15 Easy Ways to Save Water and Money

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Want to save water (and £100s a year)? We’ve gathered top tips from Friends of the Earth, the Energy Saving Trust, Water Wise and more…


 1.     Invest in a shower timer

Baths and showers are responsible for over a third of the water used in most homes. Showering uses two billion litres of water a day in the UK alone. People tend to think of showers as more water-efficient than baths, but it really does depend on how long you shower for and what kind of system you have. 10 minutes under a power shower could see a whopping 150 litres of water running down the drain. That’s almost two full baths.  

A shower timer only costs a few quid so will pay for itself pretty quickly. In fact, if a four-person household cut each shower by just one minute, they could save £120 a year in water and energy.

 2.     Switch to a water-saving shower head

Still on the subject of showers, switching to a water-saving or aerating shower head could cut the amount of water used and save you another £120 a year. And you can often get one for free from your water company. Find out more at www.savewatersavemoney.co.uk.

 3.     Reuse shower water

Pop a bucket in your shower to collect some of the water. You can then use that to flush the loo or water your plants.

You can also do the same with water that you’ve used for cooking veggies. (Plus, your plants will love the extra nutrients.)

 4.     Invest in a water butt

Speaking of plants… Both indoor and outdoor plants need watering, particularly in the summer months. A water butt could save you hundreds of litres of water every year. Check with your council or water authority whether they offer subsidised water butts. Some authorities will even fit your water butt for no extra cost.

 5.     Jazz up your taps to save water and money

Tap aerators could save you around £36 a year. They’re simple to fit and are often free from your water company.

 6.     Choose water-saving plants

Look for hardy plants that need watering less often. An aloe vera plant, for example, will only need watering a few times a year. In the garden, choose shrubs or Mediterranean plants that can survive droughts.

 7.     Water in the morning

Water plants first thing in the morning or late in the evening so less water evaporates in the sun. Aim water at the soil, not the leaves. And remember that potted plants will need watering much more often than ones planted in the ground, so try to resist the pretty pots in the garden centre and prioritise your borders instead.

 8.     Save water when you flush

Flushing the loo uses around 5-9 litres of water. And when you consider that the average home flushes the loo 5,000 times a year, that’s a heck of a lot of water. Most water authorities offer free toilet water saving devices. The Buffalo Cistern Bag can be installed in a couple of minutes and saves 1-2 litres every flush. If you really want to save water, you could also adopt the old mantra ‘If it’s brown, flush it down. If it’s yellow, let it mellow…’

 9.     Upgrade your appliances

When it’s time to upgrade your dishwasher, shower, washing machine and toilet, choose water-saving models. A dual flush loo, for example, can halve the water used for each flush, while an efficient washing machine could save 30 litres of water each and every load.

 10.  Choose the eco option

Not in the market for a new machine yet? You can still reduce water. Most dishwashers and washing machines have a water and energy saving option. It’ll often take longer than the quick wash but is well worth it.

 11.  Air your clothes

Do you really need to wash that shirt or could you just spot clean it and hang it outside to air? Washing less doesn’t just save water, it can also keep your clothes looking good for longer. Woollen clothes really don’t like to be washed, while jeans can be worn multiple times between washes.

 12.  Fill it up

Make sure your washing machine and dishwasher are full before you use them. If you have a small household and struggle to find enough for a full load, it might be worth switching to a slimline model.

 13.  Buy second-hand to save water and money

The fashion industry uses an astronomical amount of water. Making one T-shirt takes a staggering 2,700 litres of water. And a new pair of jeans uses even more. Buying second-hand from eBay, Vinted and other outlets saves water, money and raw materials.

 14.  Fix leaks and drips

A dripping tap isn’t just irritating, it wastes more than 100 litres a month. That’s enough to fill around 15 baths a year. Even worse, a leaky loo that keeps running clean water down the pan can waste over 100,000 litres of water and £250 every year! Check whether your loo is costing you money with a leak detection strip.

 15.  Only boil what you need

According to the Energy Saving Trust, overfilling the kettle costs Brits £68 million a year. So, just boil what you need. Do you overfill because of limescale? Descale your kettle regularly instead, using citric acid or a descaling tablet.


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