Vegan home: clean and maintain your home with vegan products

Vegan Cleaning


Going vegan isn’t just about what you eat. Animal products such as tallow, beeswax and lanolin are often used by household cleaning brands and aren’t always easy to spot on labels. So, without further ado, here’s Big Green Smile’s guide to vegan, cruelty-free cleaning.

Vegan multi-purpose cleaners

If you don’t want a load of bottles cluttering up your house, multi-purpose cleaners are pretty essential. And they don’t need to contain animal products to be effective.

Take Ecozone’s 3 in 1 Anti-Bacterial Multi Surface Cleaner. Its plant based formula kills most known germs, does a great job of clearing up spills and removing stains, and is vegan and cruelty-free.


Vegan laundry products

Attitude is one of our top-selling brands and offers everything from fragrance-free,  hypoallergenic and bulk-sized laundry liquids to stain removers.

If you’re after a reusable laundry device, the EcoEgg gets great reviews and one pack can last for up to 720 washes. Want to add fragrance? Try Waft’s Super Concentrated Laundry Perfume. Available in several fragrances, one tiny 10ml bottle is enough for 20 washes.


Vegan dishwashing

When it comes to hand washing dishes, try the highly-rated range of Eco-Max washing up liquids. These plant-based washing-up liquids are tough on grease but gentle on hands.

Ecozone’s Ultra All in One Dishwashing Tablets are very highly rated by our customers; almost all reviewers have given them the full five stars. The tablets are very effective, even at lower temperatures and they won’t leave any harsh chemical residue on your dishes. Pair with the Ecozone Rinse Aid for best results.


Vegan floor cleaners

OceanSaver Refill Drop All Purpose Floor Cleaner is a customer favourite. The eco-friendly drops clean with maximum impact and zero plastic. A little goes a long way and there’s no waste!

If you prefer a traditional floor cleaner to dilute in a bucket of water, try Bio-D’s Floor Cleaner, which includes linseed soap to get rid of dirt and add shine. There are no artificial chemicals, phosphates, preservatives, enzymes or synthetic perfumes whatsoever, and it’s certified by Cruelty Free International and the Vegan Society.


Vegan furniture polish

Many of the more natural furniture polishes contain beeswax, so it isn’t always easy to find an eco-vegan alternative. Method's Wood Polish Spray Cleaner, however, is plant-based to clean, protect and add shine. One customer told us, “Lovely polish that my wood furniture loves!”


Vegan toilet cleaners

Clean your toilet with no animal-ingredients and no nasties, banish those germs naturally! We like Eco-Max Toilet Cleaner, which uses the potent cleaning power of plant-based readily biodegradable ingredients to keep your toilet fresh, clean, deodorised and free from limescale.

DIY cleaning products

If you want to make your own household cleaning products, check out:

Dri-Pak Borax Substitute

A great multitasker, Borax Substitute can be used for everything from cleaning floors to boosting washing powder. Try diluting it in water and adding lemon juice or white vinegar for an abrasive multi-purpose cleaner. Why the ‘substitute’? Well, Borax itself has been linked to serious health concerns, so it’s banned in the UK. We find that Borax Substitute is just as effective, while being safer. And, of course, it’s vegan.  It’s made from a natural mineral compound called sodium sesqui carbonate and comes packaged in a cardboard box.

Soda crystals

Soda crystals are another great multi-tasker. Add a dash to your mop bucket to clean the floor, pour some down your sink to prevent blockages and add a teaspoon to your washing detergent to soften water.

Whether you need a vegan oven cleaner, bathroom cleaner or plastic-free sponges, we can help. Shop all 3700+ vegan products here and just filter by the type you’re looking for.