Ecodoo White Vinegar 5L

Normally from £11.55
Now from £9.24. Buy more, pay less.
(£1.85 per litre)

Ecodoo White Vinegar 5L

Normally from £11.55
Now from £9.24. Buy more, pay less.
(£1.85 per litre)
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Multi-purpose cleaning at its best.
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Ecodoo White Vinegar in a handy 5L refill size is natural multi-purpose cleaning at its best. Bulk buy your white vinegar in larger refill bottles to reduce plastic waste and be more environmentally friendly. Ecodoo offers a complete range of eco-friendly cleaning products that will help with daily household tasks, from cleaning and maintenance to dishes and laundry.

  • Removes traces of limestone
  • Cleans windows
  • Shines glass and silverware
  • Replaces fabric softener
  • Disinfects (household appliances, toilets, kitchen surfaces and bathrooms)
  • Eliminates weeds
  • Can even be used for condiments & seasonings such as canned vegetables and marinades (Organic Agriculture certification)

Instructions for use:

  • To clean and descale taps, sinks, baths, washbasins or your toilet: Cover with pure vinegar and leave to work. Rub and rinse.
  • To descale kettles, decanters, and coffee makers: Pour white vinegar diluted in half and heat until boiling. Let it stand overnight before rinsing with water.
  • To decalcify your washing machine and dishwasher: Run empty with ½ litre of white vinegar.
  • To clean glass: Mix ¾ litre of water and ¼ of vinegar.
  • To soften laundry: Pour 30ml of white vinegar into the softener of the washing machine. If in doubt, carry out a preliminary test on a similar surface.

Ecodoo White Vinegar 5L is part of the range of Ecodoo speciality cleaning products. Tackle dirt, grease and grime in every inch of your home with Ecodoo eco-friendly cleaning products, from hypoallergenic multi-purpose cleaners to descale and limescale removersExplore the full range of popular Ecodoo productsincluding household cleaning essentials and Ecodoo dishwashing products, available from Big Green Smile.


White wine vinegar
12% acidity
Organic alcohol vinegar is obtained from organic cereal alcohol.



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Customer reviews 4.9 out of 5 (94 reviews)

Perfect for my needs.
Does what I need it to do, which is final rinse with no odour on clothes or in washing machine. Decent cost too.
A. B., Hampshire
Useful around the home and garden.
D. C., Sandhurst
I use the vinegar to freshen my laundry, clean my windows ,clean concrete garden slabs ,its really good for sanitising,the product is good quality and good competitive price quick delivery well packaged highly recommend all
M. M., Dalry Ayrshire Scotland
Good value, good product
C. O., Willington
M. S. P., East Grinstead
Been using this instead of fabric softener for a year now. Would not go back! Also great for cleaning windows, descaling taps and the kettle. Next job is cleaning patio slabs once the weather is dry.
Brilliant stuff, and hopefully better for the environment than the collection of other chemicals it has replaced.
M. Y., Chippenham
A good vinegar for cleaning. The only one in 5L I have come across
M. M., London
I use this product for many cleaning tasks around the house. Good to be able to buy it in larger quantities to topup smaller bottles.

