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Ecozone Ecoballs are an innovative alternative to your usual laundry detergents, be that liquids or tablets.  100% hypoallergenic, residue-free and anti-bacterial, they are a natural alternative to conventional washing powders.  This Ecoball is fragrance free, perfect for sensitive skin.

How do they work?

It’s simple; the secure spherical casing with lock mechanism is filled with two types of small pellets that are made from a formulation of minerals and other natural plant-based cleaning agents. All you’ll need to do is simply place the Ecoball into your washing machine along with your clothes and that’s it! Easy! The pellets then get to work, lifting dirt from the material and working to keep the water soft to ensure of an effective clean.

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Ecoballs are:

  • Unfragranced
  • Allergy UK approved
  • Hypoallergenic and residue free so they are kind to your skin too
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Gentle on fabrics suitable for whites & colours
  • Effective eco-friendly laundry detergent alternative 
  • Now contains 1 x ecoball, 1 x pack of brown pellets and 8 x packs of white pellets
  • To use, please fill the ball with 1 x pack brown pellets x 2 x packs of white (the additional white pellets are to be used as refills)
  • Recyclable 

To add further to the eco credentials, they effectively clean on cool temperatures and can be used without a rinse cycle which will cut down on water and wash time.

Ecozone Ecoballs 1000 washes - Fragrance Free is part of the range of ­­Ecozone eco laundry products. Keep both your clothes and washing machine in tip-top condition with Ecozone laundry liquid in 1L and 2L bulk buy bottles to help reduce plastic waste, or explore the full range of Ecozone products, including household cleaning essentials and Ecozone speciality products, available from Big Green Smile.

Ingredients "Brown Pellets: Polyoxyethylene lauryl ether, α-olefin sulfonate, Saponin, sodium carbonate, Aluminum hydroxide, Calcium carbonate, Epoxy resin

White Pellets Sensitive: Oxirane,2-(chioromethyl)-,homopolymer, Calcium carbonate, Saponin, Sodium alpha-olefin Sulfonate, Sodium carbonate, Aluminum hydroxide, Dodecan-l-ol,ethoxylated
Product code:  ECOBALLS

Reviews of Ecozone Ecoballs 1000 washes - Fragra... 4.6 out of 5 (73 reviews)

