Ecoegg Bamboo Reusable Towels (up to 1700 uses)

Normally £11.26
Now only £9.57
(£0.48 each)

Ecoegg Bamboo Reusable Towels (up to 1700 uses)

Normally £11.26
Now only £9.57
(£0.48 each)
Reusable kitchen towels - just wash, dry and reuse.
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Replace your kitchen towels and cleaning cloths with these eco-friendly, money saving, reusable bamboo towels from Ecoegg. Made from a certified organic bamboo source, Ecoegg Bamboo Towels are strong and absorbent - use them wet or dry for spills, messes, cleaning, wiping, dusting, drying and more!

Bamboo is one of the strongest and most absorbent natural substances, soaking up more than 10 times as much as normal kitchen paper. They never scratch and never leave any lint or residue. Unlike normal kitchen paper, which you use once and then throw away, these bamboo towels are reusable! Just pop them in your washing machine - they get softer and more absorbent every time you wash them. Each sheet can be washed and reused 85 times, and with 20 sheets per roll, you’ll get 1700 uses from each roll.

  • Eco friendly alternative to paper towels
  • Super strong and amazingly absorbent kitchen towel
  • Reusable kitchen towels - just wash, dry and reuse
  • Up to 1700 uses per roll
  • Made from organic, sustainably sourced bamboo
  • Plant-A-Tree Promise with Ripple Africa for every pack sold

Eco Egg Bamboo Reusable Towels (up to 1700 uses) is part of the range of ­­Ecoegg speciality cleaning products. Treat your kitchen and appliances like eco-royalty with Ecoegg eco friendly cleaning products. Explore the full range of popular Ecoegg products, including the Ecoegg laundry range, available from Big Green Smile.


Made from 100% viscose from bamboo



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Customer reviews 4.5 out of 5 (99 reviews)

