Ecozone Soap Nuts (100 washes)

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(£2.33 per 100g)

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(£2.33 per 100g)

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Ecozone Soap Nuts are economical and effective, they save you money by replacing washing detergents.

The 300g organic cotton bag holds enough soap nuts for 100 washes which is an average of 5p per wash.

  • Organic
  • Allergy free laundry detergent
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Totally biodegradable
  • Works in all types of washing machines

Soap nuts have been used for thousands of years as a natural washing detergent by people native to both Asia and the Americas. Also known as Soap Berries the soap nuts grow on trees of the sapindus genus and are a source of Saponin a natural surfactant which cleans and freshens your clothes. Soap nuts are gentle on your clothes, colours stay brighter for longer, whilst effectively removing dirt.

How to use

Soap nuts are easy to use.
1. Put the required amount of soap nuts into the small bag provided and tie tightly.
2. Place laundry in the machine with the soap nuts on top and run your normal program
3. At the end of the wash remove the bag of soap nuts and allow to dry. These can be re used.

For lightly soiled clothes use 3-5 nuts
For Heavily soiled clothes 4-6 nuts
For hard water areas you should use 7 nuts

(100 washes)

Ecozone Soap Nuts (100 washes) is part of the range of ­­Ecozone eco laundry products. Keep both your clothes and washing machine in tip-top condition with Ecozone laundry liquid in 1L and 2L bulk buy bottles to help reduce plastic waste, or explore the full range of Ecozone products, including household cleaning essentials and Ecozone speciality products, available from Big Green Smile.

Ingredients 100% Organic Soap Nuts
Contents: 300g
Product code:  ZONESOAPNUTS100

Reviews of Ecozone Soap Nuts (100 washes) 4.3 out of 5 (17 reviews)

Zero plastic so thats good, just not 100% happy with cleaning, might be i need to use more nuts than the stated amount so I'll give it another go.
I enjoy using these because I know they are are eco friendly and they work. My clothes are clean. I have good Scottish soft water so use 5 nuts per big wash and it works at 30 degrees C perfectly. I would recommend them to anyone.
Great way to wash clothes whilst keeping things chemically free, whilst having clean clothes.
Love to combine with my favourite essential oils to wash my clothes
You definitely need fabric conditioner with which defeats the purpose really.
I haven't used them on statins yet so am unsure if they would remove a stain but they have definitely made my clothes clean.
You need to use more that the 4/5 nuts stipulated
I've used a couple of times not much smell to them. Does a reasonable job of washing
Only used them today washed ok
Used them before and decided to buy these, as it was on offer as a stock up.
They work fairly well, however do have to be fully dried out ideally before using for the next wash.
Hence anyone, who washed frequently would require several small bags.
These are excellent, they wash well even on a 30 wash. They leave a slight apple smell, which I like. I am very pleased with them.
These seems a novel idea which apparently is an ancient way of washing. I came by "soap nuts" in some French laundry soap and was intrigued. I have used the nuts three times, and the washing (that was not that *** really, guest bedding/towels) came out fresh and clean. These seem a great eco idea!
I have dropped a star off because the soap nuts are packaged plastic and there is no information whether it is plant based to not. The soap nuts have done a fantastic job of cleaning clothes in the washing machine, I'd recommend washing at 40 deg c although 30 deg c was ok.
Smelt so soapy! And clothes felt clean - idk if I’d use them for heavily soiled stuff but I’d give em a try.
Using these regularly and then a liquid detergent once a month
They have a strange smell in the packet, but my washing is fragrance free when it comes out of thee machine. Good cleaning results too, really easy to use.
Use product in washing machine to wash clothes. Would recommend to friends. Quality okay, the soap nuts were all in pieces, thought they would be whole nuts.
Just started using these so not sure how good they are going to be but I do like the idea.
Thought I would give these a try as a change from my usual coo-friendly laundry soap. No nasty smell from them and lovely packaging. Not sure about them yet though as one or two of the clothes had a mark still on them. Will try them again before I decide.
Seem to wash well enough.
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