Choosing allergy-friendly cleaning and beauty products

Choosing Allergy Friendly Beauty & Cleaning products

It’s been estimated that in the UK there are 21 million allergy sufferers, and chances are you, or one of your family is one of them.

Allergies can be caused by a variety of things, and cleaning and beauty products are among them.  

At BigGreenSmile we have lots of Allergy UK endorsed cleaning, as well as allergy-conscious beauty products, that may be of benefit to sufferers of conditions like asthma, eczema, food intolerances and more.

Allergy-free cleaning

Allergy Free Certified productsWhen you’re doing the washing, or polishing the TV, last thing you need is a reaction to your cleaning product. Here are a few of our bestsellers that display the Allergy UK seal of approval.

  • Eco Egg’s laundry eggs and dryer balls are a revolutionary way to wash clothes. The eggs are hypo-allergenic, great for sensitive skin and save money.
  • Ecozone’s dishwasher tablets remove food without giving you anything nasty in return.
  • Bio-D Nappy Fresh is suitable for super-sensitive skin, plus you can use it for stubborn laundry like pet bedding and hankies.
  • E-Cloth’s only need water to work, making them the ultimate in allergy-free cleaning - they’re Allergy Friendly E-Clothsalso washable and can last for years.
  • Ecover Zero is especially for those with allergies, so you can wash dishes and do your laundry in confidence.

Allergy-free beauty

Beauty products come into direct contact with your body and can quickly set off allergies. That’s why we have plenty of ways for you to find lotions and potions that exclude some of the more common ingredients that cause reactions.

  • If you’re allergic to fragrance it’s not just about Parfum - you may also need to avoid plant extracts like tea tree oil, citrus and lavender – so look for products under our Fragrance Free criteria.

Allergy Friendly Natural Hair dyeHair dyes regularly cause allergic reactions commonly due to ingredients like Phenylene Diamine, Paraphenylenediamine (PPD), Peroxide and Ammonia. Try brands like Naturtint, Logona, Sante and Surya Brasil.

  • Nail varnishes often contain toluene, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate or synthetic camphor which can cause flare ups. Try Zoya or Korres which offer all the glamour without the nasties in their formulas.
  • Food intolerances are another big problem for beauty buyers. That’s why you can search for gluten free, dairy free and wheat free products on our website.Allergy Friendly Nail Polishes
  • Finally, if you suffer from eczema, psoriasis, roseacea or dermatitis, browse our specialist range of skincare here for your beauty solutions.