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Ecozone Magnoloo - Anti-limescale device for toilets

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Normally £9.99
Now only £6.69

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The eco-friendly and chemical-free Ecozone Magnoloo is the anti-limescale toilet descaler of choice. Guaranteed for five years, simply drop one Magnoloo descaler (or two in very hard water areas) into the cistern to keep your toilet free from a build-up of deposits for up to 5 years.

The chemical-free Magnoloo can help to prevent or eliminate the unsightly stains of limescale built up in the toilet. How? Well when water is treated magnetically the calcium carbonate doesn't form a hard limescale butinstead flows out of the toilet with the water when you flush.

The feet of Magnoloo allow it to sit at the bottom of the cistern and allow water to circulate underneath and through it. Alternatively, you can hang Magnoloo with some string or wire into the cistern, using the holes provided.

From the Ecozone Speciality Cleaning products range.

Product code:  MAGNOLOO

Reviews of Ecozone Magnoloo - Anti-limescale dev... 4.2 out of 5 (27 reviews)

Not noticed any improvement at all.
I have used this one with the toilet block that turns it blue. It doesn't seem to make any difference between the toilet I put it in and the one I haven't.
Not sure if this is working yet, very hard water arra
Great product, great price too, I only need one in my toilet cistern, which means I have another one left for next time. Highly recommended
It is too soon to judge.
Intrigued - only been using for a couple of wks so hard to say, but ** bowl scale areas still looking clear. Shd be good for anyone with hard water who has trouble with stubborn scaling and damaging of syphon etc - I'm using 2 in each cistern. Sensibly packaged & nice & bright!
Have used these for a few years so just replacing - definitely help if you use them from installation .
Really good, a great idea.
Too early to say how these are working at the moment. We live in a very hard water area with constant staining in the toilets despite using vinegar a couple of times a week. Anything these can do to reduce the scale will be welcome. One in each loo a the moment but might increase to two.
Easy to use but I haven’t noticed any difference after a week
Not yet used them as I already have some lime removel product in the cisten.
Still on trial as yet.
so far so good
First time I have bought this product, I hope it works
We have had to have piping replaced due to limescale so this product is absolutely brilliant. No build up of limescale since we began using it.
Haven’t used yet so star rating may go up or down
V easy to use - just drop into your toilet cistern. No chemicals needed.
Good product
Helps control a limescale problem in hard water areas
Easy to use and long lasting
As far as I can tell this is good (bit early to judge on the limescale front)
used in toilet cistern only used for 1 week but seams to work ok delivery good fast
Easy. Just pop it in the cistern and leave it there.
Only just purchased give it 1 month to see if it works.
We live in a really hard water area and suffer from hideous limescale build up in the loo - these are great!
Yes, now my toilet clean!
I like the pink colour ones but was sent the green ones. Too early to comment on its effectiveness.
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