Natural Products You’ll Need When Camping This Summer

Camping Gone Green

Whatever type of camper you are, glamping, touring with a tent or, a weekend at a festival! Here are some suggestions for care-free camping this summer to ensure you keep your bags light and that you don't pollute nature with nasty chemicals.


Keep it clean

You’ll need the essentials. Washing up, keeping clothes clean, and getting rid of your rubbish

Washing up

Wherever you camp, there’s always washing up, and you’ll need sponges, brushes, dishcloths and tea towels.

Biodegradable washing up liquid and utensils are a must have.

Sonett Sensitive dishwashing liquid & Bio-D Fragrance-Free Washing-up Liquid, are great for cleaning dishes is suitable for sensitive skin.

Prefer zero waste? Then choose a soap bar from EcoLiving and Loofco.

The Maïstic dishwashing Scrubbie is a compact 100% natural Hemp sponge or, if you prefer a washing-up brush, then LoofCo’s washing-up brush is definitely recommended, and the compact EcoLiving brush is great for cleaning caked-on leftovers. 

‘Quick’ laundry refreshes

Travelling light, but still need a quick laundry refresh?

Dr. Bronner's 18-in-1 soap is the ideal travel companion (the clue’s in the title). It’s great for hand-washing clothes when no washing machine is available, washing dishes, as a shower soap, or washing your hands. It’s biodegradable and super concentrated, ideal or any camping trip. 

Clothes Doctor laundry powders are 100% plastic-free and dissolve into liquid detergent when water is added. This prevents it from leaking into your luggage.

Tip: Don’t forget to put a clothes-line and clothes–pins in your backpack or camper, so you can easily dry swimming costumes, towels and clothes that you have washed.

Rubbish bags

You’ll need rubbish bags on your trip. Opt for small compostable bags, such as those from BioBag or Maïstic, or the biodegradable bags from D2W.

Natural personal care

Even if you’re travelling light, you’ll need to take shampoo, toothpaste and sunscreen. 

Natural toothpaste

Biodegradable toothpaste without fluoride ensures no negative impact on aquatic life. 

For a classic ‘toothpaste in a tube’ choose Hydrophil Sweet Herbs toothpaste whose tube is made of 95% spruce wood, or Kingfisher mint toothpaste without Fluoride.

Toothpaste and mouthwash tablets, like those from Smyle or Georganics are a great plastic-free, no-mess alternatives. 

Natural sunscreen

Let’s face it, you’ll need sunscreen at some point when you’re camping.

Natural mineral sun creams protect you effectively against UVA and UVB rays and are safe for the oceans and coral reefs.

Sunscreen sticks and balms are less messy and tend to be plastic-free. They come in handy sizes for a small bag too. So a win-win! Try Attitude, We Love The Planet or Suntribe.

Don’t let the sun dry out your lips, a lip balm takes up little space and can prevent a lot of suffering. Find sun protection lip balms from Hurraw and Weleda.

Shower and hair care

Combination products are great if you are travelling light, as they take up less room in your bag and you only have to carry one bottle. 

For little ones, the Childs Farm Strawberry & Mint 3 In 1 Swim is great and you could try Attitude Super Leaves Shampoo & Bodywash for the entire family.

Handy, plastic-free alternatives can be found at Faith in Nature, Dr. Bronner's and J.R. Liggetts

Solid soap, shampoo and conditioner bars last a long time, take up little space in your luggage and won’t leak. The soaps are 100% natural and biodegradable, with fragrance free options for sensitive skin.

Or if you’re in a rush try Naturtint dry shampoo, you can refresh your hair quickly and without water.


We’re not so keen on wipes, but they are useful to quickly freshen up in between washes - especially if you want to avoid the shower block queue. 

Wet wipes are a great way to remove makeup and dirt and refresh your skin in the absence of water too. 

Go for for biodegradable wipes that don’t contain plastic. 

Yes To facial wipes with cucumber are available in a travel package that you can easily fit in your backpack. Cheeky Panda has facial wipes in its range too.

Toilet paper

Toilet paper is toilet paper I hear you think, but the ideal toilet paper for camping is without a doubt The Good Roll. The paper wrappers not only look cool but they protect your roll from dirt too. All The Good Roll products are completely plastic-free and 100% tree-friendly.


First aid kit

It’s better to have it and not need it, then need it and not have it!

Hopefully you won’t need to use it but it’s always a good idea to take a fully stocked first aid kit away with you. Preventative items like insect repellent and hayfever treatments are a must.

Insect repellent

Incognito is our go-to brand here. Incognito has loads of products to protect you from ALL biting and stinging insects, including all 3000 species of mosquito - from the best-selling natural insect spray to a combination insect repellent sun cream. 

The Incognito Room Freshener is great to keep insects out of tents and caravans and the citronella incense sticks are ideal for outside dining and BBQs.

A great remedy against insect bites is the Incognito Zap-Ease

This little device helps relieve itching from insect bites by preventing the venom from spreading further after the bite. It can also be used for mosquito bites, jellyfish bites and irritation from nettles.

Hayfever treatments

HayMax products provide a natural and effective pollen barrier to keep a runny nose, sneezing and the other irritations associated with hayfever at bay.

Emollient cream

Egyptian Magic Cream is another great all purpose cream. Suitable for dry skin, dry lips, insect bites, small cuts and abrasions and can provide relief for sore feet and cracked heels too. A miracle cure for when you go hiking or trekking!

We stock some zero waste alternatives for the treatment of mosquito bites and scrapes too. The Solid Bar Company plastic-free scrape and cuts balm and plastic-free after bite relief balm are both worth a try!


Plasters are a must have for any camping trip, either for small wounds or blisters from dancing too much the night before!

Patch plasters with charcoal or Aloe Vera not only cover the wound or blister, but also care for them, they’re also plastic-free and 100% biodegradable. 

Scissors, tweezers and pens are useful additions to any first aid kit.

The Checklist

Here’s a summary of camping essentials to help you on your way.

Washing up liquid

Washing up sponge


Laundry detergent

Clothesline and clothespins



Toothpaste and toothbrush

Shaving equipment

Hairbands and hairbrush

Toilet paper

Rubbish bags


Lip balm

Insect repellent

Cream or gel for mosquito bites and other skin irritations

Band aids



Pen and / or pencil

Multi-use soap for laundry, dishes and shower

Wipes for quick ‘washes’ and refreshment