Biodegradable wipes, better for the planet & better for you!

Biodegradable and plastic free wipesBaby wipes have been getting a lot of bad press recently, and for good reason. Most wet wipes aren’t biodegradable, so it could take 100 years or more for them to disappear from landfill. Even worse, all too often people flush wipes down the toilet, so they end up clogging up sewers, damaging marine life and littering our beaches. 








But it doesn’t have to be this way. While wet wipes should never be flushed down the loo, there are plenty of biodegradable ones to choose from, which should break down naturally once disposed of. Some can even be composted. As well as being better for the environment, the wipes we sell at Big Green Smile are often better for your skin too, as they’re formulated without harsh chemicals.


We have discontinued all baby and facial wipes that contain plastic and are looking to source wipes without outer plastic packaging.

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Biodegradable baby wipes

Many parents prefer to buy natural baby wipes, as they tend to be gentler and less likely to cause irritation.

Earth Friendly Baby Gentle Aloe Vera Wipes are very popular with Big Green Smile customers, with one reviewer describing them as ‘super soothing’. 100% biodegradable, the wipes are gentle enough for newborns, as they don’t contain alcohol, artificial colours, synthetic fragrances or harsh chemicals. Aloe vera, chamomile and calendula extracts help to keep skin healthy and comfortable.

Eco-friendly nappy brand Naty make compostable baby wipes. Not only are they better for the planet, they’re also better for babies’ bums, as they’re soft, gentle and free from chlorine, alcohol, perfume, parabens and phthalates. Chamomile extract helps to soothe nappy rash and sensitive skin. The triple pack of wipes is particularly great value.


Simply Gentle Organic Baby Wipes are approved by the Soil Association. They’re biodegradable, made from organic cotton and contain skin-nourishing ingredients such as aloe and camellia sinensis leaf extract.



Natural personal wipes

It’s not just babies who benefit from gentler wet wipes!

Natracare make a range of organic sanitary products, including tampons, panty liners and feminine wipes. Made from 100% organic cotton, the wipes are biodegradable, compostable and fragranced with organic essential oils and extracts such as rose, chamomile and calendula. What’s left out is even more important than what’s included – these wipes don’t contain the alcohol, parabens, phenoxyethanol and other skin-irritating ingredients often found in disposable wipes.


Natracare Safe to Flush Moist Tissues are designed to cleanse and refresh intimate skin when you need a little extra help. Infused with soothing aloe vera and anti-bacterial Witch Hazel.

Natracare have worked closely with Water UK to develop Industry Specifications for the UK’s first truly flushable tissue which are guaranteed to break down safely after flushing using an organic and natural formula which is kind to the environment.

We all know how important it is to remove make-up every evening, but it’s all too easy to forget. Cleansing wipes are handy for keeping on a bedside table, or to use when travelling, but most aren’t biodegradable and they can often irritate skin. ImseVimse's Organic reusable Washable Cloth Wipes and Washable Cleansing Pads are great alternative to make-up removing wipes.

Eco-friendly household wipes

Non-biodegradable household wipes are just as harmful as non-biodegradable baby wipes.

If you love the convenience of wipes, but want a more planet-friendly option, try Ecover Multi-Action Wipes. They’re biodegradable, effective and fine to use on everything from highchairs to toilets

Of course, reusable cloths are an even better choice for the environment. If You Care 100% Natural Sponge Cloths are made from cellulose, unbleached cotton and mineral salt. Even the packaging is compostable!

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