Mrs D. B., Thorndon
Like that the smell is not too strong.
H. B., Whitley Bay
Very useful for all sorts of household cleaning jobs
S. T., London
Really useful product: I use it for descaling, weed killing and lots of other things.
P. L., London
Always good
A. C., Malpas
It's really good vinegar for cleaning and softening clothes. Brilliant.
R. N., Broughty Ferry
I use this around the house for cleaning (neat in toilets, diluted 50% with water for windows, mirrors, and non metal surfaces) and instead of fabric softener. Useful 5 litre container; the vinegar is a good strength, my husband remarked that it is better than a store bought vinegar we tried recently.
W. H., Sutton Coldfield
Perfect product
S. B., Norwich
I have bought this several times before and I’m very happy with it.
Always gives great results - mainly used to descale our toilet but also great as an ingredient in homemade weedkiller
A. S., Reading
Cleans without too much rubbing. Sparkling finish
E. R., Burraton Nr Ivybridge
The service and the product was exactly the same as last time I ordered. That's why I ordered for a second time. And no doubt I shall order again and again.
R. W., Felixstowe
A brilliant weed killer and ant remover and without all the nasty chemicals in standard weed killers. Excellant for cleaning in the house, windows come clean without smears, removes limescale well with a bit of soaking again without any nasty chemicals.
J. H., Hailsham
Good to find white vinegar in larger quantities
D. W., leeds
Use this as a weedkiller with my gardening business, superb results every time!
Mr S. W., Ipswich, Suffolk
a good product, it took 10 or 12 days for delivery
M. D., Billingham
Absolutely delighted with this white vinegar; worked well on limescale, easy to use without an unpleasant smell.
C. F., Northallerton
Bought as a constituent of weedkiller. Does the job very well.
R. F., Muir of Ord
I add lemon peel to the container to give a pleasant odour
C., Holt
So many uses, always keep some around.
J. C., Halstead
Great to get this product in a bigger size for decanting
Just vinegar
T. S., Swanage
Great value
R. E., Gorleston
I de-scaled my gooseneck kettle using 5o% of this vinegar with 50% water. It took half an hour of soaking and looked as new.
J. G., Orpington
Great product with so many uses. Cleans counters, floors and windows. Removes limescale from toilets. Use it in the washing machine instead of fabric softener. Saves money and the environment.
S. B., Market Harborough
Brilliant to use as a rinse aid instead of softener with a few drops of essential oil or Waft super concentrated laundry perfume and fabric softener. Many other uses around the home
J. W., Ruislip
Used for heavy rust removal on an old industrial chain with great results.
J. L., Aberystwyth
haven't used any other white vinegar to compare, but I think it's good!
G. P., Bristol
Very versatile, great for bleaching out stains. Hasn’t denatured much over time, so storage container seems to seal well.
First time bought but appears to be doing its job .
Mrs S. J., Reading
Recommend bargain price for buying big last ages good cleaning product
T. W., Surrey
Value for money. Very good product.
M. T., Stanley
This was brilliant for moth removal - But I had to spray the whole room twice (rather than ones with a chemical moth remover) and I had to wear a mask because it smells so strong! But it has done the trick natural ingredients!
D. L., Forest Row
Bought this to fill up the smaller bottle I had (couldn’t fill it due to 1L bottle design, sigh). I am a huge fan of white vinegar and use it with fragrance drops instead of fabric softener, to descale things, to clean my washing machine and dishwasher (works insanely well FYI) and, if I have been daft enough to let my laundry sit too long in the washing machine (whiffy urgh), I do a quick rewash with this instead of deodorant and it sorts that right out (it’s a whole acid base change to the water thing that helps kill the bacteria growth in wet conditions, but I’m sure you don’t need to know that). So useful for a variety of household applications you probably never thought of - there’s a book of 1000 uses worth buying. This is super excellent value for money.
C.M., Edinburgh
Bought to clean fluorescence from bricks. Used 50/50 vinegar and water to make 6% but this was not really strong enough. Product ok for other uses but needs to be stronger for what I bought it for.
B. P., Brightwell-cum-Sotwell
Great product for cleaning and great value as well as less wasteful by buying in one larger container verses smaller spray bottles.
O. K., Harrow
great stuff - so many uses around the house
K. S., Berkhamsted
Really strong and does so many jobs. Great to finally find an organic vinegar. Amazing.
R. H., Brighton
Really works, not a strong smell and very good value
J. H., Cambridge
Used to clean washing machine and taps easy product to use. Instructions written in french only.
M. M. B., Norwich
We should always have white vinegar!! It helps with everything. Big container means it lasts longer and more economical
A. W., West Molesey
fantastic value
M. W., London
Brilliant stuff!, I use it to clean windows and to put into a spray bottle to spray on arm pits of sports clothes when needed.
S. F., Port Talbot
It was as expected
G. T., Horsham
Excellent....does what it says on the bottle!
E. B., Buckingham
Not used yet
H. W., Sheffield
I run a green cleaning business (Green Clean Romsey) and use loads of this stuff. I use it neat and with other products to make different specific cleaning sprays. It is excellent and cleans pretty much anything. It’s my most used product.
M., Romsey
I bought this on the recommendation of others who have reviewed it. I mainly use it to take rust off of metal flower pots for a headstone. It's also good for spraying in the shower neat. It stops limescale sticking to walls. And excellent taking soap scum from shower glass. Just soak kitchen roll neat with vinegar and leave over night. You may want to wear gloves as your hands will smell of vinegar. Also good for upholstery and carpet cleaning mix with water in a spray bottle. 😊
Mrs P. D., Aberdeen
Useful for household cleaning and an economical way to buy
S. B., Gravesend
Works well in getting rid of weeds
P. T., Treuddyn, Mold
I use it for cleaning and as fabric softener, works well and the large size makes it convenient. Will buy again
Use it for cleaning products and it makes great pet friendly weed ** .cant get size you offer from anyone else ( excepting online unethical retailer)
E. B., Greenock
Amazing size and price for an organic vinegar! They are so hard to find at a decent price! I make my own cleaning products and I use it in most of them. Would like to try a few more products from this brand. Really happy.
E. G., Cardiff
I use it for a conditioner for towels especially and if Iv'e used a bit too much washing liquid . Good for cleaning glass too.
Very good price for 5L.
Highly recommended.
Mrs W. P., Totnes
Good quality, good price, excellent for cleaning (along with bicarb, usually).
M. S. H., by Melrose
Use vinegar to make my own cleaning multi surface spray and as a replacement for fabric softener. Great to able to buy it in this 5L size and with a discount 👍
Mrs H. G., Llantwit Major
Fantastic stuff and so good to get it in 5l containers. A little goes a long way and few drops on a cloth wiped round the stainless steel sink is enough to clear up the inevitable water marks from London's hard water.
S. S., London
I have just started making my own cleaning products so I was happy to find this in 5l containers. I've just discovered how useful vinegar is!😊
S. C., Norwich
Good value and great to save on plastic with 5 litre bottle.

