Ecover ZERO Non-Bio Washing Powder (100 washes)

(£5.33 per kg)

Ecover ZERO Non-Bio Washing Powder (100 washes)

(£5.33 per kg)
Formualted for those with allergies, with biodegradable plant-based ingredients that are tough on stains and dirt even at low temperatures.
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Ecover Zero Washing Powder is a natural non-bio washing powder that’s specially formulated with 0% fragrance and 0% colouring to minimise the risk of allergies on sensitive skin. With renewable plant-based, biodegradable ingredients, this eco detergent packs a punch when it comes to dirt and stains, even at 30°. Brilliant results on whites and colours, leaving nothing behind but a fresh clean wash.

  • Eco friendly washing powder for sensitive skin
  • 7.5kg bag, enough for 100 washes
  • No colourings or enzymes
  • Parabens free and fragrance free
  • Allergy UK approved for sensitive skin
  • Formulated to minimise the risk of allergies
  • Never tested on animals - Cruelty Free International
  • Fully recyclable cardboard box packaging
  • Also available in 25 washes

How to use Ecover washing powder:

Suitable for white and colourfast items at 30-60°C. Treat stubborn stains first. Use a short washing program for light soiled wash. Use Ecover Delicate Laundry Liquid for wool and silk.

Standard load (4-5kg) Soft-medium water: Machine = 75g (100ml), Hand = 50g (65ml)
Larger (6-8kg) dirtier load/hard water: 100g (130ml)

Ecover Zero non-bio washing powder is a part of the Ecover laundry range that uses powerful plant powered ingredients instead of petroleum-based ingredients for a more environmentally friendly choice in your laundry products.


Sodium Sulfate, Sodium Carbonate Peroxide, Zeolite, Sodium C12-18 Alkyl Sulfate, Aqua, TAED, Sodium Citrate, Fatty Alcohol Methyl Ester Ethoxylate, Laureth-7, Sodium Polyaspartate, Sodium Oleate, Sodium Carboxymethyl Starch, Sodium Silicate, Sodium Carbonate, Cellulose Gum



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Customer reviews 4.6 out of 5 (75 reviews)

No smell no itch !! Cleans very effectively
L. E., Waltham Abbey
Great product washes well
K. C., Waltham Abbey
Product is brilliant and good
M. B., Slough, Berkshire
Eco friendly, have been using this Washing Powder for a number of years, price has stayed pretty constant and washing always clean and fresh.
D. P., Bristol
Used for years. Great product
K. C., Andover
Does the job as well as branded products, good for the environment what’s not to like
B. T., Llandysul
Good value for money. Product not always available in supermarket.
L. J., Dudley. West Midlands
A very good environmentally-friendly product which we have used for some years now.
R. J., Worcester
An ecological brand using non-recyclable packaging destined for landfill.
Not really acceptable! I won’t but again - I’ll look for an alternative or use a refill service.
L. B., Whitchurch
I had to throw this away the smell was SO strong it could be smelt outside the bathroom and the smell was like a chemically awful smell and made me feel sick and gave me a headache. Went straight in the bin.
L. P., Nursling
I’ve been using Ecover ZERO washing powder for nearly a year. It’s been very helpful with my sensitive skin and is great for the children in the house.

It has a slight fragrance and leaves our clothes smelling wonderfully, I combine it with Ecover Almond and Apple a Blossom fabric conditioner, the combination is heavenly!

