Ecozone Ecoballs Refills 1000 - Fragrance Free

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Refill pellets for your Ecoballs® that will last for up to 1000 washes.

These refills can only be used with Ecoballs®. They should not be used on their own. Ecoballs are a replacement for washing powder in your washing machine. They reduce the amount of detergents entering the liquid waste stream and promote energy savings that help reduce carbon emissions. Not only do they save on heavy shopping loads, they are reusable for up to 1,000 washes.

  • Suitable for temperatures up to 60 degrees.

How to fit

Open the Ecoballs® units by first removing the sponge ring and the screw from the centre of the unit, then unscrew the two halves of the Ecoballs® units. If the unit is difficult to open tap the rim of the unit against a hard surface and try again. Make sure that the units are tightly put back together after you have refilled them.

Ecozone Ecoballs Refills 1000 - Fragrance Free is part of the range of ­­Ecozone eco laundry products. Keep both your clothes and washing machine in tip-top condition with Ecozone laundry liquid in 1L and 2L bulk buy bottles to help reduce plastic waste, or explore the full range of Ecozone products, including household cleaning essentials and Ecozone speciality products, available from Big Green Smile.

Ingredients "Brown Pellets: Polyoxyethylene lauryl ether, α-olefin sulfonate, Saponin, sodium carbonate, Aluminum hydroxide, Calcium carbonate, Epoxy resin

White Pellets Sensitive: Oxirane,2-(chioromethyl)-,homopolymer, Calcium carbonate, Saponin, Sodium alpha-olefin Sulfonate, Sodium carbonate, Aluminum hydroxide, Dodecan-l-ol,ethoxylated

Reviews of Ecozone Ecoballs Refills 1000 - Fragr... 4.7 out of 5 (8 reviews)

Been using the ecoballs for more than 10 years. Happy to carryon
Many happy laundry days ahead.
These refills have restored my washing balls to their optimum performance. I love this product and have been using it for two years now.
Great product. Recommended.
Have used them for 13 years, only using a strong powder on very dirty or oily clothes.
Bit too expensive and confusing amount in bags!
Pleased with your product very good website
Please email me when is in stock.
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