How Method reduces carbon emissions

Method's carbon strategy can be summed up as:

  1. Use less energy
  2. Use as much energy from green, renewable sources as possible
  3. Offset what's left

How do they use less energy and reduce their carbon emissions in practice?

Well firstly, they have chosen to site their factories and warehouses in strategic positions to cut down on the distance between them and the places they need to ship to, and so reduce the fuel needed to move raw materials and finished goods.

Secondly, in their manufacturing process they have designed their products so they can be blended without heating, which saves an awful lot of fuel.

Next, they ship by rail whenever they can. And they ensure their offices are well served by public transport so there is less need for their staff to use cars to get to work.

Finally, they source locally whenever possible. If you can get it without having to ship it long distances it just makes sense to do so.

Method make non-toxic, environmentally-friendly cleaning products. Method never test on animals (or people). And they work hard to reduce their carbon emissions too.

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