I use this in my washing machine it does both white and colours and delicates.
I would recommend this to everyone even to people who use their machines a lot as it is so easy to use just pop it into the wash and your away.It takes up so little space when storing.
Amazing product. First time trilying these out and I'm very impresed. Seems to be a Good way to wash clothes so far!
It's my first time ordering it. Just started and can't say that much about it. But rely on the other comments about it.
The environment thanks you!
We are pleased with the results from the washballs and not having to buy detergent.
Used daily, general & sports washes - great product
Early days but so far I'm really pleased. Washing comes out clean with no horrible smell. Great for those trying to be more green like me and those who have allergies.
great product, clothes are really soft, would definitely recommend
I use these more in the summer when clothes can be hung outside to dry, in the winter clothes can sometimes retain that "wet flannel" smell when left to dry on an airer indoors. They are perfect for taking away on holiday if you have a washing machine available to use.
So far, so good. Used about 5 times and clothes/bedding/towels are clean and fresh smelling. Love the idea of these balls so hope they live up to their claims.
Good product for sensitive skin
I didn't find the Ecozone Eco balls got my clothes clean enough, for a light wash they're good, but my Daughter works in a care home so her washing can be a bit messy sometimes & my boyfriend is a roofer so the working clothes are quite dirty, was wondering when I bought the was balls if they'd cope with heavy dirt & found that they didn't, so I've returned them & will be having a refund, worth a try though! But I'm sure they'd be ok for lighter washing.
Very good product
I have been using this for a few weeks now. I love the product, the clothes come out clean and we have been able to put the wash cycle down to a 40 degree short wash, so saving money and water! Only downer was one ball split in wash and another ball was looking like a crack was appearing, but managed to 'weld' them back together myself and they are working fine. I do love the product!
They wash well and are a fab price. The only downside is that they are noisy in the washing machine.
I was a little sceptical, but have been amazed by the results. Even the extremely muddy dog towels are clean and sweet smelling. I am impressed!
I was sceptical at first how "balls" could clean my wash but they give very good results. As good as any detergent I have used. I will be buying them again. And when you work out the price over 1000 washes cheaper than normal detergent
I was sceptical at first as I love the smell of fresh, clean clothes. Then I realised I didn't know what fresh and clean smell like until I used these! They're fantastic. Easy to use, do the job, clothes smell clean, and no chemicals. Brilliant. Well worth the money. Go on ... Give them a go!
I was very surprised at how clean the washing comes out. Even the muddy dogs towels
wow. the price!!!!! ive used these for years and would never go back to washing powder. they are really amazing value as they last me about three years. and only occasionally do i need to use another product (eg the enclosed stain remover . they really pay for themselves. and i am sold. i couldnt believe how cheap they were as i went to a well known store for some and they were 19.99. which is alot for me as a single woman. if i can get these items cheaper i can afford to be eco consious. id recommend these to all house-people.
I have to admit I was sceptical about this product but my daughter had recently bought some so I decided to try. I have long since felt bad about adding to the waste from my washing machine and the subsequent build-up of detergent that can damage a machine.I added three eco-balls to a very muddy wash of mountain bike clothing which I would usually pre-soak then wash with standard detergent. I was amazed to see that the result was exactly as it would have been even though all I had done was throw the clothes and balls in my machine. I am not saying the muddy shorts came out perfect but they were pretty much the same. For normal washes the results were perfect so I am now using the eco-balls for all washes except large sheets. I find that the balls get tangled up with bedding so I revert to my normal detergent tablets for bedding.
They really do work and I am very pleased with them so far.
Need more stars for this one! I can't imagine ever using "detergent" again!
I love what these stand for, and the work perfectly fine. However heavy soiled clothes don't come out as clean as I'd like.
Work really well so far.
so far very pleased.
Effective in every was
MY wife uses
the product for what it is intended
can't loose with this as works out at less than a penny a wash
The product is fantastic! My towels are soft and cleaner than ever by only using the eco balls and nothing else!!
I purchased the Eco balls as my granddaughter suffers from Excema. They work very well(even got dried blood out from her scratching),heavily stained items need a helping hand with the stain remover included in the pack. Washing was lovely and soft and after initial wash smell of nothing. Would definitely recommend.
Only used these balls twice so far as only got them this week but they appear to work. Will review again after another 998 washes!!!!!
Have only used twice and washing came out very clean. If they continue to work they will be well worth the money.
Surprisingly effective even after the months I've been using them. Ordered from Big Green Smile as a Christmas present as I'm so confident that they work.
Have used this type of product before and have never had a problem. Being very concerned about use of water (we recently switched to a water meter) having this product means we can use less water as no rinse is necessary. Clothes clean well with no unpleasant smell.
I'm still testing and trying them but so far so good. To my surprise they do seem to work. I haven't used them with really dirty laundry but every time I use them clothes come out of washing machine clean and soft. There's no particular smell, I think my washing just smell clean now. For time being I will continue to use Eco balls to see what more they can offer.
they are good
Brilliant! Cleans clothes just as well as any other washing powder. I bought the product due to expecting a child and my husband suffering from allergies with our old washing powder and since using this product he has had no problems! I use this product along with Ecover Fabric Softener for fragrance.
This product is great because it causes no allergic reaction like some of the "bio" washing powders. It is also very good value. I wish there was some way of knowing when I have reached the 1000 washes.
does what it says on the box
this product was bought for some one else but I also have some I purchased earlier in the year and they are brilliant
I use the product to wash clothes in my machine, it is early days yet but the product seems to work well.
in the washing machine
Just started using them... They sound too good to be true, but they do seem to work.
Only used a couple of times so far but seem to work well
Only just bought these so haven't had much chance to try them yet but first use was as good as claimed.
Only put through one wash but the results are pretty good. Washing doesn't smell which is actually quite nice since detergents usually give off a damp fragrance. Washing looks and feels clean, what more can you ask for.
I would recommend it to all eco-people
Excellent economical way to wash - I also cut out the rinse on loads without oxybleach and save on water too. Save on detergent, completely omit softner as its not needed, AND cut down on water - fab!
Lookinfg forward to try the product.
A great product, will buy for my son at uni too!!!!
I recommend this product! No smell, good washing!
Good product, I bought it to replace the old ones which last more than 2 years.
These were a replacement for a previous set we'd had for a long time. They work very well, and it's good not to use so much detergent.
Delghted. work well and saves money.
these are brilliant, especially for teenagers who can just throw them ion without thinking and making a mess with powder or liquids. Not great on stain or keeping whites white.
This product is genius, I am not sure why everyone doesn't use it
the ecozone eco balls appear are working very well - no complaints!
Very good - needs a bit of help when it comes to stains and odours though.
Product was recommended to me and I find it quite adequate for washing that I do. Very economical and environmentally friendly. WOuld recommend to anyone.
love the product, still new to me this eco area. so testing the waters!!
I have been thinking of trying these Eco balls for a while and so far i haven't been disappointed. Everyday washing that just needs freshening up has worked well and I even did some doggie bedding just to see what happened. The results were good with no odour etc. So, so far, so good. It will be interesting to see how they work on stains.
I eagerly ripped open the parcel containing my eco balls and stuck them straight in a load of washing. I was delighted with the result - clean clothes without polluting the water supply like traditional washing powders and liquids. From now on I'll be saving pounds on laundry costs and doing my bit for the environment at the same time. Its a win-win situation!
So far so good.
Does what it says on the tin, cleans your clothes without needing detergent.

Not used them with any heavily soiled stuff yet (sweaty gym kit or gardening jeans) but certain with usual loads it does a good job.
It is a bit early to evaluate this product. It does the job for day to day cleaning, not for tougher jobs like wine stains or ink on shirt pockets, but no different in that respect from convenient powders/liquids.
In all washes it achieves an excellent result, so very pleased I purchased .
Quality perfect! everything clean and soft !! Would recommend for everyone!
Looks and sounds very good but need to use product over period of time to be able to comment further.
I was amazed at how effective these are. Never needed to use more than two of them at a time and they're lasting well. I've bought this second set for a present.
These are fab! Despite the good reviews I wasn't completely convinced, but I prefer to use eco friendly products where possible, my fiance is really concerned with the amount of chemicals we release into the water and I have eczema, which means I struggle with washing powders.

I would recommend these, ok you don't get the overpowering fragarence that you would get with fabric conditioner, but you get lovely clean washing with a clean smell - and they work brilliantly.
I was a bit sceptical about these Ecozone balls but they are work brilliantly! Wish I'd tried them a long time ago!
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