When you choose a natural deodorant, you can embrace your sweat, remember it’s part of who you are!

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