Ecozone Coffee Machine Cleaner & Descaler

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Normally £4.99
Now only £3.99
(£0.80 per 100ml)

Delivery FAQ »

Normally £4.99
Now only £3.99
(£0.80 per 100ml)

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The non toxic formula works with all machine brands and types. The cleaner cuts through any limescale and coffee build up in the machine leaving you with a clean residue free machine. Ecozone's easy to use overnight formula cleans effectively leaving no taste or odour in your machine so you can enjoy great tasting coffee every time. 

Each 500ml bottle enough for 5 applications.

  • Suitable for all machine types.
  • Removes coffee residue and limescale.
  • Improves machine performance saving money.

To use:

  1. Make sure there is no coffee in the machine and any water filters are removed.
  2. Pour 100ml of Ecozone coffee machine cleaner fluid into the water tank of your machine.
  3. Fill the tank with water.
  4. Run the machine 3 or 4 times then leave overnight.
  5. Empty the water tank and fill with clean water then run this through 4-5 times then you are ready to go.

For optimum results you should clean your machine once a month. Suitable for use on all machines just follow the manufacturers instructions.

Ecozone Coffee Machine Cleaner & Descaler is part of the range of ­­Ecozone household speciality cleaning products. Find affordable, eco-friendly cleaning products to tackle every part of your home, from descale & limescale removers to drain cleaners. Rid your home of dirt and bacteria and make it an Eco-zone. Shop the full range of popular Ecozone products, including Ecozone dishwashing products and Ecozone microfibre cleaning cloths, available from Big Green Smile.

Ingredients Water, citric acid, malic acid, Amines C12-14 (even numbered)- Alkyldimethyl, N-oxides
Contents: 500ml
Product code:  ZONECOFF

Reviews of Ecozone Coffee Machine Cleaner & Descaler 4.7 out of 5 (4 reviews)

Cleans our espresso machine well without toxins. need to run fresh water through a couple of times though.
It cleaned the extra coffee out/ dirt... It all looks the same!
Team Tea
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