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(£1.44 per 100g)

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Bio-D Dishwasher Powder is a concentrated Dishwashing Powder for use in Dishwashing Machines, sold in 720g packs with enough for 72 washes. Dishwasher powder is much more economical to use than tablets, as “fizzing” ingredients are not required to break up the tablets, meaning you get to use every last gram of powder without harming the environment. Use in conjunction with Bio-D Dishwasher Rinse Aid.

As with all Bio-D products - an ethically motivated company that produces wonderful natural cleaning products here in the UK - none of Bio-D raw materials are tested on animals and they are all GM free.

  • New improved formula, now 3 times more concentrated
  • Up to 72 washes and comes with 25ml scoop.
  • Fragrance Free
  • Endorsed by Allergy UK
  • Free from wheat, dairy and gluten
  • Made in the UK from naturally derived materials
  • No petrochemicals, phosphates, preservatives, enzymes, parabens or synthetic perfumes
  • Safe for septic tanks and cess pits
  • Container is PP 100% recyclable

Bio-D Dishwasher Powder is part of the Bio-D range of eco dishwashing products. All Bio-D natural dishwashing products are tough on grease and keep your pots clean the natural way, with minimal environmental impact. Shop Bio-D washing up liquid in 5L and 20L bulk buy refill bottles to reduce plastic waste, or explore the full range of popular Bio-D products, including natural household cleaning productseco laundry productsBio-D hand wash and more, available from Big Green Smile.

How to use: Remove scraps of food, place one level scoop of Bio D Dishwasher powder in to the machine’s dispenser. Ensure the machine’s rinse aid reservoir is filled with Bio-D Rinse Aid. Always follow the machine manufacturer’s instructions.

Ingredients 5-15%: Oxygen-based bleaching agents, Polycarboxylates. Below 5%: Phosphonates, Nonionic Surfactants.
Contents: 720g
Product code:  BDDISHP

Reviews of Bio-D Dishwasher Powder 4.3 out of 5 (82 reviews)

