Just add water – concentrated cleaning products

Concentrated Products

Choosing concentrated cleaning products is one of the easiest ways to make your home more eco-friendly. Rather than buying a watered-down, ready-to-use product, you buy a highly concentrated one, usually in the form of a liquid capsule. Drop the capsule in a refillable bottle, top it up with water and you’re good to go.

Concentrated cleaning products are just as effective as ready-to-use versions, but a lot better for the planet. Here’s why…

‘Just add water’ cleaning products reduce transport emissions

Water is the main ingredient of most cleaning products. Cut out the water, and the product weighs a lot less and takes up less space. That means you can fit more of them in a lorry-load, which reduces transportation emissions.

Refillable cleaning products reduce plastic

Less product means less plastic packaging. Some of the brands below are 100% plastic-free. Most sell their own refillable bottles or you can just reuse an old bottle that you already have at home.

Cleaning spray capsules save space

If the cupboard under your sink is filled to bursting point, concentrates are your friend. They take up far less space than typical supermarket-bought cleaning products.

And you can even save money…

Concentrates are often cheaper than their water-filled alternatives. OceanSaver Refill Drops, for example, are under £2, which is great value for 750ml of eco cleaning spray.


The best concentrated cleaning products

Ready to try concentrates for yourself? Here’s a few of our favourites to get you started…

OceanSaver cleaning spray capsules

OceanSaver are on a mission to reduce the amount of plastic in our oceans. With that in mind, they offer everything from concentrated floor cleaner and kitchen degreaser to a multi-purpose refill spray – all of which are plant-based and biodegradable. Just add a liquid tab to a 750ml bottle of water, shake and you’re ready to get cleaning.

Homethings concentrated refill tabs

Homethings wowed on Dragon’s Den, with all of the dragons competing for a stake in the business. And it’s no wonder – these refill tabs are superb. There’s an awful lot of cleaning power in each little Homethings box. Take the Bathroom Eco Cleaner Refill Pack. Each box holds three tabs. Drop a tab into 500ml of tap water and you’ve got an effective (and pleasantly scented) cleaner that works on everything from taps and tiles to shower trays. Vegan, cruelty-free, effective and zero single-use plastic, what’s not to like?

YouSea eco cleaning tab refills

YouSea is 100% plastic-free and incredibly simple to use. Again, you just add an eco tab to a bottle of water and give it a shake. You can use your own bottle, but the reusable aluminium bottles are super stylish (as is all the packaging). For the floor cleaner, it’s even simpler – drop a tab in your mop bucket, give it a quick stir and you’re good to go.

As well as ditching the plastic, YouSea has turned its back on palm oil, phosphates, parabens and other ingredients that you may prefer to avoid.

Method concentrated cleaning products

Method has introduced a range of highly concentrated cleaning products. In fact, they’re 10x the concentration, so a little goes a very long way. Add 75ml of concentrate to a 750ml bottle, top up with water and shake.  Alternatively, use neat for deep cleaning. You’ve even got four aromatherapy-inspired fragrances to choose from – Refreshing, Joyful, Dreamy and Lively.

Waft concentrated laundry fragrance

Speaking of aromatherapy, if you’re a fan of naturally scented laundry fabric conditioners, you’ll want to try Waft’s Super Concentrated Laundry Perfumes. And when we say super concentrated, we mean it. 50ml will fragrance up to 100 washes. Either add a few drops to the conditioner drawer each wash or make your own fabric conditioner with up to 20 drops of Waft for every 100ml of white vinegar. [KD1] The vinegar will soften your washing and help to keep the limescale at bay in your machine.

Salt of the Earth handwash refills

Prefer liquid handwash over bars of soap? You can still cut down on plastic by switching to Salt of the Earth Foaming Handwash Concentrated Refills. Just fill your own pump dispenser with 50% concentrate and 50% water.

We’ve got lots more concentrated products to tempt you with, from laundry detergent to washing up liquid. Shop for concentrate, refills and more.