Product design and packaging

Method Bowl PatrolIt's nice to see a company that takes the design of its products seriously. Method seems to give as much thought to what goes round its products as it does to their contents. Take, for example, their toilet cleaner, Method Bowl Patrol. Pretty classy, huh?

Method themselves say they design their packaging so you won't be ashamed to have it on show. And we all respond well to something that looks aesthetically pleasing don't we? Certainly, it's the best looking loo cleaner we have ever seen. The other great thing about it is that it's non-toxic and biodegrades naturally so it won't harm the environment when you flush it away.

Method look at the past, present and future of their products to ensure they have the right environmental characteristics to match their brand. 

  • They start by looking for packaging that comes from a renewable resource, is made from recycled materials and produced in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.
  • Then they ensure the packaging works well and serves its purpose — for example, how many doses fit into each bottle or can the use of an additional box be avoided. 
  • When considering the future they ask whether the packaging can be turned into useful materials either through recycling or biodegrading.

Method say they strive to select materials that get top marks on all 3 points, and research materials rigorously to find the best ones.

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