Love these, so absorbant and hard-wearing
M. C., Liverpool
Very useful cloths which last a long time. Use them as dishcloths and they dry out very quickly.
J. E., Duns
Just brilliant!
S. S., Nottingham
Gentle soft fibres, perfect after washing hands, cleaning, abrasions the list is endless.
Mrs C. Y., Romford
I really like these towels. They are soft, re-usable and last a long time. When I've finished using them in the kitchen I use them for general cleaning cloths. They are soft enough to clean windows with them. They are easily washed in the washing machine and they last a long time.
H. D., Skelmersdale
These are actually very good- bought two years ago and some are still in circulation!
C. O., Oldham
The fabric becomes frayed and fluffy very quickly. So far one towel has lasted three days! So far I feel that for the price I should have stuck with my usual re- purposed cut up rags. Not a product I would buy again.
E. R., Arbroath
These are great all round cleaning cloths. Mainly use mine in the kitchen. They are highly absorbent, dry quickly, don't hang on to stains and can be washed over & over. Goodbye conventional dish cloths!
J. C., Halstead
Really excellent product. Soft cloth mops up all spills, leaves surfaces dry. cloths can be washed and used again many many times.
Mrs J. A. C., Hayling Island
Great product
L. G., Warlingham
Use these for cleaning up my young son after eating and many other uses. Very soft and washed them repeatedly without issue. Highly recommended and save a small fortune on kitchen towel.
Mr M. C., Nailsworth
I bought these as an alternative to standard kitchen roll but I've found this very unabsorbant and I won't be buying this again.
S. W., Glasgow
I love these, they last ages and clean everything. Hard wearing and hard working
L. W., London
These do last well, bought a year ago and not even half way through the roll. Only problem once torn off the roll how do you store them? They are strong and absorbent, wash well.
E. F., Richmond
A bit fluffy for some uses
Really like these towels. Use them as dish cloths and for general cleaning and then pop them into the washing machine. The only down side is that they soon lose their clean colour and look grubby but that in no way affects how they work. They last for ages too. Great product
S., Ilfracombe
Brilliant product. One roll has lasted nearly a year. Use after use and more absorbent every time I wash them finally used fir dirtiest jobs like toilet before binning. I’m ordering again as soon as they are available. Wish I had reordered sooner.
L. R., Windsor
The feel tough and I'm sure they will last as long as stated
A. H., Lincoln
Great clothes. Just pop into washing machine when they get grubby. Comes out clean and ready to reuse. So absorbent, great for spills. Each one lasts for ages!
I'm currently using these reusable towels to wipe down my shower doors and also to clean my yoga mat. So easy to use wet or dry and can be washed and used over and over. I'll be replacing my paper kitchen towel with these.
S. L., Nr Crewe
I've recommended them to two of my friends already.
I find the towels really useful and irreplaceable!
I certainly won't go back to normal kitchen paper rolls
C. F., Cheltenham
Hmm, I am on the fence with these. Work as well as standard kitchen roll and I like the idea of using less of that, but it's basically a cloth so using my microfibre cloths would have been just as good?
K. H., Chester
Umm. These were a spontaneous purchase.
Most of the masses that make me reach for a paper towel are disgusting( cat **) and I bin them. I will use these more like J cloths, and for general purpose cleaning they work well.
H. B., Denny
Not used them yet!
S. D., Ammanford
Have used and washed these reusable towels 3 times now and they are working very well. They become more absorbent after washing and are a great size for wiping/mopping up. They just need to be gently reshaped a little after washing but overall I’m really happy with them.
A. C., London
Not yet used
L. L., Aldershot
It is really good, can wash it over and over again, I started using them about a year ago and only needed to throw away 1 of 5.
N. C., Reading
Stopped using paper towels a while ago, but do miss them for some things. These are great and wash well. Unfortunately after the first use they are no longer on the roll, so need to investigate some storage!
T. H., Cranage
Useful,seem to wash well
C. D., Surrey
Excellent product! Feels good using it knowing it's from a sustainable source. Highly recommended!
Dr B. S., Newtown, Powys
I was dubious about how they’d hold together with washing but I didn’t need to be. They are great, really absorbent and a good sized sheet too
A. D., Norwich
I was sceptical about this...but so far so good and I can see the roll lasting a long, long time. But surely tea towels are even better for the environment? Maybe, but these bamboo towels absorb like paper towels only you can re-use them. Bonus.
M. L., Birmingham
Looks very worn after first wash but good for peace of mind.
J. W., Sandwich
these are brilliant. I have bought them before and love that they can be washed and reused. excellent value for money in my opinion
C. M., Liverpool
N. L., Exeter
All spills and kitchen wipes
To all
Good quality
B., Trowbridge
Excellent very good and and definitely work in the washing machine. A superb idea thank you.
S. W., Newton Stewart
Using for the first time, a useful alternative
J. B., Sutton Coldfield
Good absorbent towels that wash well.
E. B., Witney
Good idea but sadly I'm not a fan. They are ok for spills and absorb well. I have used them for cleaning the bathroom. I use them more as a cloth rather than a kitchen roll replacement which is what I initially bought them for.
A. H., Manchester
Good idea but they seem a bit difficult to use - they are quite small and thin. They will take a lot of getting used to. I don’t think I’d buy them again
L. N., Watton
A sheet is more like a cloth than a paper towel and I can see a time when having lots of sheet being used/ washed at a time might be a bit inconvenient. I am sure it will be worth it to save on the waste.
V. C., Basingstoke
I have only just bought one of these because it sounds like a great idea.! It’s brilliant dry on mirrors and furniture, rinses out easily and dries quickly for further use, so far very good.
S. B., Clevedon
Good value.
L. N., Ilford
Wiping up, dusting, cleaning surfaces
S. B., Chippenham
Love these. Loads of uses. Much greener than paper towels.
K. C., Bridgwater
So thrilled to find these to replace paper towels I even bought some for my mum who was just as pleased as me. Looking to replace as much disposable with reusable as possible and these are a fantastic addition to that quest!
H. H., Glasgow
Love these. Washable. Use for everything! Soft.
Mrs J. H., Edenbridge
The first few we have tried have washed well. They seem to be getting more absorbent which is good as straight off the role they aren't brilliant. They don't leave fluffy bits everywhere which is a great bonus.
H. M., Kirkby in Ashfield
Seems good so far! Just using my first wipe over and over a few times. Does the job just as good as any other paper based/disposable I’ve used. Glad it’s more eco friendly- and very handy.
J. R., Kensal Rise
