Ecozone Dryer Cube - Energy Saving Tumble Drying Cubes

Ecozone Dryer Cube - Energy Saving Tumble Drying Cubes

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(£3.50 each)

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(£3.50 each)

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For softer clothes

Ecozone Dryer Cubes with their new softer material and advanced variable node design are unlike most other Dryer Balls and mechanical fabric conditioners on the market. This is because a cube shape has a larger contact surface area and enables each of the nodes to have more contact with the fabric in the Dryer than a ball essentially would. This ultimately helps to lift and separate the clothing fibers enabling a faster drying time and increasing softness.

Additionally, the Dryer cubes retain more heat and become an additional heat source inside the dryer - so you'll use up to 25% less electricity, saving energy and money, and as there are no chemicals involved, they're ideal for anyone with allergies.

Customers report that the new softer material lasts much longer and is kinder to clothes and tumble dryers.  

Scientifically tested and proven to soften fabric naturally which makes ironing easier and reduces lint and static.

Environmentally friendly and allergy-free.

  • New advanced softer material has increased contact with clothing fibers
  • New material lasts much longer without splitting
  • New larger contact area enabling a faster drying time and increasing softness
  • New shorter node design is kind and gentle to your clothes and your dryer

Ingredients Thermoplastic Rubber
Contents: 2
Product code:  DRYCUBE

Reviews of Ecozone Dryer Cube - Energy Saving Tu... 4.2 out of 5 (35 reviews)

If it saves time drying and money - that’s great
Absolutely brilliant and do such a good job to help soften up clothes, especially as I don’t really use fabric softener
does what it says .bit of a noise as they clatter around but no worries
Happy to do my bit for the environment! Thank you
they seem to be working - time will tell!!
Good product
Got these to replace some I used to have. They seem to soften the clothes and I think they do shorten the drying time which is great. Be nice if there was an alternative to plastic
Hard to say if they are working, but I will certainly continue to use them.
They've been in my dryer for a week so far. There seems to be less fluff coming off my clothing. The only con is that they bang around a bit!
Work really well!
These do not seem to make any difference in the time it takes to dry washing and, rather than making the washing softer, I think that it's not as soft as when I don't use the balls :O( - bit disappointing.
Kinda works as advertised.
Use in the friends.seems to be very well made.
I hoped these would speed up the drying but I can't tell the difference. However they do make the fabrics a lot softer (I never use actual softener).
Not totally convinced about softening or reduced drying time
For anyone wanting to save money and be kinder to the environment
Not sure if the dryer cubes are making a difference yet. Duvet cover still came out tangled with damp corners. Haven't timed to see if it's quicker. Things have always come out soft. Hope they're not damaging dryer - loud clunks as tumbles. Worth the money???
Work as described
I have not noticed any reduction in drying time nor improved clothes softness.
Really work. Use them all the time now.
Only used a few times, but drying times seem quicker so far ....
Not used yet still using up tumble drying sheets before making possible transition to a product of this sort
Product seems to have reduced drying times in line with the instructions.
I was a little dubious about these, but I've found them to reduce my drying time significantly. I have a very elderly dryer, so maybe they have more of an impact because of this, but I've been very pleasantly surprised.
Clothes seem softer, haven't noticed any difference in drying times but it has been Christmas !! 😉
Have only used these once since purchasing but am very happy with the results
Great! Rather than an hour, I can finish off the drying in 15 - 20 minutes.
Great really pleased
It remains to be seen if they're actually helping our clothes dry quicker as we currently have to use a launderette. We certainly haven't noticed a difference in the softness of our clothes since stopping using fabric softener, and probably won't buy any fabric softener again!
Helps to keep clothes soft without the use of fabric softeners.Would recommend for sensitive skins.
I use this in every drying cycle and would recommend to anyone wishing to reduce drying time and thus save energy and money.
Does what it says on the box
Not sure the cubes make an enormous amount of difference. Seems to take the same amount of time to dry as without them.
Good quality product.Helps aerate my clothing in drier and lessen drying time
Like it fluffing my towels
have used other similar products in my dryer. These were cheaper and seem to be doing a good job
Worth buying
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