Ecozone Soap Nuts (330 washes)

Normally £15.15
Now only £13.63
(£13.63 per kg)

Ecozone Soap Nuts (330 washes)

Normally £15.15
Now only £13.63
(£13.63 per kg)
A natural alternative to laundry detergents, soap nuts removes dirt even at low temperature.
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Ecozone Soap Nuts are economical and effective, saving you money by replacing traditional washing detergents. The organic cotton bag holds 1kg of soap nuts. That’s enough for 330 washes, and an average of just 3p per wash!

  • An organic alternative to laundry detergent
  • Contains 1kg of soap nuts, enough for 330 washes
  • Allergy-free and hypoallergenic laundry detergent
  • Totally biodegradable
  • Vegan and sustainably sourced
  • Works in all types of washing machines

Soap nuts have been used for thousands of years as a natural laundry detergent by people native to both Asia and the Americas. Also known as Soap Berries, soap nuts grow on trees of the sapindus genus and are a source of Saponin, a natural surfactant which cleans and freshens your clothes. Soap nuts are gentle on your clothes and help colours stay brighter for longer while effectively removing dirt.

How to use

Soap nuts are easy to use.
1. Put the required amount of soap nuts into the small bag provided and tie tightly.
2. Place laundry in the machine with the soap nuts on top and run your normal program
3. At the end of the wash remove the bag of soap nuts and allow to dry. These can be re used.

For lightly soiled clothes: 3-5 nuts
For heavily soiled clothes: 4-6 nuts
For hard water areas: 7 nuts

Since they first launched back in 1997, Ecozone have expanded their range of innovative, ecological and technologically advanced products to include more eco-friendly household products for use all around the home that save energy and water – so they’re kind to both the environment and to your bank account.

Ecozone laundry products are part of the range of eco friendly laundry products available at Big Green Smile.


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Customer reviews 4.6 out of 5 (61 reviews)