I haven't used these very much yet, perhaps because the first one I tore off is still in use after a week. It washes well and is so useful to have to hand to do the dirtier jobs that I don't want to use my wood pulp dish cloth for. Good in bathroom, garage and kitchen.
E. T., London
We haven't used paper towels since getting these. We haven't quite sorted out the best way of storing the clean used ones, but tiling them stubbs an old kitchen roll middle seems to do the trick!
R. G., Romsey
Have only used one so far. Very absorbent and easy to clean, not washed yet. Also good used as a filter for straining *** *** (as I didn't have an appropriate cloth to use)
J. H., Bristol
Really pleased with this product and I care about our environment too so looking good thank you.
Mrs A. S., Bognor Regis
They look attractive on the roll and work fine but after washing they seem a bit flimsy I’m not sure how long they will last
A. L., Druitt Court
I bought these to replace j clothes and they do the trick; small clean up jobs, drying cups, for thawing and drying food. I haven’t washed them yet, but they feel like they have at least the strength of the j cloth so anticipate that they will wash several times.
Mrs. J. O., London
Omg Found the best ever Kitchen towels would recommend highly , amazing product, you can wash them and more so much more hygienic and absorbent great for the environment
T. W., Surrey
Being white they get dirty very quickly and look very shabby after washing. They aren't as absorbable as paper towels so that's a negative I think. I can't see them lasting 85 washes
R. K., Kingston
Only just started using but impressed so far
K. D. S., London
Omg I love these. My new best friend. Soak up spills well. Good for pets! Wash really well. Just pull back in to shape.
M. B., Gloucester
These seem to be good and wash well
Presently for food drying
Not sure
I need to use more to rate it
What a find! Lovely texture.
Really absorbent. I’m not sure they will replace our paper towels fully, they are more like a cloth, but certainly help to reduce our use of paper towels.
Had an epic spill the other day. These were better than a cloth and washable. Happy days!
K., Dunbeg
Very happy with this product. So pleased this alternative to paper towels is available. No more paper towels for me!
very absorbent and strong.
Use to mop up any spills. Really absorbant. Love the fact its reusable. Easy to wash.
S. C., Ellon
Used these towels for all clean ups around the home where I'd normally use disposable paper towels. Incredibly strong but soft to touch. Does not break up when wet. Have washed and still in fantastic condition. Seems expensive @1st but they workout incredible value for money and gr8 for the planet.
S. M., Tamworth
Great product, love being able to use it and wash it, use for everything that I would normally use paper towels for.
A. P., Bishop Burton
Wash and wear well. They do the job , strong, absorbent and very washable. Good quality so no more paper towels from now on.
H. G., Nelson
Using it as kitchen towels, though not to absorb fats or for very messy stuff. So far pleased with the quality. Product is useful to replace most kitchen towel uses.
I., London
Bought to use as napkins but once washed they don’t look so good. They won’t be wasted though as they will get used for mopping up spills etc. Trying to reduce my disposable waste so bought washable cloth napkins
H. S., Ilkeston
More than happy
A. T., West Calder
Love this product. I keep the dirty clothes in a tub in the washing basket then boil wash them all together with the eco egg. Come out clean as a whistle ready to use again
T. B., Sunderland
Started using the eco egg a few weeks ago and so far I’m really impressed, even with muddy clothes, does a good job.
L. W., London
Great alternative to paper towels.
Z. Z., Razkrizje
I use this product daily to wipe down my kitchen surfaces. They are very durable and you can rinse and reuse multiple times. I have also washed them and they have come out really well and become even more absorbent. Using these has reduced my use of normal kitchen paper towels.
S. B., Rickmansworth
I love these. They are fantastic
J. A., Dalton-in-Furness
Excellent product
A lot of spills in my house with young children, always soaking the liquid up and if didn’t get in first try just squeeze out and it collects whatever else if left and leaves it smear and lint free. Recommend to anyone who wants to be resourceful and not wasteful and quality is great.
K. J., Canvey Island
Brilliant product
P. F., Byker
I always wash half a dozen first and then they are really absorbent and use them as serviettes for the family, cleaning down the work surfaces and if you want to they will clean the hob and oven. Then you wash them in the machine and they’re ready to be used again and agiain Eggsellent!
M., Abergavenny
I use the product to wipe my 19 month old daughter's hands & face during & post eating, replacing use of kitchen towel and wet wipes. Highly recommend. I also use for household cleaning.
K. W., Trusham
very versatile
A. M., Ascot
Excellent product. Towels are really tough and strong whilst still feeling very soft, will not scratch any surface. The fact they're washable and reusable is fantastic.
Not as great at demisting the mirror as I was hoping, but soaks up a shedload of water. Limited uses if you want to reuse it, but useful replacement for the jaycloth kinda thing
P. M., Buckhurst Hill
All the uses you can imagine with clearing up, yes they can be used over and over again and then washed as if they were a cloth. I'm not going back to papaer towels.
A. A., Plymouth
Brilliant product. Love that it is reusable and has completely replaced kitchen towel for me. I've taken some to work so I stop using their blue towel and I use it at home in the kitchen. Absorbent and perfect around the house.
E. M., Portsmouth
Less waste and they work even better than paper towels. Perfect
A good alternative to normal kitchen roll and economical since it can be washed
J. M., milton keynes
I've used one, it was very good, will wait to see if they wash as well as its states, seems good so far
Bought to use in place of kitchen paper.
Very absorbent, dries quickly and so doesn't smell like an old wet dishcloth.
Can be washed in the machine too.
Great product.
S. A., Ashford
These are great easy to use and easy to wash out; and I can now relax about wasting paper!
S. B., Derby
Amazing. Even my eco-warrior-not partner is happy with these. Work well, wash well, dry extra soft. I roll them up and put them in a small tub on the kitchen counter.
M. S., London
Very soft material have washed once,and they have washed well
S. H., Leics
good product, strong and absorbent, hope they last as long as advertised.
J. P., hull
Haven't tried these yet (using up my recycled kitchen roll first but excited by the idea)
I bought these for someone else because I have some and they are fantastic - I just keep washing and re-using them time and again. They are soft, absorbent, and a really handy size. I keep my washed ones in a cloth bag hanging in my kitchen ready for use, then once used i put them straight into washing machine to wash with whatever the next load is. Simple, and feels so good not to be creating waste.
J. L., Castlemorton, Malvern
These are strong and as mentioned have many uses.
Mrs D. B., Thorndon
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