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Put the hurt on dirt with Method cleaning products, made with non-toxic, naturally derived surfactants that are tough on grease and grime and easy on surfaces.

Method are 'the people against dirty' with an ambitious mission to detox Britain's homes with non-toxic cleaning products. Choose from all purpose cleaners and multi surface sprays for the kitchen, bathroom and more in a range of delightful fragrances, all supplied in recyclable bottles that can be refilled from the Method refills range.


  • Tub + tile spray for baths and showers
  • Tub scrub for baths
  • Eau de toilettes for your cleaning your toilet bowl
  • Daily shower spray
  • Flushable wipes


  • Floor cleaning liquids in almond and lemon & ginger

Method spraySpecialty

  • Sprays for granite & marble, wood, steel and glass
  • Biodegradable wipes for granite & marble, wood, steel and leather
  • Microfibre cloths for granite & marble, wood, steel and glass

Hand care

Three types of soaps:

  • Gel hand wash in 3 fragrances
  • Foaming hand wash in 2 fragrances
  • Moisturising hand wash in 3 fragrances

Dish pumpAll-purpose

  • A great all-purpose cleaning spray in 2 fragrances


  • Dish soap in 2 fragrances
  • Kitchen cleaning spray

Buy Method cleaning products from the great range available from Big Green Smile.

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