Dri-Pak Oxi Boost

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(£0.30 per 100g)

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(£0.30 per 100g)

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Following feedback from customers requesting less plastic packaging, Dri Pak have relaunched Soda Crystals Laundry Boost as Oxi-Boost. 

It's the same great product but packed in a cardboard box. 

Oxi-Boost contains no perfumes, fragrance or enzymes - perfect for those with skin allergies and sensitive skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis. 

  • Oxi-Boost contains oxygen bleach (not to be confused with chlorine bleach) and has a number of benefits when used in conjunction with your usual laundry detergent:
  • Tackles stains
  • Keeps whites white (but won't fade colours)
  • Softens your water to help prevent limescale forming
  • Oxi-Boost can be used in three ways:

As a spot treatment: Make up a paste and apply directly to the stain. Leave for at least 20 mins before washing off

As a soak/hand-wash: Dissolve the required amount of Oxi-Boost in a bowl, to the temperature that the garment advises and leave to soak for at least an hour. Hand wash if desired/required.

In the washing machine: Use with your usual detergent as described

Ingredients 15-30% Oxygen Based Bleaching Agents, Less than 5% Anionic Surfactants, Non Ionic Surfactants
Contents: 600g
Product code:  DPOXIBOOST

Reviews of Dri-Pak Oxi Boost 4.8 out of 5 (18 reviews)

Best product for stain removal.
Works brilliently.
Great as an alternative to bleach and for aiding stain removal
This is an excellent product for laundry and other cleaning purposes. I have used it for some years and Big Green Smile offer it at the best price and with quick delivery.
A great product for keeping white fabrics from yellowing / looking grubby !
Only need a small amount for each wash , making it an economical addition.
This is excellent for all your laundry needs and it is value for money and it is lot cheaper than the wellknown make for limescale! Also it is great for the environment and also it is Vegan Friendly too.
Great to add to white loads
Great product reduces the use of soap when washing clothes. New box is better for environment however I'm being sold less.
This appears to work just as well as similar non-green products. Will be buying again
Noticeable difference to the smell in the washing machine. Live in very hard water area and have to use wm cleaner every 2 weeks, I now just use it monthly and using the oxi boost for every wash amount according to wash load I've noticed that the machine doesn't have any nasty odours when I open it's door.
I use this as a laundry adjunct with laundry liquid. Works for both light and dark washes. Also great for cleaning sinks and other hard surfaces including 'burnt' pans.
Good product
Helps keep my white shirts white... it is just soda crystals really, so save multiple boxes and buy the soda if you want to avoid clutter.
Good all round stain remover...helps clean machine too they say..
As described
Does a great job on both *** and coloureds, including delicates.
Use to soak clothes that are stained and it works really well. Would recommend to anyone but especially if you have children. Good quality and price.
Very good for getting rid of stains on clothes
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