Eco Baby Changing

Eco Baby Changing and Nappies

There’s been lots in the media about baby wipes washing up on beaches and disposable nappies filling up landfill sites at a rate of three billion a year. It’s enough to make you say yikes. If our children and grandchildren are going to inherit the earth one day, what kind of gift are we leaving, and what can we do to ensure it’s worth having?

Nappy changing has evolved over the decades, giving parents plenty more eco-choices. Here we look at just a few.

Eco Nappies

Did you know the average baby will get through over 5,500 nappies in its lifetime? … Now, that’s a lot of changes. Add in the fact that every non-bio nappy takes around 400 years to biodegrade and, well you do the maths, the answer isn’t pretty. But what’s the alternative?

Naty NappiesThere are plenty of nappy choices for the environmentally conscious parent. Naty by Nature nappies are made from natural and compostable materials, are chlorine and perfume free and certified by the Swedish Asthma and Allergy Association.

Hypoallergenic and made without chlorine, fragrances or ink, Attitude nappies use more than 50% biodegradable raw materials and are effective, absorbent and comfortable-all day long. They are leak-free too!

Bambo Nature nappies are between 70-80% bio-degradable, Bambo Nature has also been awarded the Nordic Swan Eco Label, which guarantees its products have less impact on the environment than conventional nappies.

Another favourite eco-nappy brand is The Cheeky Panda. The premium Aqua Lock Technology keeps your baby drier for longer and the wet indicator let's you know when it's changing time. The nappies are two-thirds biodegradable - and the packaging is plastic-free.

You can buy bundles of Attitude, Naty and Bambo Nature Nappies to save money too.


Eco Baby Wipes & cotton wool

Where there are nappies there are wipes and again, there are lots of eco-choices. Try to choose plastic-free wipes that are 100% bio-degradable – you’re only going to throw them away after all!

Natracare Organic Cotton Baby Wipes are infused with apricot and chamomile (they smell great), Attitude Baby Wipes are hypoallergenic and The Cheeky Panda Baby Wipes are gentle on delicate skin. Naty by Nature do a large range of bio-degradable wipes, including travel-size packs for when you’re out and about.

For those who prefer cotton wool (recommended for newborns), try Simply Gentle – the range is 100% organic and certified by the Soil Association.

Oh, and no matter what the pack says, aim to bin wipes and cotton wool rather than flush. While many products can be flushed, water companies aren’t keen because they can block your drains, or reach a beach, before they’ve had a chance to bio-degrade properly (not a pleasant thought).


Nappy cream

Finally nappy cream – only the best natural creams for your baby will do. Check out these eco nappy creams - with several 5-star rated products from brands like Weleda, Burt's Bees and Green People.