Marcel's Green Soap Toilet Block Geranium & Lemon

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Marcel’s Green Soap introduces the first eco toilet rimblock. Every rimblock last for 250 flushes, leaving  your toilet with a long lasting fresh scent of geraniums.

Marcel's Green Soap Toilet Block Geranium & Lemon is part of the range of septic tank friendly Marcel’s Green Soap toilet cleaner. Give your loo some love with Marcel’s 100% natural toilet cleaner products. Created from vegetable soaps and natural oils, clean with a conscious with their liquid toilet cleaner or add an eco toilet block for longer lasting fragrance. Explore the full range of Marcel’s Green Soaps productsincluding natural shower gel and eco-friendly hand soap refill productsavailable from Big Green Smile.

Ingredients sodium sulphate anhydrous, sulphuric acid, mono-c12-18 alkyl esters, sodium salts (92%), sulfuric acid, c12-14 alkyl esters, sodium salts (92%), amides, coco, n-(hydroxyethyl), perfume, sodium citrate, sodium laureth sulfate (70%), hydrocarbons, c11-c13, isoalkanes, <2% aromatics

Reviews of Marcel's Green Soap Toilet Block Geranium & Lemon 4.2 out of 5 (24 reviews)

I didn’t like the smell. Zero geranium, a lot of chemical lemon. Hook is too big and sticks out which spoils the look. Also there’s no information on how to recycle this afterwards, I’m assuming it will go to the landfill?
Haven't used it for very long, bathroom smells fine and it seems to last longer than ones from stores
Great, fresh, natural smell. Lasts for a long time.
These leave the toilet smelling lovely and fresh - not overpowering but just enough! Would buy again.
Very much like the aroma it leaves, although it’s not the most long lasting.
Not impressed. Smell wore off after couple of days, hook doesnt fit my toilet rim very well and the product is very large.
Love the smell and it seems like it will last quite awhile before I have to purchase another one
As with the rosemary and lavender version- very pleased with these.
Amazing smell great price really in love with this range
Seems a bit of a waste of time and money. Little bubbling, odour is feint but pleasant.
Great product
We use this product daily. We are very happy with it and would recommend to others.
Does as expected, nice scent
smells great
I couldn’t see how something made up of so much plastic could be environmentally friendly. Also I hated the smell so removed after a couple of days. Disappointed
Initially found it very strong but have now got used to it. It is a nice fragrance and keeps my loo looking and smelly great. Will be buying more.
Not strongly lemony (except straight out of the packet), but has a fairly light, fresh, sweet fragrance and a subtle floral smell that's not quite identifiable to me as geranium but isn't overwhelming. It makes the bathroom smell nice without being overpowering. It doesn't colour the *** water.
an excellent product
gorgeous smell!
This is really great for reducing odour in the ***, although it is not my favourite scent (not a geranium fan) Please BGS start stocking the lavender version of this.
Nice smell
the smell is a bit too strong for me
Little overpowering when I first opened the packaging but now its been in use for a few days it's fab.
Works well
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