Excellent product gets clothes clean.
D. W., leeds
Have not used them yet
M. T., Stanley
Amazing, really works!
Mrs R. M., Bembridge
Love these - they wash really well and a fab value for money.
J. W., Birmingham
Excellent natural product and seems to clean really well.
J. W., Ruislip
Great product
E. H., Rugby
Not used product yet
K. J., Scawby, Brigg
Thrilled to use eco friendly products and the clothes seem to be responding well!
L. W., Battle
I use them in the summer when hanging washing outdoors. They clean pretty well & leave clothes soft but our clothes can smell if we dry indoors when using them
J. B. M., Cardiff
Have used for a long while, and can't imagine going back to detergents.
J. T., Surbiton
Four soap nuts will de three good wash loads. Which is really handy for me as a mum of three, doing up to four washes a day.
Tougher stains will need two washes.
N. M., Stockport
The packaging has instructions for use. I used them first for my muddy dog towels on a cool wash and was amazed at how good they were, they didn’t completely remove all dirt .cheap powder doesn’t either. Normal wash is perfect, bought more for family to try. Love them.
T. H., Caterham
Such an economical way to wash clothes. Only need 4-5 nuts depending on wash and they can be reused a couple of times. Not really necessary to use conditioner with these.
Great product
C. J., Dallington
I rate this natural product: very naturally fresh smell, no *** chemicals or fake scent. Fantastic cost for the amount of washes you get. No issues with the quality or performance. I totally rate these wonderful nuts and they don't harm the environment!
C. D., Cambs.,
Only for children`s clothes or bed linen to be used. Still saving some monies and some planet though
E. D., Oxford
I recommended these soap nuts to a new vegan friend of mine who is aware of plastic waste. they put an order in already and is waiting for delivery. thumbs up. I like the fact you can compost the used nuts.
G. G., County Durham
Very pleased with soap nuts, very economical and do the job very well.
Similarly pleased with dishwasher powder although it came in plastic tub as did rinse aid. I am sure though both plastics are recyclable.
L. B., Ryton
P. B., Chichester
clothing comes out clean, some heavily soiled work t-shirts were still a bit smelly so needed washing twice
C. S., Bury St. Edmunds
Very economical and easy to use. The soap nuts came in a lovely cotton bag and contained 2 mini bags to put in the washing machine. I use a few drops of essential oil to add extra fragrance.
L. F., Trelech
I normally use an eco egg but decided to give these ago. I would say they work just as well as the eco egg and the fact that they can go on the garden to compost afterwards is definitely a plus for me.
J. G., Sittingbourne
These are great. I wash for 7 people. 5 nuts, in the bag and I use them 4 times before throwing in the compost bin.
Clothes are cleaned well.I add softner, to give a nice fragrance. Cheap and easy on the planet.
M. B., Shropshire
Good price for soap nuts but disapointed with the plastic packaging inside the *** packaging.
Love these soap nuts, just put 5 or 6 half nuts in the little pouch provided in with your washing. Add a few drops of a chosen oil fragrance and that's it. Reuse the same nut 4 times. Just keep a little tally chart by your washer to keep track. Easy as *** !!
A. S., Newbury
I use it for doing my laundry and the nuts lasts for months.
I would recommend these for people who get bad reactions to washing powders and liquids
M. M., Bolton
Used in a washing machine, we think the product is working OK but have not tried it on *** yet.
A. G., Telford
Absolutely Amazing, I was hopeful when I purchased these but not convinced they would work. These are absolutely fantastic, I have washed my husband’s football kit, bedding that my son was sick on and the dogs bedding, 100% success each time completely clean, smell lovely and fresh and no chemicals
J. T., Glasgow
So easy to use and a natural product that's environmentally friendly is excellent.
J. S., Rainham
Washes well, no odour, kind to skin-no irritation. Would be better if packaging was eco friendly and not soap nuts not wrapped in single use non recyclable plastic bag
B. L., Stamford
Used for the washing, it's so cheap considering how many washes you get! Feels great to know they're completely natural.
K. M., Leicester
C. B., Nottingham
I'm happy with these.
A. S., Summercourt
Perfect for sensitive skin, great price and eco friendly!!! Fab product works on babies clothes too!! X
K. S., Peacehaven
So far so good for lightly soiled clothes. Haven't used on more heavily soiled items yet.
K. M., Leyland
Not really good at getting t towe!ls clean also does not get things white even with full amount of nuts
B. C., Attleborough Norwich
Great environment friendly product. would recommend to to everyone.
B. C., Rochester
Gets clothes clean well but smells like rotting seaweed or similar the smell disappears once clothes are dry tho and it even work on sweat soaked gym clothes overall I'm impressed with this product
N. M., Barnstaple
Very nice product. No strong smell but gets clothes clean.
Works well, and leaves the laundry smelling fresh. Only gave 4 stars because I think the little bag for putting the soap nuts in could be a bit more robust, but I managed to repair it no problem. Great product.
C. C., Whitehall
Good for lightly soiled clothes but wouldn't use for anything else. I mainly use it for towels and bedding.
M. W., Braintree
Love these, so far so good they seem to be doing the job very well. Myself and my partner wear deodorant and not anti-perspirant so our unarms can leave a little smell on our clothes, but these get rid of that no problem at all. The only thing I would say is if you have very dirty clothes, eg. mud, presoak it in water first to get rid of some of the stain before washing. Otherwise, I love these and I think the bag will last be over a year!
L. J., Kerry Pike
Brilliant! Natural,smells fresh and cleans really well 5* very pleased.
Will always use these what they say on the tin and economic friendly.
A. C., Horsham
Amazed by how well they work. And can compost after :)
A. L., Whitley Bay
Only used once so far and so far seems effective :) Like the principle or re-use and benign effect on septic tank.
A. M., Kingussie
Have decided to try these instead of washing powder. I have an allergy to parabens and SLE and was open minded on these. They clean my clothes very well and leave them smelling fresh and soft.
D. T., Spalding
I haven't used then yet but already couple of friends highly recommended them to me. Massive pack, can't wait to crack it open
D. N., London
We have used soap nuts for years for 95% of our clothes washing. Removes the need for conditioners - and is the ideal product for our septic tank waste water system, as it does not harm the essential bacteria the system needs.
R. H., Kirriemuir
lasts ages, cleans well. what more could I ask for? use it for laundry and cleaning around the house.
A. Z., London
Great all natural cleaning alternative to the nasty chemicals. Big bag, with two smaller bags for use in washing machine. You only need 4-5 nuts in a bag which can be re-used. I use with Alma Win Natural Laundry Scent & Oxygen Bleaching Agent.
Mrs J. G., Aberdeen
Soapnuts are wonderful. I wash my laundry and my dishes and many other things very versatile and safe for people with extreme chemical sensitivities as I have!
M. B., Forfar
I have tried them for first time and I am really satisfied. If you are not put of by quite strong smell when you open bag, and try them you will be satisfied too. The washing does not smell unpleasantly, all is nice, clean and bright.
M. B., glasgow
The jury is still out on these. On hit washes with a half full drum these seem to work well. On low temperatures and with a full load I don't think they are as good. Reading up since I bought them theres a good range of opinions about soap nuts. What you do get is gentle fragrance free cleaning at high temps. At lower temps I will continue to use my current eco washing liquid with a shot of fabric softner.
A. C., Alnwick
Very economical, and you don't need fabric softener. Put five whole or ten partial nuts in the little bag included, tie in a knot. Soak in a little hot water for a few minutes. Put the liquid in the washing powder receptacle and throw the bag with soaked nuts in with the clothes. You can use the nuts 4 times and then compost them. It really works. Love this!
D. F., Folkestone
Very nice experience using something 100% natural .
S. B., london
I would not use anything else to wash my clothes
L. R., Dumfries
Such a good and economical alternative to mainstream washing soap. Although it doesn't have the fragrance we've become accustomed to, the clothes come out clean on the other side, which is the whole idea. I feel really satisfied doing our weekly wash with such a natural and effective product.
Mrs L. S., Bristol
I have used this only a few times. So far, so good! :) the clothes seems to get clean, except from untreated stains. But those stains should anyway have been treated before wash ;)
J. T. S. B., Haugesund
Easy to use and great value for money
J. G., Machynlleth
First time I have used anything like this, will need to do a few more washes to see if this is ok for my skin but pleased with the results so far.
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