Eco-friendly laundry products to keep your septic tank safe

Septic Tank-Friendly Laundry Products

Around one in ten homes in the UK has a septic tank. These containers collect and treat waste water from our sinks, toilets and tubs in place of the usual public drainage system. And while our septic tanks do an amazing job, they do need a little helping hand to stay happy and healthy.

One of the best ways to do that is through your choice of laundry products. Many standard products contain chemicals that can impact the strength, structure and function of your septic tank. Changes that could reduce your tank’s efficiency, require a hefty repair bill, and even cause a sewage leak.

The good news is we have a no-nasties policy at Big Green Smile. Most of our cleaning products are safe to use with your septic tank. But just to make sure, we have a ‘septic tank suitable’ filter on our website. So you’ll be absolutely certain you’re buying the best products for your waste water system.

To get you started, here are our top five septic tank-safe brands and products, as rated by our lovely customers.

 1.     Ecozone

Ecozone is a big name when it comes to eco-friendly laundry products. Best of all, they combine eco credentials with impressive performance. The range is vegan, suitable for septic tanks and receives impressive four and five-star ratings from our customers. The Ecozone Delicate Laundry Liquid is a non-bio detergent that gently cleans dirt and stains from your favourite clothes. Our reviewers report using just a small amount on silks and wools for a great clean.

2.     Tru Earth Laundry Strips

For something a bit different, try Tru Earth Laundry Strips. They’re a zero-waste, plastic-free alternative to laundry detergent and compatible with your septic tank. The strips dissolve in the wash, cleaning dirt and stains efficiently before biodegrading. Choose from natural and non-synthetic scents like Fresh Linen or Lilac Breeze. Or try the Fragrance Free or Baby versions for sensitive skin. Perfect for smaller spaces, our customers say they take up way less space on your shelf.

3.     Eco Max

Another brand with an impressive laundry strip product is Eco Max. The bestselling eco laundry brand in Canada, their products are affordable, effective, hypoallergenic and good for your septic tank. As well as those brilliant strips, we love the Eco Max Non-Bio Laundry Liquid in Natural Lavender. It smells divine and delivers an impressive clean even on cold temperature settings.

4.     Stain Removers

It happens to all of us. Your favourite white t-shirt ends up with a splodge of ketchup, a splash of mud or a slosh of red wine down the front. That’s why it’s so important to have a great stain remover to hand. But if you’ve got a septic tank, you need to know the product won’t damage your system. Luckily our range of stain removers suitable for septic tanks has got you covered. The Ecover Stain Remover is our secret weapon for getting out even stubborn stains thanks to its built-in brush.

5.     Sonett

Sonett is a brand that makes laundry products that respect water. But thankfully, they also respect your septic tank. Whether you try their laundry powder, liquid, soap or rinse, you’ll love the fresh scents (mint and lemon, anyone?) and impressive results. The bumper packs are super economical and ideal for big families.

With our quick filter tool, you can find laundry products that will keep your clothes fresh, your family healthy and your septic tank smiling.

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