Only negative, it’s a little pricey compared with other brands. I usually buy from BGS when they have 20% off! I think Ecover should definitely reward their customers with more discounts!
D. A., Market Rasen
Again we have used this product for several years now as it does not irritate to skin and cleans the clothes leaving virtually no scent behind. A good reliable product. Cannot compare with other brands. Only downside being the need to run a hot wash every now and then to prevent build up in the machine.
D. G., Stoke-on-Trent
I am very serious about using as much Non biological powders etc. i like Ecover...no smell either!
S. H., Didcot
Used this product for years. I have sensitive skin and my daughter suffers from eczema so switched to this product several years ago and now don’t take a risk with anything else. I love the fresh laundered smell with this product which is not over-powering as with so many detergents. If other parents wash my daughter’s clothes... a kind gesture... we have to wash again to get rid of the strong odours from other laundry products as we find them suffocating.
J. E., Ryhall
Fantastic, it needs a small amount for a good cleaning and it is effective.
I love it
I’m using it also for washing my cloth nappies
D., Rivarolo Mantovano
Ecologically friendly product, packaging etc.
H. R., Solihull
Great if you have sensitive skin and want to help the environment
, Andover
It's great for us
M. W., Barnsley
Cleans washing as well as other products.
Very economical.
J. S., Castle Douglas
Use regularly as all have sensitive skin, like the lack of perfume
Mrs M. M., Harrogate
Have used this product for many years. Very good value for money.
A. C., Halifax
I really like this Ecover product for two reasons. Firstly it is environmentally friendly. Which is why I bought it in the first place. Second, it has no smell and that means you can wear your perfume without it clashing with your clothes. Also it works.
Mrs L. M., Wakefield
Comes in a paper bag, no overwhelming smell, cleans clothes - what's not to like?
Good product in a paper bag. Good value.
B. M., Bearsden
Washing clothes INCLUDING nappies. Yes it is fine for cloth nappies. 6 years can't be wrong. Just use less than the packet says if you have an eco machine. If you get this great big sack, you can store it in an old nappy bucket. ??
C. J., Harrogate
Does the job without the harsh chemicals.
G. S., Haywards Heath
Produce very good for towels, sheets and odd bits of washing. would recommend to anyone and end result always satisfactory
S. C. F., Arundel
Non bio powder preference for washing machine use. No problems. washes well and good for the environment!
N. M., Wadebridge
Good product as far as ecological washing powders are concerned and good bulk size. The downside of no fragrance is that it occasionally very sweaty clothes don’t smell totally clean after being washed, but otherwise a good enough product.
D. L., Worthen
Works up a good lather in the machine and clothes count out clean.
R. B., Bath
Perfect for my skin. Recimmmend to people with sensitive skin. Top quality product.
A. W., Bridge of Weir
fantastic product, will be using it for sure
A. C., Watford
Love this product cleans well and you only have to use a small amount compared to other washing powders.
S., Fernhill Heath
Good laundry results and less intense perfume better for more sensitive skins.
L. J., Hounslow
Great if you dont like perfumed clothes after washing and people with sensitive skin. Cleans well and a good product.
K. C., Andover
Use this all the time. No problem cleaning whites .
Mrs A. P., Great Yarmouth
Good to buy in bulk
S. H., Horsham
Big pack will last ages. Used a few times so far and seems to be good. Would recommend
K. F., Southampton
Works well for all my washing needs and at lower temperatures too.
I. G., London
High quality, effective, safe for the family and environmentally friendly.

Superb cleaning; just as effective as the standard ecover, but this doesn't contain added fragrance - so perfect for those avoiding unnecessary additives, or with sensitive skin. Clothes come out very clean even at low temperatures, and smell clean and natural without the artificially added fragrances other detergents use.

