Method's animal testing policy

 Method's animal testing policy is simple: Method does not test on animals. And it doesn't endorse, request or commission any animal testing by other people on their behalf. Method products are cruelty free.

Method gets their suppliers to make statements that no testing has been done on their behalf and they are working with the relevant regulatory agencies and retailers to gain acceptance for their non-animal product testing methods.

Of course, they do have to carry out product safety testing but they do this using testing in the lab that does not involve animals and simulated skin and eye irritation tests. These testing methods have been accepted and passed by the necessary government agencies.

Method founders - against animal testingMethod works with PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and is listed on their website and in their Shopping Guide for Caring Consumers. Their founders -- the cool dudes on the left -- were made PETA's People of the Year in 2006.