Plan to use instead of fabric conditioner
Mr S. R., Arundel
love this product. use to clean my kitchen sink amongst other things. anything i want to really *** bacteria on!!
V., birmingham
So far, I have only used to remove odours from clothes and to get my towels soft again; a cup in the detergent drawer plus fabric conditioner. Worked a treat!
S. B., Melton Mowbray
Great price, effective product for limescale.
S. F., London
Useful all around the house. Cheap and environmentally friendly.
V. C., Basingstoke
Worked well as a fabric conditioner and is also great as a household cleaner.
T., Bristol
Use this product for all cleaning and fabric softener in my washing machine.
Highly recommend product as well as service and delivery
C. W., Bagillt
Perfect for home made cleaning products, the seal on the lid was a little loose and a little spilled our onto the box but did not affect the rest of the contents. Would have given 5 stars if not for that
Miss T. L. M., Liskeard
R. W. M., Lancing
Absolutely great.
K. J., Holywell
Have bought this to use up existing smaller bottles, me trying to be greener !!
Since finding white vinegar, have become a 100% fan and use it everywhere around the house.
D. A., Bude
It's surprisingly difficult to find white vinegar where I live in large quantities - great price on this and very effective, especially when combined with bicarb of soda.
P. Y., Weston Super Mare
i get through a lot of white vinegar. this is a good size and price
Mrs J. H., Usk
I use this product for almost everything, bought the 5l container for this reason. I use it as a fabric softener in my laundry and spray a cloth with it and pop in the tumble dryer to destatic and soften my laundry, I use it o clean lots of different surfaces throughout the home.
M. L., Barry
Wanted an organic, natural alternative to glyphosates for weed control. Needed 12% organic vinegar - found easily on website and works really well!
Mrs D. L., Romsey
Windows, Bathroom. Laundry. It is a good product
B., Stonehaven
Just what I wanted and have used it everywhere. Everything is so much cleaner.
A. B., Caterham
Quality product. use in many cleaning jobs around the house.
Mrs D. B., Thorndon
Does everything I need it to do! Could be cheaper: it is only white vinegar, after all.
E. H., Billingshurst
excellent idea to have a big container! I make my own surface cleanser with vinegar and lemon or orange peel.
P. G., Kingswinford
Use diluted for cleaning just about everything in house (cooker, floors, windows..). Great to get rid of accumulated limescale everywhere with hot water . No toxic fumes.
S. C., Bishop's Stortford
good quality.i use for cleaning and laundry
M. S., Husborne crawley
perfect for cleaning
L. T., Edinburgh
Brilliant. So many uses, so little money!
J. W., Thirsk
Easy to use
J. H., London
Good quality product.
Used for cleaning floors/work surfaces/ washrooms - removes like scale
Our cleaner asked to purchase
Mrs D. W., Alresford
Brilliant for cleaning windows
Mrs C. C., Milton Keynes
Use this in general cleaning throughout the house, I combine it with Bicarb of Soda for drains etc, it is unbeatable. have told everyone who will listen.
Mrs C. P., King's Lynn
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