Delighted to get BioD dishwasher must be popular as it always seems to be out of stock.
Works perfectly well and perfect for using reduced quantities for light loads ( or a few granules to help clean a burnt saucepan)
I wanted to get a powder because my dishwasher is relatively big and I mostly need to use more than 1 tablet to get dishes clean. This does normally a good job and it also lasts quite long. I like that I can dose it depending on how dirty the dishes are. The tub isn't great, the lid broke quite fast from opening (it sits very tight). Only annoying thing is that if I put a bit more in the dispenser not all it dissolves and instead some powder rather clumps up inside the dispenser.
love Bio-D products, very happy with the laundry liquid, fabric conditioner, multi surface cleaner, toilet cleaner, hand wash etc. However the dishwasher powder is very disappointing, it just doesn't work, I was constantly having to rewash dishes by hand every morning.
Really disappointed. Some of the Bio-D products I love, but this just doesn't work well. I wanted loose powder as have a half size machine and regular tablets are too big for what's needed (it's a pain cutting them in half). I thought this would be the solution but after 2 wash cycles and trying different quantities of powder and ensuring rinse aid topped up, dishes are still not fully clean - coffee/tea cups still stained, plastic tuppaware sticky despite high temperature, and nothing quite smelt odourless as it should once clean. Can the other eco brands whose tablets work please make them in loose powder?!
I’m so disappointed. It cleans some things but tea and coffee cups remain as stained as they were when put into the dishwasher. It’s incredibly frustrating.
Works well and dishes come out clean. I am just not fond of the tub, it is not convenient to dose the powder.
Switched to Bio-D powder from a liquid different manufacturer, and this is giving me better results. Made in UK, vegan and have been using dishwasher more as it works so well. (ie. mostly works on green tea stained mugs). ok - so on the last purchase in April 2021.. i decided to write on the tub, whenever i used it.. it says 72 washes on the tub.. there was no 'measure' spoon in any of my tubs. so i was using what appeared to be the right size, and was getting very good results.. as per my previous review.. however, i realised this was a bit big so switched to a smaller 'spoon'.. and results not so good.. i am getting very low now (i don't use d/w very much.. once or twice a week.. not big family).. it is now October, but i am on wash 35.. and nearly at the bottom.. so obviously i was using too much.. with good results.. but use less and it appears the results are not so good. i came on BGS to order this, but it is out of stock so checked the Bio-D website. going to try something else
Excellent cleaning and comparable results to mainstream brands without the nasty chemicals
Effective for quick washes or small loads, as it dissolves and gets to work quickly. I use a small dose (3-4g) in my pre-rinse, with tablets for my main wash, to get the best results.
Its vegan and its an economical product too. Very pleased with this product. Would highly recommend along with the Bio D rinse aid.
We have a water softener, so halve to cut tablets in half!!!! not an easy task. so I was looking for a powder. This is a good product. Packaging could be a little stronger,
I am very happy with the results. Very economical too. Would highly recommend this product.
Big plastic tub. Why? Used with rinse aid, but all glasses and cutlery tarnished by it. Felt that it might have been just as effective to run dishwasher with no cleaning agent at all. Back to ecover now and all much better.
I was looking forward to using this and using less packaging, but unfortunately it doesn't wash very well and leaves a soapy residue behind. It doesn't dissolve completely.
I was in doubt to use this powder but is good, leaves the dishes sparkling clean, a scoop or something to measure with would be great.
would recommend your bio washing liquid
A very good product. I normally buy Ecover as this has been my preference but I like this too.
My husband gives this an A rating!!
I have only used this once and it worked fine, but not as good as eco tablets I use. However, good enough to be happy with it.
This is great if you want just a quick cycle for a few bits, so you don't need to use a full dose. Cleans well and a happy septic tank.
*** good job. Easy to dispense.
Washes dishes just as well as all the other well known brands that are full of chemicals. Very pleased with it & costs a whole lot less.
I am telling my friends and family about the dishwasher powder and will certainly order it again.
Works well for me!
So happy with this product. Had tired making my own, which wasn't too successful. This product is just as good as commercial chemical-laden powders. Will definitely be buying again.
Reasonable cleaning power.
Best dishwasher product we have used. Like not having to open individual tablets each time
cleans excellently and much less plastic waste than individual tablets
Excellent product and no plastic
I love this dishwasher powder , works just as well on all of my dishes as any of the supermarket brands and smells rather nice too .
Doesn’t clean! Using 3x the recommended amount gets about 5O% of expected cleanliness but having to wash many items by hand after they’ve been through the dishwasher. So not a good product in my opinion.
Very happy with product. Not quite as good as finish, however, perfect 99% of the time and alot less chemicals. A definite permanent change in my house.
Way better then previous formula as it wasn't good as is now. Use it every day so we avoid harsh chemicals etc. It is very good product but could be cheaper as there is something similar on your website where you get more for less.Good quality.
Easy to use, just put a scoop of powder where you would normally pop a tablet. I like that it is loose - less of the plastic packaging. Rinse aid is necessary as it doesn't clean everything 100%.
Not used this product yet as waiting for another product to run out, but it's great value for money and cuts down on waste, whilst being free from unnecessary ingredients.
Great detergent from a great company. Cleans well and eliminates strong cooking smells like fish. Super concentrated so it fits nicely in the cupboard. Only downside is it sometimes leaves a bit of residue in the powder compartment.
Great but arrived with cracked lid.
Good product use every day lasts for ages have re ordered
Economical product. Most supermarkets sell only tablets. I have softened water and a small dishwasher so need very little detergent.
It cleans and the pot lasts ages
Dishes smelt clean but left some residue on glassware. Like that box of powder means less packaging compared to individually wrapped tablets
Cleans really well.
Works as well as any other brands. Vegan and eco friendly too.
Iam really suprised at how well this cleans, just as well as toxic dishwasher products with the added bonus of not having an awful strong smell on your washing up.
Works well eco friendly and works
Cleans better than the ecover tablets I was using and I like not having to faff around with getting the tablets out of their wrappers. I will be using this on future.
Pleased with the result, will be cheaper than my previous powder.
Effective cleaner. Septic tank safe
Brilliant results and reasonably priced.
I bought this product for its environmental credentials and because it is "Made in Britain". It works perfectly well and I would recommend it to anyone.
I wanted a powder so that I could regulate the quantity used. The wash is perfecly satisfactory and I am happy to recommend.
Just as good as buying other dishwasher tablets. Get the odd pan that may need an extra scrub, but is much easier to clean/rinse so doesn't bother me too much. No smell, great product. Been using for a few weeks now.
I picked this product because it uses less packaging than Ecover tablets and is cheaper per wash. It doesn't seem to wash the dishes quite as reliably as *** tablets which I have used happily for several years, so I was a little disappointed but will persist as I prefer the simplicity of scoop and powder without individual wrappers etc
Goes a long way. Struggles a little with really baked on things, but for everyday items is fine. No perfume to knock you out in a cloud of steam after the drying cycle.
Good value eco dishwasher powder, last for ages! Cleans as well as most dishwasher powders.
Used before and will keep using.
really cost effective as you use such a small amount and still get excellent results.
I had a pack for a trial, as I find tablets to be wasteful and therefore costly. My machine runs far better with powder, which is increasingly not available in large packets at a supermarket. The environmental benefits are good too.
Only just started using, but have had no problems and the powder disolves fine. Also does not have a perfume. An added bonus.
Excellent value for money. Does the job as well as high street brands.
Just didn't dissolve in my machine
Good quality, works as well as the big brand names & you are helping the environment
Its ok but not as good as I'd hoped
Its ok, but you need more powder than it says I think.
Works just as well as non eco products and is UK made, for very heavy soiling I add a bit more than they recommend. another excellent product from Bio-d.
Use the product in my dishwasher or sometimes hand wash, use it for cleaning purposes also. I recommend it to anyone who will listen.
I love the product. I use bio d because of my sons allergies, its part of my daily life.
I have now used this product every day for the past week I have no complaints at all.Works as well as the well known brand that I used before
Left tea/coffee stains on cups
Too soon to say.
Good eco product
Tried this once and no different to the big brand chemical based products, cleans just as well and lasts a long time. I used it with the bio-d rinse aid and it cleans very well.
Matched the finish product that I was using. The dishes all came out just as sparkly clean & I'm happier about the ingredients in this product. Found it very effective & am glad that it is possible to get refill bags too.
Definitely the best "green" dish washer powder on the market, and I love the fact that it is British.
A very good product, that I am continuing to use,.
As we have septic tank drainage, I need a product which does not destroy the essential flora. Effective cleaning in my Whirlpool dishwasher
Good, No problems, no streaking or cloudyness of glasses.
Think works better with the Bio D rinse aid, as tried before and the results were not so good.
Originally I changed from ecover as Bio-D is British made and I wanted to support my country. Not disappointed!
really great,will get again
Fab product easy to use and good value for money
WoW ... so many washes (60) from such a relatively small container! Cleans really well on normal loads and is just perfect if you have a septic tank in situ. I personally still soak heavy baked on dishes before d/washing but then I did that before even with the 'ultimate/all singing and dancing' high street brands.
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