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The term ecolological refers to the interdependence of living organisms in an environment.  Effectively it is the state of balance in an eco system inhabited by those living organisms and how they interrelate with each other to keep a balanced state.

Ecological footprint
Ecological footprint is the measurement of human demand upon the Earth’s ecosystem.  It compares the demands of human activity to the resources available within the ecosystem.  It calculates the biologically productive sea and land area required to regenerate the resources required to cancel out human waste activity.
Ecological imbalance
Ecological imbalance refers to the adverse affects linked to any natural changes within the environment. This could range from issues such as bush fires to floods and volcanic activity. 
Ecological niche
The position of an organism and how it relates to other organisms within the environment. The ecological mix affecting organisms within the environment depends in the long run on whether a particular plant or animal species survives or becomes extinct.  This is dependent upon water and food supplies and the relationship to predators, in addition to the risk of disease.
Ecological climax
The ecological climax is the balanced state of an eco system once all of the inhabitants have a permanently established relationship with each other.
Ecological fallacy
A misinterpreted assumption or belief that all ecological factors affect all individuals equally.
Ecological interface
The border between two ecosystems
Ecological mosaic
Pattern of interspersed ecosystems
Ecological relationships
The ecological relationship is between organisms and ecosystems and each other and also the eco systems' relationships with other eco systems.  There is no isolated organism -- they are all related one way or another, being part of the environmental mix of living and non-living elements.  The relationship between the organism and its eco system is vital and fundamental to its survival and how the ecosystems function as a whole.
Ecological pyramid
Ecological pyramid 
This is a graphical representation of the biomass of organisms at each trophic level with the producers based at the bottom and the tertiary consumers based at the top.

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