Only small niggle is the the box can't be reseated after opening so of the box gets knocked over some powder will spill out, but this really is a small niggle and wouldn't stop me from buying the product.
C. H., Letchworth Garden City
My son's skin condition has greatly improved since using this product. Washes all my clothes well.
M. G., Please Select...
Good product for general laundry purposes.
O. O., Watford
Used in every wash regardless of age or skin type. All skin problems have cleared, expensive emollients not needed now. The ZERO fragrance means no more runny noses sore throats and sneezing, I no longer need daily anti-allergy tablet. The ZERO range is suitable for anyone. No fragrance, no problems. Top class cleaning, first class product.
S. W., Barnsley
I only use ecover. They are excellent quality
J. W., Stanley
Very good. One of the only washing powders that doesn't irriate.
D. P., Hemel Hempstead
I use this for everything except items that require a delicate wash.
V. W., London
At last a laundry powder that does'nt stink the house out and gets rid of any nasty niffs and stains.
D. H., Holt
I always use this product, it works for me and I have no problem with sensitive skin. one thing I would say is that they don't need to package it in such a large bag, the powder only filled half of the bag.
Great for my sensitive skin. Cleans clothes really well.
S. P., Eye
we sell this to one customer that wanted it and have had no problems
P. C., Hereford
Very good product - thank you
L. H., Oxford
Very good washing powder. For whites and items which are particularly dirty I use it with Ecover laundry bleach.
Mrs. S. B., Newton Stewart
Good cleaning. Bag a little damaged on arrival but no big deal.
Miss V. T., Fleet
Does what it says - cleans clothes, pleasant after wash aroma. Large bag most economical
This is a high quality product. I use this product for all my laundry washes and recommend this product to all who need an high quality environmentally friendly washing powder.
P. K., Hereford
Very good product especially for people who are sensitive to chemicals.
D. F., London
Good value for an eco-friendly washing powder. Washes well :)
Mr A. M. P., Milton Keynes
Have used this for ages and normally at 30 degree wash. I do have some problems with it clogging in the dispenser and sometimes leaving streaks on dark clothes.
N. B., Tring
Does not go from soap tray into machine well. So I usually wash it through with some warm water. Ok so long as you remember, otherwise at the end of the rinse cycle there is still powder in the tray possibly being washed down with the final rinse water.Cost effective if you buy the powder in this large bag. Does not leave a chemical smell & cleans well.
V. K., Mayfield
Excellent eco-friendly product.
K. M., Barrow-upon-Humber
I buy Ecover for work as it has no chemicals in it that are detrimental to health
P. P. E. L., Bridgwater
Fast and efficient service.. good value.
T. M., London
K. V., Randers
Extremely good for those with allergies, and also for those who live out in the countryside with Septic tank drainage
Mrs G. I., WICK
Good at cold or warm wash.
R. G., Helensburgh
Haven't used Zero before but if its as good as the other powder it will be great. Just had our septic tank emptied & we were told by the man that ours was the best tank, working as it should, that he'd seen in years!
H. H., Wellesbourne
decent product, good price, fragrance-free too, thank goodness!
K. P., Carshalton
A quality product and I like that I can buy it in bulk.
I have been using this powder for several years for all my washing and will continue to do so. As I live in a very hard water area, I do add washing soda crystals to the powder, but this means I use less powder so it's very economical.
A. B., Croydon
I would recommend this product to anyone. As we have a septic tank rather than mains sewage it is important to not kill the microbes that break down our household waste. Ecover products have assisted us in this once we understood how septic tanks work. The outfall into the local stream is clear and free of toxins, hence assisting fish and stream life to flourish. We use the powder in our washing machine and it works well giving a pleasant fresh, clean smell to the laundry. by buying in larger amounts and decanting into sealed containers which we reuse it lasts well.
D. G., Canonbie
Not tried this version before, but bought it as I was very pleased storage wise with the 100 washes of the 'ordinary' non bio. Ask me in a few weeks!
S., Shepperton
This is a very expensive product the equivalent price in other leading brand powders is £12 for the same weight of product. Unfortunately i am allergic to fragrance and needs must. The powder itself will not filter through the powder delivery drawer on my automatic machine which led to a waste of powder however it works very well when just placed directly onto the clothes in the machine. A little powder goes a long way and it cleans VERY well even on muddy hillwalking clothes! There is no lingering chemical after smell either. So far no allergies or itchyness!
L. M., Glasgow
very good
good for sensitive skin
Mrs D. L., dalton in furness
B. Y., Dundee
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