Ecozone Magno ball - Anti-limescale ball for washing machine and dishwasher

Ecozone Magno ball - Anti-limescale ball for washing machine and dishwasher

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Suitable for use in all washing machines and dishwashers and with all detergents. Just place the Magnoball in the machine and wash as normal. Lasts for up to 10 years. Magnets carry a manufacturer’s 5-year guarantee.

Ecozone’s Magnoball is a maintenance product for your washing machine and dishwasher that can help to show effects of limescale removal in the wash process after around 5 washes. 

A neat invention and design, its soft spherical casing hosts two magnets inside, so all you need to do is simply pop the Magnoball as it is it into the drum of the washing machine or the shelf of the dishwasher and that’s it! A fabulous solution that can be used in every cycle below 60 degrees.

  • Maintains your appliances - Washing machine & dishwasher
  • A reusable solution
  • Non-toxic & septic tank safe

How To Use

Washing Machines: Place the Magnoball in the drum of your washing machine in every cycle alongside your clothes and detergent.

Dishwashers: Place the Magnoball in the cutlery drawer of your dishwasher in every cycle alongside your cutlery, dishes & cookware etc. with usual dishwashing detergents.

Suitable for use in all washing machines and dishwashers. To be used alongside your normal detergent in every wash. Do not use in tumble dryers, or on drying cycles. Do not use on wash cycles above 60° C.

Ingredients Magnets and PVC rubber
Product code:  MAGNOBALL

Reviews of Ecozone Magno ball - Anti-limescale b... 4.4 out of 5 (43 reviews)

Use them on appliances and toilet deposits. Helps to fight limescale depositing in hard-water areas.
This was a replacement as my first broke (after 4 years of use). I think it helps as the washing machine window is not as stained with water marks/*** as it used to be.
Great little product so easy just pop it into washing machine and dishwasher. I would recommend this to everyone I have two one I bought a while ago and it is still in excellent condition and doing the job.
Am unable to rate product as do not know if *** has been reduced in washing machine. Just take your word for it!
I use soda crystals as a softener and use the ball to aid limescale control and as far as I know it works?
In machines
Have just started to use and hope these work, I will submit new feedback later.
Does bang about in the machine. Not able to tell if any positive effect yet.
Only used for a short time so hard to say if it actually works. Will definitely continue using though!
Too soon to comment as I have only just started using them.
Great for use in my washing machine to reduce build up of limescale without having to use water softerner. I now save £££ on having to buy soda crystals. :)
We have hard water in our area and this keeps the washing machine and dishwashers clean and clear of scale build up.
I'm using it with every laundry wash. We have hard water, can't really tell if it helps.
I have bought one for the dishwasher and another for my washing machine. Early days in their use but as the water is pretty hard I am hoping for success. Seem pretty sturdy so far.
Really easy to use, just put into your washing machine drum with your clothes.
Recommend to anyone interested
will find out soon
Am evaluating this item, have not used it before, if i feel it is doing a good job I will buy another to use in my dishwasher, certainly when I buy new equipment I will use it from day 1.
I have recommended this to family & friends & want to get another one for my dishwasher
Hope that this will ensure our washing machine and dishwasher remain limescale free for longer. Too soon to tell any difference so far.
Also so easy to use
The magnoball replaces the one i had which fell apart.
This magnoball is brilliant it is robust and good quality.
I use it in every wash.
Brilliant thanks.
I'm in a very hard water area and use soda crystals in every wash to soften the water. Not used the ball long enough to see a difference to limescale build up. I think towels may be coming out of washer a little softer. Does clunk loudly when hitting sides. Use the same ball in washer and dishwasher. Still using dishwasher salt, not sure if I can stop using it.
Used in washing machine & am pleased with the freshness results -
Hard to judge as I haven't been using it for long
Used similar product before but couldn't find replacement.
Excellent in hard water areas, easy to use and long lasting.
Too early to tell if this works.
Great idea for reducing lime scale build up
Had one for years, just bought this to replace- seems to work.
Brightly coloured and easy to find at the end of a wash. We have been using it for a few weeks now and it seems to be doing the trick
Too early to make a comment on its effectiveness
I am using this in every wash, unsure yet if this will reduce limescale, only time will tell.
Bought magnoball after witnessing a limescale free washing machine and lint/drain port
cutlery is still calcified, maybe needs more time.
We have very hard water in our area so makes sense to use this.
Too early to say if they are making a difference but the quality of the product is very good.
Although not cheap, laundry seems better then before andI do not need to use as much washing powder/liquid
I use it for the dishwasher. No salt nor rincing product needed. Half tablet of Ecover dishwasher + magnoball and all is perfectly clean using short program. I use the magno ball also with Ecozone wash balls for my laundry.
We live in a really hard water area and these are a great product for to prevent limescale build up in our washing machine and dishwasher.
I use this product at each washing. I don't know what to say - maybe I have soft water, or I just don't see any difference ...
I have only used twice, but my laundry feels clean and soft (and living in London, this is no mean feat) - and I feel I'm doing my bit for the environment too.
Pop it in ur machine to help remove limescale and it also helps to wash ur clothes and reduce washing liquid.
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