Ecodoo White Vinegar

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Normally £2.65
Now only £2.12
(£2.12 per litre)

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Normally £2.65
Now only £2.12
(£2.12 per litre)

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Ecodoo White Vinegar is ideal for cleaning in the house and even for garden maintenance too - it even makes glass shine! White vinegar for cleaning can be utilised all around the home as a natural cleaning solution. This EcoCert certified natural product is a great eco friendly multi-purpose cleaner.

What can white vinegar be used for?

  • Removing traces of limestone
  • Cleaning windows
  • Shining glasses and silverware
  • As a fabric softener replacement
  • As a disinfectant for household appliances, toilets, kitchen surfaces and bathroom
  • Eliminating weeds
  • It can even be used for condiments and seasonings, such as canned vegetables and marinades (Organic Agriculture certification)

How to use white vinegar for cleaning:

  • To clean and descale taps, sinks, baths, washbasins or toilets: cover with pure vinegar and leave to work. Rub and rinse.
  • To descale kettles, decanters, and coffee makers: pour white vinegar diluted in half and heat until boiling. Let it stand overnight before rinsing with water.
  • To decalcify your washing machine and dishwasher: run empty with ½ litre of white vinegar.
  • To clean glass, mix ¾ litre of water and ¼ of vinegar.

To soften laundry, pour 30ml of white vinegar into the softener of the washing machine. If in doubt, carry out a preliminary test on a similar surface.

Ecodoo White Vinegar is part of the range of Ecodoo speciality cleaning products. Tackle dirt, grease and grime in every inch of your home with Ecodoo eco-friendly cleaning products, from hypoallergenic multi-purpose cleaners to descale and limescale removersExplore the full range of popular Ecodoo productsincluding household cleaning essentials and Ecodoo dishwashing products, available from Big Green Smile.

Ingredients White wine vinegar
12% acidity
Organic alcohol vinegar is obtained from organic cereal alcohol.
Contents: 1L
Product code:  ECODVINAIGRE

Reviews of Ecodoo White Vinegar 4.8 out of 5 (26 reviews)

Good value for a stronger strength vinegar. Ideal for soaking in a rag and leaving on limescale covered taps or plug holes. Good value. Can be used neat or watered down, strong vinegar smell if that bothers you.
Does the job
I'm a great proponent of vinegar & use it in many ways - super shiny windows, clean rabbit hutch, mixed with essential oil as alternative fabric conditioner & have even used 5 ml in final hair rinse for shiny locks! This bottle goes a long way. It's a household essential.
White vinegar is one of those things I have around the house that I cannot do without. I use it for everything from a laundry aid, to cleaning the dishwasher (yes, really). It is worth buying a book on how to use vinegar - it’s pretty amazing. Aside from fabric softener, if I’ve forgotten a load of laundry in the washer, I wash it again using vinegar in the detergent drawer and the laundry has no musty smell!
Always handy in the house
My first purchase of this product. good value
Perfect as described
Worked very well with the bicarbonate of soda to clear slow running drain. usrful to have a smaller size than 5 litres but may buy the bigger size in future now that i know how good it is.
I only bought it because of the discount offer. But I must say, it's well packaged, and the size is larger compared to the tiny bottles at the supermarket. I will purchase it again.
Great product, perfect for my homemade surface spray
Vinegar is just so useful, I use it to clean so many things and it's natural
Great for keepIng my towels soft
The must have in your house for eco cleaning. ***, still a bit too pricy.
Exquisite love the smell
This works well as a fabric conditioner adding 100ml per wash but it is heavy on plastic. I would buy it in a larger container next time
Quite a big bottle for a good price. Great for putting into almost any homemade household cleaning products. I would buy again.
Have been looking for large bottle of vinegar for ages use it for lots of cleaning jobs round the house
A very reasonable amount of vinegyfkr the price. It’s white vinegar so there’s not much more to say. I use it with lemons to make my own kitchen cleaner.
Use for household cleaning
Excellent product would recommend to friends and family would buy no other product now quality is amazing used for cleaning the bathroom and kitchen
Excellent for cleaning windows and glass. I also use as a rinse agent in the dish washer and to refresh the washing machine. Wouldn't use anything else now.
Use this product in the washing machine, and along with Bicarbonate of Soda for various cleaning jobs around the house
we use this mainly in the bathroom to remove though limescale residues.
i use white vinegar and soda to keep the indoor drains clear eliminating the need for stronger procucts.
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