Organic September- Good Things Happen When you go Organic!

Organic September



Happy Organic September - good things happen when you go Organic! Led by The Soil Association, Organic September encourages people to choose organic, for the good of the environment, wildlife, farmers and their own health. And of course organic doesn’t just apply to food.







Organic health & beauty products are designed to work with your body, nourishing your skin and hair rather than just masking issues. They don’t contain any traces of skin irritating pesticides, and usually avoid harsh chemicals, e.g sodium lauryl sulphate, which can exacerbate skin complaints such as eczema.

It’s not just skin and health concerns that prompt people to choose organic products. The environment is a key concern for many of our customers. Organic products are, on the whole, far better for the environment than their pesticide-reliant counterparts. Some organic certification schemes also include other sustainability standards. The Soil Association, for example, asks brands to use recycled packaging materials where possible. 

There’s no legal requirement for organic health & beauty products to be certified. However, there’s a lot of marketing greenwashing out there, so choosing a product that’s been certified by an association such as ECOCERT or The Soil Association does give you the reassurance that it adheres to a strict set of standards. Some organic standards are more encompassing than others, so we do always recommend that people check ingredients lists before buying. Luckily, if you’re buying from Big Green Smile, you have added protection, as we promise:

  • No animal testing
  • No phthalates
  • No parabens
  • No synthetic SLS
  • No petroleum or mineral oil
  • No palm oil

At Big Green Smile, we sell more than 900 organic products, most of which have been certified by a globally-recognised independent body. You can buy everything from organic essentials, such as toothpaste and deodorant, to luxury skincare products. Bestsellers include:

  • Natracare Sanitary Products. These sanitary pads and tampons are made from organic cotton. They’re chlorine-free, 95% biodegradable and don’t contain any latex, perfumes, or Super Absorbent Polymers.

Confused about the different organic certification schemes? Have a read of this article for more information