Celebrate Earth Day by saving the trees

Importance of Trees

It’s time for the biggest secular calendar event of the year. April 22nd sees more than a billion people around the world mark Earth Day. This year, the theme is Invest in Our Planet, and we can’t think of a better way to do that than by taking care of trees.

Chances are, even if you’re in the middle of a big city, you’re not too far from a tree. But did you know that trees are essential to so many aspects of life on Earth?


For your health

As well as releasing oxygen, trees trap dust and pollutants in the air so they don’t end up in our lungs. Forests even remove pollutants from rain, releasing it into waterways, cleaner than when it fell. And when the sun comes out, trees provide vital shade that protects our skin.

Many trees even have medicinal properties. Willow bark is good for pain and fevers.  Pine is a natural antiseptic. Have you noticed that house prices are higher on tree-lined streets? It’s because trees can lower blood pressure and heart rate and reduce stress.


For the planet’s health

Humans aren’t the only ones benefitting from the magic of trees. They help slow global warming by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The older the tree, the more carbon dioxide trapped in its trunk. Big trees even cool the air and reduce wind speeds. Below ground, they prevent flooding and soil erosion.


For other living things

As well as environmental stewards, trees are home to birds, mice, bats, insects, fungi and lichen. It’s thought that older trees support up to 500 different species.

But for trees to keep on protecting life on Earth, they need our help. Thankfully, a few simple home and bathroom swaps will make all the difference.


Sustainable forests only

From toilet paper to notebooks, many of the products we rely on every day come from trees. Look for the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) logo, which tells you the product is made from trees from sustainably managed forests.

And that even extends to the packaging your products come in. One of our favourites is Attitude. Their Oceanly range of Environmental Working Group (EWG) approved skincare comes in recyclable cardboard packaging from sustainably managed forests.


Buy bamboo

Bamboo is a brilliant, sustainable alternative raw material to traditional tree pulp. It grows 30 times faster, producing more oxygen and absorbing more carbon.

The Cheeky Panda Bamboo Toilet Tissue is FSC approved. Bamboo’s anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and odour-resistant properties make it much better for your bum than traditional toilet paper.

Wild & Stone use bamboo to make reusable alternatives to single-use plastic household items. We love the toothbrushes, laundry pegs and baby spoons. Their dish brush is made from sustainably farmed coconut fibre and FSC-accredited beechwood.


Tree cleaning

And finally, a replacement for your washing detergent that grows on trees. Ecozone’s Soap Nuts are dried soapberry nut shells which contain a natural detergent. They’re easy to use, more affordable per wash and help your clothes last longer.


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