How to choose a natural deodorant

Natural Deodorant

Many people are surprised at the array of natural deodorants there are to choose from. (We sell more than 175!) If you’re struggling to pick one, read on for some of our customers’ favourites.

First off, a deodorant shouldn’t be confused with an antiperspirant. Antiperspirants work by stopping perspiration. Deodorants, on the other hand, allow the body to perspire naturally, but help to stop the bacteria that produces ‘eau de sweaty pits’. Sweat itself doesn’t have much of a scent, but the bacteria that thrive on it certainly can.

High-street deodorants and antiperspirants often contain aluminium salts. The brands we sell, however, use alternatives, such as essential oils and rock crystal, to keep you feeling (and smelling) fresh throughout the day.

Crystal deodorants

Crystal deodorants use rock crystals to reduce bacteria, which in turn keeps any odour at bay. The rock is shaped into a rounded cylinder and you just wet it before applying. Crystal deodorants are usually fragrance-free, vegan and hypoallergenic. They’re suitable for sensitive skin and don’t block pores.

We have several crystal deodorants to choose from, including the Crystal Spring Plastic-Free Crystal Stick, which is a firm favourite with our customers. One fan, A. D. from Exeter, told us, “Pretty good deodorant. Love that it is plastic-free.”

We also have a deodorant ideal for holidays - non-sticky with a fresh, citrus fragrance. Incognito citronella deodorant is the first crystal deodorant to be infused with an essential oil so it significantly reduces your attractiveness to insects.

Of course, we also have a wide range of spray, stick and roll-on deodorants. These are closer to the deodorants that you’d buy on the high-street, but use natural ingredients to stop odour-causing bacteria from spreading. Sprays are useful if you want an all-over spritz, while stick and roll-on deodorants are ideal if you just want something for your underarms.

Natural spray deodorants

If you’re looking for a natural spray deodorant, we highly recommend the Crystal Spring Salt of the Earth Pure Aura Lavender & Vanilla Deodorant Spray, which contains 15 natural botanical extracts and oils. The fragrance is lovely and the addition of aloe vera keeps skin healthy. It’s 100% natural and doesn’t leave white marks on your clothes, which is always a bonus in our books.

 Another of our favourites is the Weleda Wild Rose Natural Deodorant. Bursting with organic plant extracts and fragrant essential oils, it smells amazing and has a lovely cooling effect on the skin.

Natural stick deodorants

Jason Natural Deodorant is a great choice if you prefer a natural stick deodorant. It’s rich in shea butter, so keeps skin soft, and comes in a choice of lavender and tea tree fragrance. Stick deodorants are handy for travelling, as they aren’t liquid, so can be packed in your hand luggage.

Natural roll-on deodorants

Roll-on natural deodorants contain liquid that’s released when you roll them over your skin.  The award winning Green People Natural Aloe Vera Roll On Deodorant
has been given five stars by most of our reviewers. It’s scented with sandalwood and chamomile, alcohol-free and gentle enough for eczema or psoriasis sufferers. Green People have a range of deodorants that suit different kinds of skin, why not check them out here 

Other options

Many of our deodorants are naturally fragrance free, but others are scented with essential oils, such as lavender, rose and vanilla. We also sell a range of men’s deodorants, including the ever-popular PitRok Fragranced Men's Deodorant Spray, which, as one customer told us, “works a charm”.

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